Typical bulgarian dishes and drinks (sozopol area)

when we visit a country, we always like to taste the typical food and drinks.

When being in the sea area, we try to enjoy as much fish and sea food as possible, because we like fish and over here, we’ve less change to eat it.

Which dishes and drinks would you advice as to try (or not to try…) when being in the Sozopol area ?

It’s our habit to eat yoghurt every morning, especially when we’re outside Belgium, to keep healty ( it’s not scientific, but we guess, different countries, different bacteria’s on the food, so the yoghurt keeps the changement less important…).

So we now are going to have the chance to eat the original yoghurt, probably also used in dressings,…. Bulgarian food shop london (?).

Hi.. Bulgarian food shop karlovo Im realy wander .. Bulgarian food shop in london so many messages but no one bulgarian answered to your question..

May be first to share that the area around Sozopol is my favorite place for summer vacation ..:) it is not expencive as the north side of the shore and im shure you will find planty of places that serve sea food one of the popular is named “tsa-tsa” it is in Bulgarian it is a smal thiny fish usualy fried and it goes will with glas of beer “kamenitsa” ..”) about the hard alcohol like “rakija”= brendy there is many kinds of “rakija depending of the fruit it is made for example from plums, grape rakija, or other sweety fruits also it is not to be missed the wines that im you will enjoy to have … Bulgarian food shop the famosed “Shopska salata” in bulgarian – “Shopska salad” and many many other foods ..

Well, the usual starter in Bulgaria is beer, most commonly lager. Bulgarian food seattle One or two is a good starting point.

Bulgarian food san francisco The main dish usually cosists rakiya, vodka, cognac, gin, mastika, menta+mastika (oblak), whiskey, whisky, more beer, wine in some areas, all of them, or any of them. Bulgarian food safety agency The one of the popular dressings is “Nazdrave!”, which means “Cheers!” or rather “Zum Wolh!” and could be heard whenever anybody likes to express their appreciation of the moment or is unable to produce any other word. Bulgarian food recipes The spices used for the main dish are – but are not limited to – talks about football, smoking, playing belot (cards game), picking on friends, and atempts to approach a person of the opposite sex. Bulgarian food prices Pretty spice, for some tastes.

After the main meal comes the dessert, which may be looking for anything left to drink in the house, coffee (and smokes if lucky) in a semisilent kitchen, where the last deffenders of the tradition tend to begin meaningless conversation, and stop it half way, since no one cares. Bulgarian food pictures Then we have the fortune cookie of waiting for the first buses or trams to go out, so people can spread to their houses sleeping in the seats and wake up gd knows in what neighborhood.

I know it was long introduction, but never underestimate Bulgarian cousine. Bulgarian food online usa And last – No, Inga – rakiya is rakiya, vodka is vodka. Bulgarian food online store usa I f somebody sold you vodka instead of rakiya, that’s probably because he just finished the last bottle. Bulgarian food online store Don’t be picky, people do what they can. Bulgarian food online And No, Keti, rakiya is not serbian but probaly turkish word, because for unlucky incidents we were all under their rule for quite a while. Bulgarian food nyc Albanians have the word raki, which is the same. Bulgarian food new york Otherwise i think rakiya is common among the southerns that are not happy enough with wine.

Grape brandy is called Grozdova rakiya, Slivovica is the same, Peach brandy is kaysieva rakiya, but I recommend Mastika for Sozopol.

I just want to warn you for some specific issues that distinguish

the typical Bulgarian cuisine from the Belgian one in order to avoid “a cultural shock”.

First the idea of eating a raw meat is totally unacceptable i.e.

don’t expect something like “filet americain” for example. Bulgarian food near me In general the meat has to be well done.

The second issue is if you want to have chips (the Belgian pride) it doesn’t automatically comes with mayonnaise.

It is also good to know that the beer there is always lager and there isn’t anything like the Belgian Trapists.

Anyway the most of the breweries are owned by Interbrew so that if you like Jupiler you can drink Kamenitza.

If you dislike Jupiler (just like I do) try Astica or Zagorka.

I kindly advise you to have a look at the Bulgarian alphabet. Bulgarian food market bristol I think you will find it useful. Bulgarian food market Have a look at:

Honey! You have to get some honey! It’s the best. Bulgarian food los angeles I stumbled across a whole market, and the main thing everyone was selling was honey. Bulgarian food london So, I tried some. Bulgarian food las vegas It was amazing. Bulgarian food ireland I brought a few jars home. Bulgarian food in usa I still have one that I taste from time to time. Bulgarian food in london Still is good after 5 years. Bulgarian food in las vegas Hey, they say honey is the longest lasting food, forever I’ve heard.

Oh, one more thing. Bulgarian food in chicago I have know idea what it is called since I don’t speak bulgarian. Bulgarian food europe If you ever see people standing in line in front of a small window in a wall, stand in line with them. Bulgarian food dishes The best I can describe what it is, is a fried cheese log. Bulgarian food co uk Very greasy, but the best! Once I had one of those, anyline I saw that ended at a window, I stood in it! 🙂

I sure that you’re going to try out all the beer, including the ‘Interbrew’. Bulgarian food chicago We’re used to drink the Interbrew with our hot meals over here but late at night, we like to enjoy dark, traditional beers.

About the food, is it safe to eat only washed vegetables (like green salad,….) ? Or also better avoid those ? About the meat, is good to know and we’ll take care.

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