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Honest rating. Boiled chicken gizzard recipe I didnt allow all the issues bother me till the the Server Manee failed the 5th time.

1) We are a party of 5, she asked for our drink order. Pickled chicken gizzard recipe It was water, water, water, and diet (3 waters and 1 Diet).

Chicken gizzard recipes tenderizing Once she got the diet order she left. Chicken gizzard indian recipe It didn’t bother me, just thinking she will ask when she comes back with the other drinks. Spicy chicken gizzard recipe She brings 4 waters and a diet and walks away. Recipe for chicken liver and gizzard I said to myself, I’ll take a water, I don’t need a sprite, no big deal.

2) When she got our order, she took our menus 1 by 1, and when got to me I said I wanted to order another item, she literally just left. Chicken gizzard salad I was about to tell her what I wanted but she just left without any acknowledgment. Chicken gizzard soup recipe Not even saying, do you need a few mimutes or I’ll be back for that last order, NOTHING! She walked passed our table 3 times, I stopped her to tell her my last item. Gizzard of a chicken At this point, I’m still mellow like no bog deal, not one once of frustration.

3) When our meals came out, my brothers meal was spicy and I asked Manee what was his order, she said spicy chicken, my brother said he wanted regular chicken but no big deal, please exchange for tofu. Chicken gizzard and liver recipe She took the spicy chicken and brought it back in a to go box. Easy chicken gizzard recipe Shortly after brought out the tofu.

4) When I asked for our bill, every item was on the bill. Gizzard in chicken I took the bill and crossed out the spicy chicken and asked her to fix it.

5) She wanted to know why and I explained to her that you MIS-HEARD my brother say regular chicken and he wanted to EXCHANGE it for tofu cause he was burning up from the spiciness. Chinese chicken gizzard recipe She then said, but you ate it. Chicken gizzard benefits I took the bill back and say, I don’t want to pay for the chicken AND the tofu for your error. Chicken gizzard fried Plus you made multiple errors and was horrible at the same time, but I want to keep it simple and just move along. What is a chicken gizzard She asked what do I mean? then I said, ok. Quick chicken gizzard recipe Do you know what my drink order was? She said no, I asked her do you know why you don’t know? She looked confused and I said, it’s because you didn’t ask me. Chicken gizzard curry When I continue, literally left (AGAIN)and the owner came out asking if we ate the chicken or not. Portuguese chicken gizzard recipe *please keep in mind, there was still no sarcasm, attitude, or any negative as I know I wanted a simple conversation and handle it like adults. Chicken gizzard in chinese I said to the owner, first of all, you as a owner don’t start out by saying if we ate it or not, that’s not very professional. Chicken gizzard cooked Second of all, I didn’t ask for a manager or owner for any help but if you want to take over, this is your business and you can do that if you want. Chicken liver gizzard recipe There is no issue but your worker not taking ownership of her error. Best fried chicken gizzard recipe If there was a misunderstanding, they were re no apology for that. Simple chicken gizzard recipe But to keep this short cause we need to leave, I don’t want to pay for these 2 items and I’ll be on my way. Chicken gizzard gravy Manee can explain it to you, if not I’m more than happy to tell you but we are in a rush and have to be somewhere. Chicken gizzard protein So Kenny was a little dumbfounded so I asked if he wants me to explain, he said sure. Chicken gizzard chinese recipe So I explained to him about my drink order and the rest. Chicken gizzard cholesterol Now at this point I’m getting irate and frustrated cause it really felt that Manee didn’t do anything wrong and kenny wanted full payment. Chicken gizzard price So once I was done explaining, I’m heated. Chicken gizzard plant So I told Kenny that, now I’m late and still stuck here, I want you to do what you think you should do, come back with the new bill and then we can settle. Chicken gizzard stuffing He said no, I IMMEDIATELY cut him off and said you as a owner don’t say NO to a customer, you don’t need to say anything at all but go and fix this bill and bring me a correct one.

Short time passed and Manee, not Kenny, shows up with my bill hands it to me and walks away. Chicken gizzard fry indian recipe He took off the 2 charges and gave me a 10% discount. Chicken gizzard anatomy I’m ready to settle up but before I leave not 1 person apologized for the error and inconvenience. Chicken gizzard marinade So I asked for Kenny again and Manee said that he left and if I wanted his phone number, I said yes. Chicken gizzard stir fry She scrambled to get it, when she gave it to me, I told her not to leave, I ask for a pen, she said “for what?” Not joking here, she really said for what. Chicken gizzard fry So I wrote down his number, gave back that piece of paper and told her to call him right now and get his ass back here. Chicken gizzard filipino recipe Turn that car around right now. Healthy chicken gizzard recipe I went to the bar and started to be very loud expressing my frustration. Chicken gizzard recipe korean All I wanted was a damn apology from her and the owner for turning a nice evening with my family to a frustrating one.

I’m not nip picking, if she show up with the bill without the chicken, I would of settled and leave. Chicken express fried chicken gizzard She clearly isn’t fit to be a server but the owner is more interested in keeping her around than have repeat satisfied customers. What part of the chicken is the gizzard There is no way I’ll allow my friends and family to come here just to get the same treatment. Chicken gizzard stew recipe I’ll probably give it another chance if Manee wasn’t there and if the owner reaches out to me and apologizes for the way we were treated. Baked chicken gizzard recipe But for now, I’m posting this on yelp, urbanspoon/zomato, trip advisory, gayot, opentable, zagat, Facebook, google review, and dine.

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