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Traditional overnight oats gets a vegan makeover with this recipe for Vegan Protein Overnight Oats. Banana bread recipe no butter With 18 grams of protein per bowl, these dairy-free overnight oats are an easy recipe to prep ahead and can be doubled or even quadrupled for a simple breakfast you can quickly grab to enjoy before rushing out the door on a busy morning.

Cold and creamy overnight oats have been a breakfast staple for me for years, especially in the warmer months. Banana bread recipe with coconut flour This week we’ve been blessed with unseasonably warm weather – 70s and sunny – in Charlotte and that was all it took for me to begin craving overnight oats for breakfast again.

Flour banana bread recipe On Sunday evening, I prepped a batch of overnight oats inspired by my High Protein Hemp Oatmeal (I told you I can’t get enough hemp protein lately!) and when I realized the recipe was unintentionally vegan, I knew I had to share it on the blog.

When I first began blogging about my various renditions of overnight oats on PBF years ago, I received numerous requests for dairy-free versions of the easy oatmeal dish that is often made with milk and Greek yogurt. Banana bread pudding paula deen My oatmeal cookie overnight oats was the first dairy free version of overnight oats I shared on the blog and it’s still a go-to recipe for me. Martha stewart banana bread recipe Today’s vegan protein overnight oats is another dairy free version but this one is higher in protein thanks to the hemp protein powder and chia seeds. Banana bread cooking light A plant-based high-protein delight!

• Combine all ingredients in a container, stir until everything is thoroughly mixed and seal with a lid. Ingredients for banana nut bread Place in the refrigerator overnight or for a minimum of three hours, until oats are softened.

• Remove from fridge, stir and top with fresh fruit, nuts or a drizzle of nut butter. Paleo banana bread recipe with coconut flour If you prefer a thinner batch of overnight oats, add a splash of milk to the oats until desired consistency is achieved. Banana bread two bananas You may also add a bit more maple syrup if additional sweetness is desired.

You should know that this recipe falls into the “looks gross but tastes great” category thanks to the army green hemp protein powder.

For the coconut milk non-dairy yogurt, I used So Delicious Cultured Coconut Milk Yogurt which is both delicious and vegan.

This recipe can easily be adapted for anyone who is not vegan or cannot easily find dairy-free yogurt. Organic banana bread recipe Simply substitute your favorite kind of milk for the almond milk and creamy Greek yogurt for the coconut milk non-dairy yogurt. Banana bread recipe with applesauce (You may also omit the yogurt but may want to add a little more chia seeds to add additional thickness.) Your favorite protein powder may also be used instead of hemp protein powder. Almond flour banana bread recipe Nutritional Information

Calories: 379 / Fat: 10g / Sodium: 182mg / Carbs: 61g / Fiber: 16g / Sugars: 16g/ Protein: 18g Additional Dairy-Free Overnight Oats Recipes

• Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Overnight Oats (One of my all-time favs!)

My name is Julie and I am a full-time blogger, new mama, fitness enthusiast (certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor) and food fanatic (mostly healthy… How long to bake banana bread muffins but also not-so-healthy) living in North Carolina with my husband, dog and baby boy. Strawberry banana bread recipe Thank you for visiting Peanut Butter Fingers! I hope you enjoy little glimpses into my life and have fun trying the sweaty workouts I frequently share and making some of my favorite recipes along the way!

I was just thinking the other day with this warmer weather I could totally go for some overnight oats. Banana bread baked oatmeal It’s been 60’s/70’s in the DC area. Banana bread yogurt recipe I just hope it doesn’t get cold again!

Haha, the looks gross but tastes great category. Banana bread recipe with almond flour I love it. Flour bakery banana bread I am a huge oatmeal fan but really stick to my typical bowl – oats, peanut butter, a sliced up pear or apple, and cinnamon. Hummingbird bakery banana bread Tasty, but gets boring. Flour bakery banana bread recipe I want to try to spice it up a bit with some of your ideas -so thanks for continuing to post them! And by the way, you take really beautiful photos.

I’ve been on a huge overnight oats kick since the weather warmed up, and had to laugh at the ‘looks gross tastes great’ comment. Banana bread recipe yogurt As I was making a batch the other day, my husband literally could not hide his disgust. Banana bread recipe with yogurt Wish I could get him to try them!

I won’t lie, I eat oatmeal almost every morning, but it confuses me a little bit. Sugar free banana bread recipe Is old fashioned oats the same as rolled oats? What are steel cut oats? Does oatmeal have to be cooked to get the fiber, or can you put it in smoothies? Help.

This looks delicious! Serious question though: how do you pour raw chia seeds over your breakfast like that and not get a stomach ache? ?? I learned this the hard way, that I always need to soak the seeds before consuming to keep the GI tract happy!

I’ve been obsessed with the So Delicious coconut yogurt these days! This sounds fantastic. Healthy banana bread recipe yogurt I believe that some of the worst looking foods taste the absolute best. Banana bread recipe with greek yogurt Plus your’s looks pretty!

Julie, I actually ordered some of the hemp protein powder after you mentioned it a few weeks ago. Banana bread with sour cream recipe I’ve been mixing it into my hot oatmeal with my usual add ins of collagen and ground flax and chia. Buttermilk banana bread recipe It thickens it perfectly and is a great tasteless addition. Banana bread food network Need to look at some other ways to use it too. Banana bread donuts Thanks for the recommendation! ??

Hi! I’m Julie and I am a new mom, personal trainer and blogger living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Banana bread recipe using sour cream Welcome to my blog! Peanut Butter Fingers follows my life and my interests in food, fitness, family, travel and (mostly) healthy living.

I am not a registered dietitian. Banana bread with sour cream and oil My blog is simply a documentation of my life. Original betty crocker banana bread recipe The views I express are mine alone, based on my own experiences, and should not be taken as medical advice. Banana bread 1 egg I DO NOT post everything I eat. 4 ingredient banana bread Though I am a certified personal trainer, the workouts I post may not be right for you. Moist banana bread recipe with sour cream Please speak with a medical professional before making any changes to your current routine.

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