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Pre Details – we did not take trains or buses the mode of transportation definitely will effect time when planning excursions in your itenerary planning.

I travelled with one male and one female. Best summer cocktails with vodka We spent four weeks in Sri Lanka and we all loved our trip.

Best drinks to order at a bar for girls We travelled from Canada and had a 23 hour flight to reach the international airport in Sri Lanka. Best drinks to order at a bar We chose to book a five star resort in Sigiriya to pamper ourselves upon arrival. Easy mixed drinks with tequila We had the resort arrange airport pick up from the airport and it was completely fine with all three of us. Easy to make mixed drinks with tequila We contemplated if we would be to tired or exhausted and grumpy for an additional 4 hours drive as soon as we got off a long flight but we were happy we chose that route instead of crashing at a hotel and dealing with baggage and driving the next day. Easy to make drinks with tequila We stayed the first day in the resort. Easy drinks to make with tequila Enjoyed the pool, the bed and air conditioning. What are the best drinks to order at a bar Now what’s really key is time zones. The best drinks to order at a bar We did this by accident but it was a complete blessing. Best drinks to order at a bar for men Because our bodies were not used to the time zone in Sri Lanka we woke up 6 am for the first couple of days without an alarm. Simple mixed drinks with vodka This was key because in order for us to do two excursions a day we needed to be up at that time. Simple drinks to mix with vodka This maybe useful for others! The second day in Sri Lanka we had the resort arrange a Tuk Tuk for us and climbed Sigiriya Lion Rock. Simple drinks to make with vodka Must do this in the morning anyways cause it gets too hot by the afternoon anyways. Simple drinks made with vodka We left at 7:30 am. Simple drinks made with rum It was a half day excursion and returned to the hotel in time for a late lunch. Simple mixed drinks with rum We had the resort arrange for the elephant Safari and the guide picked us up in the jeep between 4-5 pm. Simple drinks to make with rum The Safari is a must see and doing both excursions in one day was completely doable. Best drinks made with vodka We are all 25-30 years of age, not sure if our age was key in all this but we didn’t feel tired and the climb didn’t get us sore. Easy drinks to make with rum The next day we arranged for the same Tuk Tuk driver to take us to Dambulla Cave Temple & Polonnuruwa Ruins. Easy halloween drinks with vodka He charged us 5000 to take us to both locations and drove us to each Ruins location. Easy mixed drinks with rum It was too hot in the afternoon to be walking or biking to each location in Pollonuruwa – the distances between each site is far. Easy drinks to make with vodka If you aren’t arranging for a Tuk Tuk driver to drive you to each site, it will not be possible to see all of the Ruins in one afternoon. Best drinks to mix with rum We were lucky and saw Dambulla Cave Temple for free – donated money but apparently they are charging tourists now. Best mixed drinks with vodka The excursions were all breath taking and visually stimulating we loved our stay in the cultural triangle. Easy drinks made with rum We skipped Kandy and Ella but a lot of other tourist said positive things about Ella – mountains, greenery and such. Simple drinks with gin After our four days in the cultural triangle we went down to the southern coast by taxi. Simple drinks made with tequila We based ourselves in Hikkaduwa. Simple drinks with amaretto The Indian Ocean is amazing! We first planned to visit all the costal towns but the heat and the ocean made us lazy and content to stay where we were most of the time. Simple drinks to make We visited Galle for the day and this was a very intriguing place. Simple drinks with whiskey It was a little piece of Europe within Sri Lanka. Best drinks with amaretto We explored the fort, had coffee outdoors and walked around the town within the fort. Easy drinks with amaretto I guess we enjoyed it because it’s a change of environment after spending three weeks in Sri Lanka. Easy drinks made with tequila The sun set was beautiful along the fort. Simple drinks made with gin We didn’t here busses honking the horn or deal with racing vehicles. Simple drinks to make with gin There is no beaches but small coves along the shore where you can just relax and sun bath. Simple mixed drinks with gin I’d recommend to spend the night here in the middle of your trip just for the relaxation and the history behind it. Easy drinks with gin We also arranged a whale watching excursion in Mirissa and stayed one night in Mirissa Beach. Simple drinks to make at home All three of us disliked Mirissa Beach. Simple drinks to make with whiskey It was interesting to stay for the day but we were soo happy that we chose Hikkaduwa Beach as a base. Easy drinks with whiskey Why? We felt