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I make almost all of my spice blends. How to make spicy mayo for burgers My pantry has quite a collection of home made masala. How to make spicy mayo without sriracha I just love to be an alchemist and I think it is the most exciting part of cooking, making a blend of flavors and aroma.

How to make spicy mayo at home When I found the recipe for Chettinad blend, I was so excited to try it, am so glad I did. How to make spicy mayo for sandwiches I have used it a lot since the first time I made it. Chipotle mayo dipping sauce recipe I mix and match it with other blends and love the outcome.

The relationship between spices and India goes back to centuries. Easy chipotle mayo sauce recipe Prehistoric writings and stone age carvings, shows that India’s South West Coast path, especially Kerala had established itself as a major spice trade center from as early as 3000 B.C, which marks beginning of Spice Trade and is still referred to as the land of spices or as the Spice Garden of India.

The spice trade between Kerala and much of the world was one of the main drivers of the world economy. Spicy mayonnaise recipe for sandwiches For much of history, ports in Kerala were among the busiest in medieval times.

The word “spice” comes from the Latin species, which means an item of special value, as compared to ordinary.

The Spice Routes, also known as Maritime Silk Roads, is the name given to the network of sea routes that link the East with the West. How to make spicy mayonnaise for sushi rolls A distance of over 15,000 kilometers.

Those jars of spices in your pantry are not only packed with flavour and medicinal properties, they are a chapter from culinary history. Recipe for spicy mayo sauce Spices are easily available today but history has seen that it was once valued as much as currency and controlled the economy of nations. Recipe for japanese spicy mayo Archeologists discovered spices in Egyptian tombs as early as 3000 BC. How to make spicy mayo sauce for sushi One can see a reference to spices in Epic of Gilgamaesh, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Old Testament.

Am not sure how old this recipe is, but it is definitely not recent.I am sure it has a history to it. Spicy tuna roll recipe no mayo Hope you enjoy it in your favorite curry. How to make spicy mayo with sriracha I have used this in an egg curry – recipe here.

I was shopping at my grocery store and saw these beautiful Ranunculus, they had them in baby pink, red and flame orange (this one) … How to make spicy mayo poke I remember my childhood and especially my dad, it was his favorite and every year he would plant the bulbs, dig the bulbs out after the season and store them in a cool dry place. How to make spicy ahi poke with mayo I have never looked at it as an exotic flower…but it stood there amongst hundreds of flowers, just so stunning and gorgeous… How to make spicy mayo for fish tacos I had to bring a bunch home. How to make spicy japanese mayo I just loved every minute of photographing these beauties.

I was planning to post a splice blend today, but this Chettinad curry was so delicious that I had to share this instead. How to make japanese spicy mayo I wish, I could make this for you guys, absolutely the best egg curry I have made. Ingredients for spicy mayo I love the textures and flavor of the Chattinad spices. Spicy mayo dipping sauce for sweet potato fries The spice blend used in this recipe is what brings the flavor to the curry, if you are going to replace it with garam-masala it is not going to taste the same.

If you are not familiar with the Chattinad cusine, do read here. Sweet chilli mayonnaise recipe It is probably the most aromatic cuisine from India. Chili lime mayo recipe You can use the same curry base to make fish or chicken curry.

Since this is a picture heavy and recipe heavy post I broke it down into two posts. Neil perry lime and chilli mayonnaise recipe one the curry itself and the other the Chettinad spice blend. Smoked chilli mayo recipe Frankly I should post the blend first and then the curry. Simple spicy mayo recipe I’m hoping to entice you to make the curry, so going the extra mile to make the blend is certainly worth it. Low fat mayonnaise recipe yogurt I’ll try and post the blend sometime this week, if not early next week for sure. Low fat mayo recipe Nothing like home made spice blends and specially if it is so easy to make.

When I saw this adorable pretty country chair that comes with a table, I was in love…. Low fat vegan mayo recipe there was no way I was not going to get it. Chinese spicy mayo recipe It is the perfect thing I have been looking for, especially for my outdoor shoots. Mexican spicy mayo recipe I was looking for something country and rustic… Poke recipe spicy mayo I’m so glad I found it. Calories in spicy mayo My prop collection is rather tiny, compared to the number of years I have been blogging and of late I have become even more picky. Carbs in spicy mayo Space is always a constrain, and I like to keep my collection a bit contained. How many calories in spicy mayo This is a big prop or should I say my first big one. Best chipotle mayo recipe I have a list lol !

I have a confession to make, I am really not kidding, seriously. Simple chipotle mayo recipe Remember the short story I was writing… How to make spicy mayo (if you don’t know about it…you did not miss much, you can skip this part) I’m literally loosing sleep over the story. Recipe for spicy mayo I have no idea what happens next and seriously, I am NO writer…I think that is my waterloo. Can we just pretend that I never wrote that story. Japanese spicy mayo recipe I have not posted in the last two weeks and the reason is not because I have not curated content for the blog, I have had a writer’s block, not now ….but ever since I have learnt to write. Spicy mayo sauce recipe I should have never ever tried to write…. Spicy mayo recipe sushi Phew ! I said it and it feels so much better. Spicy mayo recipe for burgers So, can we just move on, till I get a bright idea and continue with the story. How to make spicy mayo for sushi For now, it’s causing me stress 🙁

Well my dear husband told me or rather warned me, but I love to rebel…

This week has been part busy, so I have not been able to post a recipe on the blog. Chilli mayonnaise recipe I took some time off and just decided to take it easy and enjoy some much wanted me time. Spicy mayo for sushi I could get used to this. Easy chipotle mayo recipe I had decided not to touch my camera for the weekend, but …the roses were calling my name. Easy spicy mayo recipe So here are a couple of my favorite images from the set. Sushi spicy mayo recipe Hope you guys have a fabulous Sunday. Best spicy mayo recipe Love n hugs.

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