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Description: Naxional is the newest go-to restaurant for those looking to broaden their culinary horizons. Peruvian beef recipes Heavily inspired by the most-loved dishes South American locals enjoy every day, Naxional’s menu is filled with authentic, traditional family recipes cooked using both local and imported spices and seasonings.

Yes I had the encebollado and it was great, especially the sauce.

Peruvian recipes chicken The fish fillets though well fried didn’t have enough of the sauce in them. Peruvian fish recipes This probably means the kitchen didn’t Ayee the fish long enough. Peruvian recipes with quinoa In any case it was a great dish. Peruvian bread recipes We also had the chips with guacamole and salads both of which were good. Peruvian recipes with chicken The gambas had a sweet twist to it and the remaining oil was tempting as a sauce for the rice or bread. Peruvian chicken recipes yellow sauce They don’t have any wine list although they carry a couple of bodegas from Chile I think. Peruvian slow cooker recipes The ambience is okay but the place can do some improvement with the background music. Peruvian side dish recipes It would have been nice to have some Latin beat to complete the South American story.

Try this restaurant. Traditional peruvian potato recipes its unique coz its not everyday that you get to try South American Cuisine. Peruvian recipes lomo saltado We were there for a private party and most of the food served were mostly light so I haven’t tried their main courses. Peruvian dessert recipes easy It was good but if you are on a diet, I don’t think this is for you. Authentic peruvian dessert recipes I especially liked the Carnitas Flautas (Mexico) I don’t remember the other food served but I remember it was cuban and puerto rico.

Hosted a reunion lunch with longtime friends on last Saturday and Naxional was a weekend lunch winner. Peruvian dessert recipes for kids It’s a joy to share a leisurely lunch with tasty food, excellent service and where you can actually enjoy each others conversation & company. Traditional peruvian dessert recipes We went with the staff’s recommendations. Recipes for peruvian dishes Sometimes this approach is a gamble. Peruvian ground beef recipes Our waiter, Mike, made some brilliant choices was a Sabado Gigante grand prize winner. Peruvian beef heart recipes [Notes on each dish we tried is at the end of the review.] On top of making great recommendations, the kitchen got the food out quickly and the staff anticipated our needs in simple beautiful ways. Recipe for peruvian lomo saltado Don’t you hate it when you can’t find a waiter to refill your glass? Nobody in our table had to ask even once. Authentic peruvian lomo saltado recipe They did it without asking and without us even noticing. Authentic peruvian food recipes For that simple joy alone, I’ll be coming back. Peruvian food recipes for kids Then there are the other reasons… Peruvian food recipes desserts Pao de Quiejo- Loved it. Purple peruvian potatoes recipes Wonderful cheese based appetizer that isn’t overwhelming and is fun to pop in your mouth. Simple peruvian food recipes Will probably order this every time I go there from now on. Chicken peruvian recipes Mamasitas Wings- Well-balanced both in flavor and crispiness; not your typical buffalo wings. Peruvian fruit salad recipes Barbacoa Salad- Because we’re supposed to have veggies. Peruvian soup recipes quinoa The pork chipotle helps the medicine go down. Traditional peruvian bread recipes Pollo Peruano- Flavorful Peruvian chicken and corn rice. Easy authentic peruvian recipes My friend loved the chimchurri sauce she stole mine to flavor all her food. Peruvian avocado salad recipes Naxional Paella- A rich South American twist on a favorite. Traditional peruvian breakfast recipes Using a different grain rice from the familiar Filipino paella, don’t expect it to be sticky or have “tutong” (the toasted rice socrarrat). Peruvian food recipes lomo saltado Need to bring more friends because there are more dishes to try.

The restaurant is located in Uptown Parade. Peruvian food recipes in spanish It has good ambiance, al fresco bar and south american/latin music. Quick and easy peruvian food recipes The food is good. Vegetarian peruvian food recipes I forgot the name of our order, sorry! But you can check out the pictures. Simple peruvian dessert recipes Its a little bit pricey if just for regular lunch but we enjoyed it there. Peruvian fried fish recipes They also serve beverage but we didnt get to try it. Peruvian recipes easy to make The service is also good.

Had a late lunch early dinner here recently before a movie, its a Latin American Restaurant boasting entrees from different countries in South America. Peru food recipes english I originally wanted to try their take on the Cubano sandwich but ended up sharing the Churrasco plate and the cob salad with my girlfriend instead. Classic peruvian recipes The Latina Cobb Salad was very good, chopped greens, corn and cheese with grilled chicken and the Cesar Dressing was light and not over bearing. Peruvian fish stew recipe (Definite must a starter) The Churrasco is where I have mixed feelings about, it came with a hefty portion of chicken fillet – which was dry, the steak was very good – but a little too chewy in some cuts, the sausage – wasn’t liked by my partner because she said it was too dry and pretty burnt but I liked it and it was flavourful. Peruvian seafood soup recipe I used the charred pineapple (which had some cinnamon on it as a palette cleanser which I am not sure if should be used as) We asked to substitute the Black Beans and Rice to Fresh Corn Arepas but was given their yellow corn rice instead, we decided to keep it to give it a go but it wasn’t really that great for us. Peruvian fish soup recipe (Couldn’t really taste the corn there) The service is great, the staff are very attentive, friendly and courteous, The only reservations I have are that there were some misses with the food, its mostly good though, the Latina Cobb Salad although was really good I felt was too small a portion for the price and for some reason there were (some flies) that were a bother in our dining experience. Peruvian seafood ceviche recipe I would come back, to try the other things on the menu, The Cubano Sandwich and a second go with that cobb salad and perhaps have drinks in their al fresco area.

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