Vegan banana creme brulee – feasting on fruit

Sweet and creamy under a sugar-shell just waiting to be shattered by your dessert-hungry spoon. Sugar sink It’s time we creme brulee again…

After the deliciousness that was Pumpkin Creme Brulee, I wanted to create a version that was suitable for all times of year.

 If you want to pumpkin in July, then I’m all for it! But this Vegan Banana Creme Brulee is perfectly appropriate for any and every month.

In Feasting on Fruit standards, this is not one of the healthiest treats. Sugar biology However, in creme brulee standards this is incredibly healthy. Facts about sugar cane It’s like the broccoli of creme brulees. How to harvest sugar cane Because unlike your typical creme brulee, this one contains protein from nutrient dense hemp seed, less sugar thanks to the natural fructose in bananas, and a serving of fruit!

For those of you who don’t like bananas, I’m sorry not sorry. Sugar vs high fructose corn syrup Just go make cookies instead or something because we’re about to get our banana on over here.

So the custard. Invert sugar vs high fructose corn syrup There are only three bananas in this recipe, one per serving, but baking really intensifies that banana flavor. When you steal a spoonful of the custard right after blending, it’s a mild delicious blend of vanilla and banana. Evaporated cane sugar But after baking the the final flavor is rich and intensely banana. And the custard is crazy creamy too! So it’s basically like banana cream pie hiding under a sugar shell. Growing sugar cane Mmmmm!

And I’m happy to report that no hemp tofu is needed this time either! What is hemp tofu made of? Water and hemp seeds and some gums and stuff. How to grow sugar cane So, um, duh just use hemp seeds and some almond milk. What is cane sugar Three month ago Natalie, why didn’t you think of that??

It’s quite an easy recipe–just dump, blend, bake, and broil. Sugar cane products But I included a video anyways so you can see the sugar shattering for yourself…

For the topping: Sprinkle one tablespoon of sugar over the top of each ramekin. What is sugar cane Place the ramekins in the oven on the broil setting for about 4-5 mins or until the top is browned and crystalized. Sugar cane fields Alternatively you could use a blow torch.

Ok, I need to make my very first creme brulee now! One question though – do you have any suggestions for what I could use instead of hemp seeds? They are incredibly expensive here (also illegal for human consumption :O). Benefits of sugarcane juice I was thinking maybe cashews or sunflower seeds could work instead…?

Creme brulee is the best!! I’ve never tried a banana version before, it looks so incredible Natalie! The top looks so crisp and perfect! Your recipes are so creative and amazing. Sugar cane syrup I definitely need to try this! <3 I love banana!

OK, I’m on the verge of drooling all over my laptop here. Sugar and cancer For the third time mind you – after doing the same over your pics on FB and Instagram ?? Just a side note: pumpkin creme brulee is totally suitable for all seasons!!!! In my mind anyway ?? there can never be enough pumpkin, who cares what time of the year it is. Sugar candy store Oh and the hemp seed base is just awesome!!! You’re a culinary genius <3 Plus I love that you included a torch-less option, I've been meaning to buy it for years but somehow I never have.

Hahaha you are so sweet Lucie! And I will totally eat pumpkin things 365 days a year, but ya know some people want options ?? I am really into hemp seeds right now, so I was happy to find that they would work in here. Sugarcane miami They make stuff so creamy, reminds me of cashews but a little less rich. Health benefits of sugarcane And I’ve burned myself enough times that I don’t think a blow torch in my hands is a good idea for anyone, the oven works just find lol!

You know how much we loved your pumpkin brulee, so I’m SUPER excited to try this!! I’m running low on hemp seeds otherwise I’d be making this today. Sugar cane farm Mmmmm, banana custard and crunchy, sugary top sounds pretty magical to me!! Yum!! ??

Low on hemp seeds, oh no! ?? I actually started ordering them online because $20 a bag at the store was just craziness. Sugarcane juice machine I was actually pondering the idea of hemp seed rawnola recently, I kinda want to try that. Sugarcane juice benefits Anyways I’m rambling, back to sugary banana custard ?? Yep it was magical! There was enough pudding for a third creme brulee, but it was so good pre-baking that I just saved that to eat haha! Well I hope you restock soon, those little seeds are good for everything ?? Thanks Mandy!

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