mosquitos were more prevalent here, we found that it was far too congested and where there was open land – there was litter hence the likely hood of mosquitos. Simple mixed drinks with whiskey Again my opinion, but I think this Beach visit was a pivotal reason we ended just staying in Hikkaduwa for the remainder of our stay. Best drinks to mix with vodka I would definitely recommend checking it out and doing a whale watching excursion. Healthy drinks to mix with vodka We had rented a house that was just outside Hikkaduwa’s main beach. Dry vermouth cocktails It was 900 meters from I believe Narigama Beach. Sweet vermouth cocktails We spent the day here and then returned to the house, got ready and enjoyed Hikkaduwa for the food and drinks. Cocktails with vermouth It cost us 500 rupees round trip. Cocktails with sweet vermouth We never had issues with men being aggressive, we walked around the town the house was located in and always felt safe. Cocktails with dry vermouth The locals were all happy and helpful. Red vermouth cocktails We really loved our trip and would recommend anyone to visit. White vermouth cocktails We chose not to rent a car based on trip advisor and I’m glad we did not. Martini vermouth cocktails They are more organized then Ecuador and we rented a car and self drove there. Vermouth rosso cocktails I was terrified every time I went in that car cause over there it was brutal but here Sri Lanka it’s the Tuk Tuks. Simple vermouth cocktails It is purely self defence driving and there people driving in little three wheelers so it’s harder when it comes to blond spots. Cocktails with red vermouth Peace of mind don’t self drive. Bourbon and vermouth cocktails Another note, the male companion is a meat eater, he complained about the meat. Vermouth based cocktails Myself and the other women don’t eat meat and so we didn’t have issues with food. Vermouth bianco cocktails He just stuck with seafood after three disappointing meat meals. Cocktails using vermouth He claimed the meat was chewy. Classic vermouth cocktails What else, we were terrified of snakes and mosquitos but we had no issues with either. Rosso vermouth cocktails We noticed other travellers with there legs covered in bites but we did not have any issues with Mosquitos – air conditioning totally recommended. Best vermouth cocktails In the beginning we followed this: Dengue mosquito are most active: 7-10 am and 3-6 pm. Dolin blanc vermouth cocktails But after awhile we just went out when ever cause we really didn’t see any mosquitos in Hikkaduwa area. Cocktails with gin and vermouth We were bit for the first time in the airport of all places on our way home so go figure. Antica vermouth cocktails It rained only two days for our 4 weeks that’s likely why and as mentioned before the air conditioning was key. Whiskey and vermouth cocktails What else: We had concerns about obtaining alcohol – people mentioned the difficulty but we never had any. Vermouth gin cocktails In Sigiriya our Tuk Tuk driver took us to a liquor store and in Hikkaduwa there is two liquor stores one on each end of the town. Rose vermouth cocktails They were always opened. Bianco vermouth cocktails Obviously the bars and Resto’s also served liquor. Cocktails mit vermouth I would also like to add that we had no issues withdrawing money from the ATM machines. Vodka and vermouth cocktails We only had difficulty in Mirissa because there power went out, apparently that occurs often. Cocchi vermouth cocktails When the power returned we discovered some ATM machines have limits of how much you could withdraw. Sweet vermouth cocktail recipes In Hikkaduwa we used Hatton bank and were able to withdraw up to I believe it was 120,000 rupees. Cocktail with sweet vermouth crossword Again we loved our trip in Sri Lanka, it was soo green, so much history, soo much culture. Vodka and sweet vermouth cocktails The people were open and friendly. Martini with dry vermouth The beaches were amazing. Drinks with dry vermouth only It was our first time in Asia and we were glad we chose Sri Lanka over other countries in the continent. Cocktails with vermouth and gin It’s a big island and depending on your mode of transportation will depend on how long it will take you to see the island. Cocktails with vermouth and vodka The mode of transportation will obviously depend on how much you want to spend and how many people you are travelling with. Cocktails with vermouth dry We used Tuk tuks because there were three of us and we split the cost. Cocktails with vermouth rosso A Tuk Tuk will fit three people but no more then three. Martini vermouth recipe We recommend you to visit if you are contemplating on to. Martini extra dry vermouth cocktails It is pricey especially cause we are from Canada and our dollar is not as strong as euro or pound but it’s a country we will not forget.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience in Sri lanka as well as some advices in this forum definitely it will helpfull for all and hope you will visit Sri Lanka again at one day.

