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… with all the commercialisation around Shrove Tuesday it’s hard to remember that we celebrate Pancake Day and Mardis Gras (Fat Tuesday) for a reason… with Wednesday being the start of Lent, the day is all about one final indulgence in everything that’s bad for us and a chance to clean our ‘houses’ of those things that will tempt us. Banana oatmeal bread recipe In the Jewish faith the festival of Passover, a little later in the Spring, also has a similar cleansing theme and I guess at one time in history when supermarkets and refrigeration didn’t exist it all made sense. Difference between banana bread and banana cake As it happens it’s actually a great excuse for a Spring clean and to use up any ingredients that may soon be going out of date. Banana recetas I know that i’m such an ingredient hoarder and there’s always the odd random packet of something left-over from Christmas that could easily make its way into a cake or pudding without killing anyone!

TWO ingredients…

no way!… yes way… You know when you see those dreadful ‘ you won’t believe…’ links on Facebook or youtube and invariably you never do believe because they’re just a load of rubbish. 1 banana banana bread Well last week I clicked on a link that was titled ‘pancakes with only two ingredients’… it wasn’t the title that hooked me it was the fact that the image frozen in the picture was of a nutribullet and seeing that The Viking and I had just invested in one I was very intrigued. Banana comic With just two ingredients and no flour these are quite literally the easiest and healthiest pancakes ever and they are also supremely delicious as well as being naturally gluten-free. Banana pictures funny The banana adds a natural sweetness so you don’t even need to add sugar but let’s face it, pancakes are really just a vehicle for maple syrup and butter so feel free to go crazy with the toppings. Banana pictures I honestly can’t recommend you trying these pancakes enough…

a nutribullet is great here but you could easily use a blender or a stick blender to the same effect

place the banana in the cup of the nutribullet or blender, crack in two whole eggs and blend for at least a minute

heat a little butter or oil in a pan and fry as you would a regular pancake… you can make these pancakes thin but they work really well like a thick American pancake…

What a fantastic picture Dom. Banana chiquita Not sure I can await until tomorrow for pancakes now. Healthy banana and blueberry bread I’ve tried making pancakes with just these two ingredients and they worked a treat. Calories in starbucks banana bread What’s a nutribullet when it’s at home?

You won’t believe this woman’s pancake reaction! I too get sucked into those Upworthy style posts only to be disappointed…that said, I genuinely couldn’t believe you can make pancakes out of just bananas and eggs. Calories in banana nut bread They look really good! Have been contemplating a Nutribullet but I really don’t want to annoy the neighbours at 6:30am blending fruit!

I would not have guessed that you could make pancakes with just banana and egg, so simple but they look so good. Banana bread recipe My bananas aren’t ripe enough yet so I’ll have to wait a while before I try these.

Lovely pics Dom – though let me advise your readers without Nutribullets or similar gadgets that you can do this with a fork and a bowl! Just mash the banana well and beat in the eggs and you’re done. Recipe for banana bread They are a very good protein-rich breakfast, but they do taste a little more omelette-y than regular pancakes (at least, to me they do). Easy banana bread recipe All good though!

I love this! How brilliant and easy and I must say they look delicious. Easy banana bread Yes pancakes are a way for us to drizzle syrup and in the US we love a good slather of butter too. Best banana bread recipe Yummy with fruit on top! Have a wonderful day!

How good is this. Banana nut bread My magic bullet has been working overtime since I got it at Christmas. How to make banana bread Wish I had thought about mixing my normal pancake mix with it too on Shrove Tuesday. Moist banana bread recipe (although the littlies do like the tactile whisking tasks – it makes them feel like they are cooking). Moist banana bread No flour – well must give these a try next time I make pancakes.

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