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Veg Momos recipe, easy to make and delicious vegan recipe! With a helping video for making the momos shape

This is the first time I am trying veg momos. Can you freeze bananas for banana bread Tasted for first time as well. Banana bread without baking soda or powder I had a wish to try this ever since my SIL posted this.

Easy banana bread without baking soda But have been postponing trying this due to various reasons. Calories in slice of banana bread Now since a reader requested this recipe in my recipe request page, I thought of posting it. Banana bread yogurt Since this is the first time, I took some time to make this. How ripe should bananas be for banana bread But its quite easy. How to ripen bananas for banana bread For me making a post became a pressure today, otherwise its easy. Can you use frozen bananas for banana bread Perfect for your kids and your family. How many calories in a slice of banana bread Its really delicious and I bet you wont stop eating just one. Calories in a slice of banana bread I have tried this with maida, you can also try this with wheat flour. Banana bread no eggs Check out my paneer momos with wheat flour.

The stuffing I made is as the same as my spring roll stuffing, except I added chopped garlic today. Banana bread without eggs Otherwise the same. Banana bread recipe no baking soda Excuse the shape and size of the momos 😉

• Mix flour, salt and oil in a bowl and add water to make a smooth pliable dough. Banana bread oil Just like our poori dough. Best chocolate chip banana bread recipe Keep aside covered.

• Heat a pan with oil, add garlic, and finely chopped white part of the spring onion. Banana bread with oil instead of butter Give a stir in high flame. Banana bread recipe using oil Add the chopped veggies, sugar and fry in high flame for a minute.

• Add salt, pepper, soy sauce and mix well. Easy chocolate chip banana bread recipe Lastly add finely chopped green part of the spring onion and mix for a minute in medium flame. Easy banana bread recipe with oil Switch off and keep aside.

• I rolled the dough into a big disc and used a big lid to cut into smaller discs. Banana bread recipe no eggs After that I again roll to make it more thin. Best chocolate chip banana bread recipe ever Keep some stuffing we prepared in the middle.

• Fold it to make momo shapes. Best chocolate chip banana bread refer my video – click here. Banana bread Though I have not made it perfect, it can help first timers like me 🙂

Serve hot with hot chilli sauce or you can try this tomato garlic dip.

bt i wnt to ask if dere isany alternative option for steamer..lyk steaming in presure cooker or sumthng lyk dt bcoz i dnt hv steamer…plzz suggest any alternative…..

My 1st comment on your blogs Ms.Raji , tried few recipes from your site , and it came out really well . Banana bread recipe with brown sugar love the way you click pics also .

Will love to try the Veg Momos soon , it looks delicious ! Reply Delete

Wow! Too good raks! you have made it perfect!!! came rushing here when i saw the pics in flickr 9which said posted 2 hours ago and bingo the complete pos is already up!!! with the vdo!!

this is not just a pressure post but a high pressure post!! 🙂 Reply Delete

Yes if you have a pressure cooker, fill it with 3/4 cup water, then place a broad bowl(height should be less)filled with water as well. Banana bread recipe without eggs Now place a greased plate over it and arrange the momos over it. Banana bread recipe with honey If you have a perforated plate, then it would be more apt for it.No need to add the weight valve.Just steam for 10 minutes. Receta de banana bread Even you can follow the same inside an electric cooker or even in a big kadai. Banana bread for toddlers Electric cooker has one accessory now a days. Banana bread recipe uk You can try in that. Better homes banana bread Reply Delete

lovely…i m a big fan of you n your blog n have tried some recipes too n they were too good.

1 question..can we use microwave for steaming…i have tried it earlier but the covering of my momos was too dry. Banana bread with cream cheese filling what would be the reason,can u please explain?

I too have a microwave steamer. Banana bread recipe brown sugar I too have encountered the same problem … 5 ingredient banana bread Try reducing the cooking time, in between change the position, it may help a bit. Company’s coming banana bread I assume u cook the momos covered. Banana bread with walnuts Reply Delete

Love u Raks for I wondered if this can b tried in home… Banana bread with yogurt I luv this from d day I started tasting in Delhi. Banana bread with oil Thanks a lot to d person who requested for this receipe n to u a loads… One banana bread Will try for sure n will post my comments too.. Banana bread with one banana If possible can u help us in preparing some more dishes that are good fr health on a long term which I feel that we r neglecting in todays fast food world. How long to cook banana bread muffins tanku Reply Delete

