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My body is on shutdown and needs some energising stat. Thai green fish curry recipe easy Unfortunately, I am infected with the disgusting flu and have become a real, living, walking, zombie. Veg thai green curry recipe easy A glittery zombie of course.

When I ever feel like ive been diagnosed with the plague I always turn to soup to mend me back to health. Chicken curry recipe indian style Soup is penicillin for the soul as you can add as much veg, ginger, chilli and add any type of protein to fight off those pesky germs.

Last year, I would rely on my penicillin ramen to make me feel slightly human again however this time my body was screaming for more supergreens.

Recently, Kingston got blessed with a Pho restaurant and I can not praise it enough. Simple chicken curry recipe south indian style I had the Bu?n rie?u, which is A Hanoi classic; vermicelli noodles in a rich tomato & crab broth with wafer thin steak & tofu, topped with fried shallots. Chicken curry recipe indian sanjeev kapoor I accompanied it with Rau mu?ng xao which is Stir fried morning-glory (water spinach) in garlic. Thai yellow curry recipe coconut milk My bestie, who is vegan, had the Pho? chay Tofu & button mushrooms and G?i ngo sen which is a glorious side of tangy lotus stems with green bean & sesame seeds. Thai prawn curry recipe coconut milk Never before did I make so many sounds whilst eating a meal. Thai shrimp curry recipe coconut milk ‘Mmmm, WOW, this is amazing, seriously this is amazing’ were said a lot whilst I slurped away on my perfectly executed pho soup. Simple thai green curry recipe vegetarian We both left feeling energized and content. Simple thai green curry recipe I wanted to feel that wonderful again so with this pesky cold, I had to turn the Vietnamese favourite, pho, to make me feel whole again.

This fragrant, cinnamon infused vegan broth is insanely delicious and gently soothes the throat and opens ups the airwaves. Simple thai green curry paste recipe Loaded with mange tout, spring onions, ginger, garlic, chilli shallots, string beans, sugarsnap peas, button mushrooms, plum tomatoes, limes, mint & coriander leaves, this vegan supergreen pho is definitely not short in flavour. Easy thai green beef curry recipe Adding puffed soya curd and smoked tofu to the soup gives it more body and the mixture of textures makes it extra special. Easy thai green vegetable curry recipe You can find these types of tofu in any good asian supermarket or health shop.

In Pho, the would also accompany your soup with extra veggies for no extra cost to add-on top of your pho. Panang curry paste recipe thai I loved this little addition, so I decided to do the same with my vegan supergreen pho. Vegan thai green curry paste recipe A plate of soft lettuce leaves, raw shallots, spring onions, herbs and extra supergreens.

To get my iron levels up, course I had to make a quick and easy alternative to morning-glory. Recipes with thai green curry paste Stir Fried spinach in garlic on the side of my elegantly spiced bowl of warm, vegan pho with a mountain of verdant veggies. Recipes using thai green curry paste Who needs a doctor when you have this recipe to kick any unwanted flu’s butt.

Get interacting with your food and make yourself a bowl of this Vegan Supergreen Pho. Recipes with thai curry paste Customise your toppings to your preferred flavours and lay those pesty germs to rest.

Light yet satisfying, this vegan supergreen pho is just perfect when you are craving nutrients, fueling and goodness. Easy lamb curry recipe for two If you are super hungry, add some vermicelli noodles to add depth to your broth however whenever I am under the weather, my appetite is not huge.

This vegan pho recipe can be made under an hour but if you are like me and love a slow cooker, this recipe is perfect for it. Easy lamb curry recipe jamie oliver Let your broth simmer for as long as you want and add your veggies and tofu when serving.

This magical pho chay recipe is also a great dish to serve for gatherings as it can make up to 4-6 large bowls of soup heaven. Easy lamb curry recipe coconut milk Can be kept refrigerated for five days which is a plus as you can have it for lunches or for midweek meals.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, let me remind you that this easy,Vegan Supergreen pho recipe is:

This magical pho chay recipe is also a great dish to serve for gatherings as it can make up to 4-6 large bowls of soup heaven. Easy lamb curry recipe indian Can be kept refrigerated for five days which is a plus as you can have it for lunches or for midweek meals. Easy lamb curry recipe south africa If you do make this Vegan Supergreen Pho or any similar dishes like, Vegan Malaysian Laksa , Malaysian coconut curry & Slow Cooker Chicken Pho, then leave a comment or tag a photo on my Instagram or Twitter, Facebook.

• On a high heat, place a large saucepan on the hob and add your vegetable stock. Easy lamb curry recipe slow cooker As your broth heats up, add half of the shallots, onion, garlic, chilli, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, cinnamon stick, star anise and black peppercorns to a dry frying pan and toast on a high heat. Easy lamb curry recipe Let them char for about 3 minutes or until they realease an aromatic aroma. Homemade thai curry recipe Keep tossing the pan so the spices and herbs do not burn.

• Transfer the spices to the stock and season with salt and pepper. Simple thai green prawn curry recipe Lower the heat to medium and let the spices infuse the stock for 30 minutes.

• Once the stock has fragrant, add your sliced tomatoes and let cook for another 10 minutes or until they become soft yet firm.

• During this time, prepare your morning glory and garnishes.

• Slice up all your chosen greens, mushrooms shallots, herbs and tofu and plate up. Easy chicken tikka masala recipe using curry paste If you are having noodles this is the perfect moment to blanche them (follow the instructions on the packet).

• Place to one side In a large wok, heat your oil to a very high heat, add your garlic. Veg thai green curry recipe As the garlic becomes slighty brown, add your spinach and toss it in the oil.

• Cook for 5 minutes or as it wilts. Vegetable thai green curry recipe jamie oliver Squeeze the juice into the spinach and add your sugar. Curry paste ingredients recipe Mix well and add 3 tablespoons of water to help dissolve the sugar. Tikka masala spice paste recipe Stir again to make sure the spinach is evenly coated and quickly plate the greens.

• Ladle the steaming broth into individual bowls making sure each serving has a 1-2 slices of tomato. Chicken tikka masala paste recipe Add you noodles, if using, handfuls of chosen greens, shallots, mushrooms, tofu, herbs and wedges of lime.

• Serve along side your morning glory and extra toppings that you can leasurly add whilst you slurp away.

I am the creator of Wolfdown and you will find affordable, soul food recipes on this blog. Chicken in red curry coconut sauce recipe Ranging from comforting classics to plantbased powered dishes. Green thai chicken curry recipe easy There is a recipe for everyone!

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