Sound sgreat! I am going to Sir Lanka in May and am interested to hear more about Mirissa – did you see any whales on your excursion? Did you easily find a company that you felt safe with to take you out to see? Was it necessary to stay in Mirissa to make the excursion? Did you do any snorkelling in or around Pigeon Island? I’ve seen really mixed reports of what it is like there.

How far is Hikkaduwa from Mirissa? I ask because when w eland in Colombo we are planning to go straight to Mirissa by train and I wondered how best to get to Hikkaduwa, would you recommend this as the best place to stay, which were the best beaches in your opinion?

We stayed the night in Mirissa for two reasons we were curious what the beach was like and two the whale excursion requires you to be ready at 5:30 am and the port is in Mirissa. Best sweet vermouth cocktails The distance between Hikkaduwa and Mirissa are about an hour maybe a bit longer. Drinks with vermouth and bitters It would definitely be wise IMO to stay the night in Mirissa when arranging for the whale watching excursion so you feel like your on a vacation and don’t need a vacation after another vacation. Martini with red vermouth We had all our luggages in our house rental in Hikkaduwa we just arranged for our Tuk Tuk driver to take us into Mirissa Beach with just are back backs. Martini with vermouth and vodka We booked a random hotel and told the whale watching guide which hotel we were staying at and he picked us up. Martini with sweet vermouth We saw blue whales and dolphins. Martini with sweet vermouth recipe Our Tuk Tuk driver showed us the flyer and I googled the company prior to booking. Manhattan cocktail recipe with dry vermouth We were happy with the tour company. Sweet vermouth recipes food The boat was not rammed with people maybe 20 in total. Mixed drinks with vermouth The location we were at had about four or five other boats. Mixed drinks with sweet vermouth In my opinion they were not intrusive to the whales environment but also ensured we were all content with the tour. Antica formula vermouth recipes Check out wow whale or wow whales. Martini rosso vermouth recipes I personally would not recommend this tour if you have kids because your crossing the ocean and it’s a bumpy ride but that’s my opinion. Martini rosso vermouth price We went on a partly rainy day and before we saw anything I thought to myself what did I get myself into but it was an exhilarating experience. Martini rosso vermouth sweet As for Mirissa vs Hikkaduwa honestly we preferred Hikkaduwa but others say differently. Drinks with dry vermouth I def would check both out so you can book the whale excursion. Martini bianco vermouth recipes We drove past waligama, Bara Beach and unawatuna and those areas looked developed and clean. Martini rossi vermouth recipes We noticed construction, seems to me the gov or those hotels are funding side walks. Gin martini recipe no vermouth We didn’t go to the beaches there because a beach is a beach but it looked nice too. Gin martini recipe sweet vermouth I find people don’t like Hikkaduwa because there are a lot of Russian tourists. Dry martini recipe gin vermouth They are not bad people, keep to themselves and aren’t rowdy loud type. Cinzano bianco vermouth recipes But with that, if your English speaking and didn’t travel with a group of people you might find yourself lonely. Martini rossi red vermouth We personally noticed a few English speaking people probably like me and took the chance and checked it out despite the reviews. Martini rosso red vermouth We also noticed Germans, Swiss and French. Martini rossi sweet vermouth Again it didn’t bother us as we travelled in a group anyways but I can see why it would bother solo travellers. Martini with sweet and dry vermouth The waligama area seemed to have more of a surfer atmosphere, there was probably more English speaking tourists on that end- If you are more open and want to meet other travellers while on vacation. Vodka martini bitters Regardless IMO a beach is a beach. Martini rossi rosso sweet vermouth Indian Ocean is lovely. Martini rossi sweet vermouth review We got lucky and booked a house just outside Hikkaduwa’s main beach area aka we got to enjoy a quiet and clean beach near the house but had the privilege to enjoy the night life and restaurants in Hikkaduwa. Bourbon sweet vermouth bitters I hope that helps! In addition, the island experiences two monsoon seasons so Hikkaduwa or Mirissa might not be a good option when you travel. Rye whiskey sweet vermouth bitters I forgot what month you plan to go but double check online. Martini extra dry vermouth miniature No matter what time of year you go there will always be a beach for you but pick the right one lol. Martini extra dry vermouth white A lot of locals recommended Trincomalee. Vodka sweet vermouth recipes I believe that’s the east coast if memory serves right. Vodka martini without dry vermouth We never went but check it out. Cocktail of gin and vermouth crossword clue That beach has white sand.

I think I read that you think it was expensive? But, from the prices you have indicated… Dirty gin martini recipe without vermouth it seems really cheap.

What particular parts are expensive? You say that a taxi driver took you from sigiriya to Damulla and then to Pollonowa for 5000 rupees which is about ?20.00. Cinzano rosso vermouth cocktail recipes That’s the cost of a taxi in England for about 20 minutes.

I believe that the one you mentioned will have taken 3 or 4 hours?

Sigiriya was a separate charge that was cheap but we were located close to it. Cocteles con vermouth blanco I can’t remember how much he charged us for that round trip. Martini sweet vermouth recipe Dambulla and Polonnuruwa was 1000 rupees and he even drove us to each site in Polonnuruwa and that’s why we were able to do those two excursions in one day. Martini dry vermouth recipes We say it’s expensive compared to other developing countries and keep in mind we are from Canada. Sweet vodka martini recipes Our currency is not as strong as say euro or pound. Scotch sweet vermouth and angostura bitters We have been use to eating a full meal and drink for 5 usd prior to this trip. Whiskey sweet vermouth bitters But you are right everything is basically at the same cost as a first world country. Martini with vermouth and gin For example a cocktail will run from 950 to 1000 rupees much the same as in Canada. Vodka martini orange bitters In other countries the same cocktail would be 3 usd in South or Central America. Vodka martini gin Obviously we kept in mind that this is an island and most items are imported thus taxed by the government and likely why it’s up to par with first world countries. Martini extra dry vermouth The most expensive things for us was entrance fees for excursions, that’s where most of our money was spent – we personally didn’t mind but these are things that a budget traveller should be aware of.

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