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This No-Bake Layered Blueberry Cheesecake is a beautiful and easy-to-make Paleo-friendly + vegan cheesecake made with soaked cashews! The cheesecake layers are lusciously smooth and creamy with a tart, fruity topping.

Looking at the pictures of this no-bake layered blueberry cheesecake makes me seriously giddy inside! Isn’t she a beauty?!

I’m pretty sure no-bake, raw vegan cheesecakes are my new favorite thing. Dairy free banana bread recipe The love affair began when I realized how beautiful and photogenic they can be after photographing this raspberry one for my friend Monica over at The Movement Menu, and then this citrus-topped lemon cheesecake stunner.

This Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Bowl tastes like a peanut butter cup, but it’s actually a filling, superfood-packed breakfast that comes together in just 5 minutes! This gluten-free + vegan smoothie bowl is the perfect way to start the day.

Sooo…I feel pretty bad for everyone who has been stuck in a pile of snow this week, with their power out, and blizzards swirling all around, and temperatures that are way too cold for me.

Especially because here in San Diego, we’ve been having an absolutely beautiful week of sunshine and more than a few of those days have passed 80?F.

Best vegan banana bread In fact, as I’m writing this, it’s 8:15 PM and I’m sitting outside in a dress and I’m not even chilly. Simple vegan banana bread [Read more…]

This Cinnamon Raisin Chia Pudding is an irresistibly delicious breakfast or snack made with only five ingredients and five minutes of prep. How to freeze banana bread It’s made with almond milk and naturally sweetened with dates, making it Paleo, vegan, and Whole30-compliant.

Before we get to breakfast, I need to tell you guys a little story about what happened the other day. How to store banana bread I’ve spoken a lot of my wonderful dog, Bear. Banana cake recipe nz He’s a giant, fluffy, loveable pup. Banana bread with olive oil He’s been my best buddy for just about half my life.

After moving home to San Diego this past summer, I managed to find an apartment that let me have a big dog, so I stole Bear from my dad’s and brought him to live with me so he could keep me company while I’m home baking and working. Dairy free banana cake recipe [Read more…]

This No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake is a cashew-based raw, vegan, and Paleo cheesecake adorned with slices of juicy citrus. South african banana bread recipe It’s incredibly creamy, a little tangy, and lightly sweetened with maple syrup.

Based on the number of citrus recipes I’ve posted over the many years I’ve been creating recipes, you would think I really didn’t like citrus. Quick banana cake recipe I really haven’t posted a recipe starring citrus in looooong time.

You’d think I wouldn’t like citrus, based on that – right? Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Moist banana walnut bread I buy bags of citrus during the winter, and stock up on allll the different kinds every week at the farmer’s market. Allrecipes com banana bread I marvel in their bright flavors, and the flavor nuances between a Cara Cara orange and a Navel, a tangerine and a clementine. Banana bread with peanut butter [Read more…]

This Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Pudding tastes like dessert, but it’s made with wholesome ingredients that you can enjoy for breakfast! It’s gluten-free, vegan, packed with protein, and it tastes like a peanut butter cup – what’s not to love?

Since coming off of my first Whole30, I haven’t gone too crazy with eating everything I wasn’t allowed to during it. Banana nut loaf recipe In fact, most of my meals are still compliant. Banana bread no butter I like eating that way, and even though I’m not crazy strict about it, I’m still trying to eat more cleanly and as healthily as possible, while still keeping things delicious 🙂

Of course, I’m tasting my baked goods, but trying not to eat too much of them, and keeping things mostly Paleo too, so I’m not throwing my body too off track. Fluffy banana bread recipe One of the only off limits foods that’s made it’s way firmly back into my diet is peanut butter. Banana muffins with buttermilk [Read more…]

This Quinoa Granola is a nutty, crunchy breakfast or snack option that’s packed with whole grains and protein. Banana cake no butter This maple-sweetened granola is gluten-free and vegan, with cinnamon and dried cranberries for flavor! The quinoa bakes up into delicious clusters.

Despite my many years of making homemade granola, I never get sick of it. Banana bread recipe jamie oliver Neither the process of making the granola, nor the product churned out of my kitchen ever gets old or tired.

The now-ritualistic process soothes me – measuring out the nuts and grains, adding a whole ton of warm spices, deciding which sweeteners to use and which add-ins I feel like that week. Super healthy banana bread Of course, I definitely don’t get sick of the incredible smell that fills my apartment while it’s baking slowly in the oven. Banana loaf recipe jamie oliver [Read more…]

These No-Bake Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Macaroons are packed with strawberry flavor! It’s hard to resist these creamy gluten-free, Paleo + vegan coconut macaroons, and the chocolate dip and drizzle makes them even more delicious.

I feel like I’ve rekindled my love for baking, post-Whole30. Banana cake recipe jamie oliver Not that it even left, but after not being able to make many of the recipes I dreamed up during my baking-free month, it feels so good to get back into the kitchen to create a whole bunch of new dessert goodness.

Testing, tasting, and tweaking recipes are some of my favorite things (obviously) and after a month without it, I really missed the process of developing new recipes. Coconut flour banana bread recipe Of course, I did it during my Whole30 with my Whole30-approved recipes, but I wasn’t testing nearly as much as normal. Nutella banana bread recipe [Read more…]

This Vanilla Bean Pecan Butter is incredibly smooth and easy to make. Banana oat bread healthy The buttery pecans blend up quickly into a creamy nut butter that you’ll want to spread on everything! Cinnamon and vanilla beans complement the pecans wonderfully.

Back atcha with another nut butter! I’m both excited to share this with you, and a little bit sad, because I’m sitting here looking at the bottom of my empty jar of this vanilla bean pecan butter.

My last couple tablespoons were drizzled all over my breakfast this morning and it tasted so good, but using up the last of something so delicious is always bittersweet. Cream cheese banana bread recipe No worries though – I can have another batch ready to be devoured in no time because it’s so easy to make. Easy healthy banana bread [Read more…]

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