Trouble in the huddle _ shoe_ untied

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Back when I played high school basketball I had a coach that I dearly loved. Best dry vodka martini recipe No, he wasn’t my high school coach, but an assistant. Dry vermouth martini recipes He was always there for me, counseling and giving advice when I needed it.

Anyway, he was the guy who I knew always believed in me, saw the best in me, and I’ll never forget it. Gin martini with vermouth He never let me down.

Gin martini with sweet vermouth However, there was one time I let him down, although I didn’t know it at the time. Gin martini without vermouth Here’s the dizzle . . Classic cocktails with a twist .

It was just before a game, and we’d finished our pregame warmups. Classic cocktails every bartender should know We all went to the huddle to listen to our head coach’s final instructions, and it was then I smelled trouble.

Because in that huddle, I distinctly caught the smell of alcohol. Classic cocktails Listen, I was no angel when I played high school basketball. Classic cocktails list Not even close. Vermouth cocktails But at the time, I was pissed that one of my teammates had been doing some pregame drinking. Vermouth cocktails crossword clue It was a big game and I was upset that somebody hadn’t been taking the moment with the seriousness it deserved. Vermouth cocktails crossword How dare they? I proceeded to let everyone on the team know how disappointed I was in their behavior, their attitude, and their general disregard for commitment to our team.

Anyway, we went on to lose the game and I never did find out who had let me down that day, the guy who had downed a couple pregame totties, the player who had spat in the face of sportsmanship and all that was sacred to high school athletics.

Because a few years on I ran into my old assistant coach, the man I admired and had moved on to another school somewhere in northern Ohio. Classic cocktails with a modern twist Here’s the conversation that transpired:

“Shoe, do you remember when you tore into the team that night after you smelled alcohol on somebody?”

“Uh, yes. Cocchi vermouth di torino cocktails I was pissed. Carpano antica vermouth cocktails I couldn’t believe somebody could be so damn dumb.”

“Well, that somebody was me. Classic wikipedia I’d had a couple drinks before the game that day. Classic menu for windows 8 You just about sold me out, man.”

Uh-oh. Classic menu Well, hell. Classic menu for office Little did I know the guy I looked up to more than anyone on the court was the guy who’d tipped a couple back pegame.

Hey, was he right to do that? No, he was not. Classic menu windows 10 But it was a different time. Classic menu office 2016 Hell, we also had a high school administrator that kept a bottle of whiskey in a desk drawer.

In retrospect I shouldn’t have been so self-righteous, handled it another way, and kept my mouth shut.

Alas, I did not, and in the process I almost outed my favorite coach.

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