They look so delicious Raji!! Never tried them though.. Banana bread recipe without baking powder Now that I have your site for reference I am never afraid of trying anything new.. Wells banana bread beer where to buy Because anything tried from your blog never fails!! 🙂

today i made them again n this time in a big kadai but i felt that they were over cooked….how much time will they take to cook if we steam them in a kadai? Reply Delete

today i made them again n this time in a big kadai but i felt that they were over cooked….how much time will they take to cook if we steam them in a kadai? Reply Delete

Wow your clicks are wonderful and the simplicity with which you explain things is awesome.The momos came out super fine.My daughter was asking me about the wonderful pleats in the momos!!Thanks once again. Banana bread recipe without brown sugar Reply Delete

hey Raji..i tried the momos today as evening snack and it turned out to be great..thanks for the tip i would like to give..if the momos become dry on can add a few drops of oil in the water which is used for steaming ..this way momos wont dry up.. Banana bread with cake mix Reply Delete

I plan to do this for my girls b day party, can I shape d momos n keep it covered for an hour or two before steaming? It’s best served hot right? If it becomes cold, the outer cover becomes rubbery! Pls help me…

Hi Raji am an ardent cook… Banana bread recipe alton brown like to modify everything and bend it to suit the ingredients I may have at the time…

came across your videos and enjoyed it thoroughly…. Better homes and gardens banana bread kudos…keep at it!!

Momos are my favorites when in Delhi (dilli haat) here i go to try it right away and i know they will come out really cool… Betty crocker banana nut bread am also planning the tomato/garlic/red chilli/vinegar/salt all ground together chutney!!!yippeee!

Hi Raks … Banana bread recipe bread machine i am a great fan of your recipes, i have tried out lot of your recipes. Banana bread with walnuts recipe as you have mentioned in the recipe can i just use wheat flour instead of all purpose flour?? and if so do i have to make any changes while steaming or while rolling out the dough ??? Reply Delete

If you have a pressure cooker, place the momos in a plate. Recipe for banana bread with walnuts Add some water in pressure cooker, place a vessel and the plate with momos over that. Frosting for banana bread Cover with lid and steam for 15 mins. Banana bread for diabetics Do not use the pressure regulator. Bananas and breastfeeding Delete

I am devi… Banana bread bread pudding i always love to do different cuisine… Banana bread recipe with walnuts i have been trying too.. Cream cheese frosting for banana bread got a blog for it… Glaze for banana bread not an eminent person like u.. Banana bread recipe with nuts i have tried ur reciepes mind blowing especially those sambar items.. Banana bread topping ideas i made it in the busy hours which turned out wow.. Banana bread topping thanks…Give us the recipe of that spicy sauce which they serve with momos plz… Banana bread recipe bread maker my blog address is I humbly request you to see & give invaluable suggestions. Banana foster bread I don’t know how to present the food. Topping for banana bread U r awesome.. Banana bread without baking powder keep up the good works..

I hv visited ur blog for the first time. How to make vegan banana bread The only one reason I hold myself reading comments, scrolling down to write my own is your humbleness. Banana bread using cake mix The way you put forward your First Timer status is so human. Banana bread using applesauce I would love to read your language more, visit your blog and b a visitor on your site. Banana bread using oil Wanted an easy Momo recipe for my 5 yr old daughter. Bananas foster bread pudding I think I got it. Banana bread with yogurt recipe Thanks. Banana bread with yogurt and applesauce Reply Delete

Have been following your blog for quite somtime and its really interesting and valuable tips.iam exploring lpts of cusines and ur post stands as an inspiration to me..kudos and kp it up..tried veg momos yesterday with wheat flour and maida combo and it came out really hubby liked d shape too 🙂 thanks fr d post Reply Delete

I tried them today and they came out reaaaaaaalllyyy well …. Banana bread with yogurt and oil Thank you sooooooooo much for sharing your recipe… Banana nut bread beer It was my first try and momos were over in like five minutes … Banana nut bread calories Thanks again ! Reply Delete

Hi, i tried once with maida, though the stuffing came out delicious, the outer dough was a bit hard, do we have to mix rice flour to make it a little soft… Banana nut bread with chocolate chips Reply Delete

I am like ekalavyan learning from dhrona, learning cooking from you. Banana nut bread healthy Whole concept of cooking changed for me after I visited your blog…I have tried many of your recipes…. Banana nut bread cake I call u a teacher cos your recipes give the basic idea of the dish and enhance imagination to try variety with the same. Banana nut bread pioneer woman Thank you so much 🙂 And please continue ur valuable contribution to beginners like us.

Now coming to momo, can I try making it in idly vessel if I don’t have a steamer? Reply Delete

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