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Delayed again with the weekly What I Ates! Stuff is still super busy around here and I have been making quick meals and not bothering to photograph them. Homemade indian chicken curry recipe Or maybe too much time has been spent trying to de-stress with a bunch of Dolly Parton music videos. Homemade indian curry powder recipe And then more time spent trying to look up metal covers. Curry coconut milk chicken recipe I did enjoy the process of introducing my nine year old daughter to Dolly because she thought the song was called Trollene.

Chicken curry recipe indian youtube It was a sad day when she started pronouncing Britney Spears correctly and was no longer saying Brick Knee of Spheres. Chicken curry recipe indian vahrehvah Just like when my son thought Shortbread Creams were Shortbread Crimes. Chicken curry recipe indian khana khazana ANYWAY.

First up, the leftover lemongrass tofu from Huong Viet with veg and soba noodles:

Tabouli Rasa Vegan & Vegetarian Food is a market stall. Chicken curry recipe indian punjabi I got this falafel and salad lunch box from the Coburg Farmers Market. Chicken curry recipe indian coconut milk Really lovely and fresh:

One of the quick meals was some roasted eggplant, tomatoes and basil from the garden:

Another quick meal, this time a load of veg, brown lentils and a curry paste and tomato base, served over brown basmati rice:

This was the only green on St. Recipe for chinese curry sauce takeaway Patrick’s Day, a mint smoothie made with frozen banana, oats, Prana On Supergreens (mint flavour) and a couple drops of green food colour for the novelty factor. Yellow curry coconut milk recipe I also managed to place it on the part of the marble slab that has those weird stains I can’t remove:

And that’s really about it. Yellow curry powder coconut milk recipe Quite uninspired and mehhhh (the veg lentil curry looks way better than it tastes), but very quick and easy. Chicken curry recipe allrecipes Rice cookers really are amazing.

You know those people who hate drinking coffee but love coffee flavoured anythings? That’s me. Green curry coconut milk recipe I never drink the hot stuff but coffee flavoured cake or iced coffee are another story.

During the summer I suddenly decided I needed some iced coffee or mocha in my life. Homemade thai curry paste recipe This recipe came about as a result of simply chucking stuff in the blender, and discovering it was actually pretty good.

Use as little or as much coffee as you like. Homemade thai green curry paste recipe Whatever works for you!

And urgh, my recipe plug-in is still displaying weirdly. Simple red curry paste recipe Sorry.

Girls and Boys is the latest venture from the owners of The Vegie Bar and Transformer. Homemade chicken tikka masala curry recipe Located right next to The Vegie Bar, Fitzroy has scored yet another all-vegan affair.

The pictures I’d seen online certainly looked good enough and there were some great reviews about the soft serve ice cream, so on a hot day I dropped in and ordered the Baklava Pimped Out soft serve ($12).

It was way bigger than I’d anticipated and I wasn’t able to finish it so next time I’d share. Green curry recipe chicken But this was really good soft serve icecream– I’ve never had a vegan soft serve and I’m fussy about ice cream in general. Curry recipes for chicken The filo sheets were nice and crunchy and there was a sweet lemony sauce with pistachios and walnuts. Malaysian curry paste recipe ingredients Close up!

There’s also a selection of beautiful looking/sounding small cakes (with unrefined sugars), smoothies, housemade gelato, lattes, coffees and juices. Red curry chicken recipe without coconut milk There are gluten free options though I’m not exactly sure which are GF:

You can also grab some Vegie Bar take away from the next counter and fridge.

There’s a flavour-of-the-day special for the Pimped Out soft serve, and on the day I went it was a mango-something.

Having a 100% plant based dessert bar is a great addition to Melbourne and although Fitzroy is a bit of a public transport hike for me, I’d make the effort to go and try some of the cakes and another soft serve.

Huong Viet is a recent newcomer to the veg*n restaurant scene and it’s great to see another ‘vegan’ sign at restaurants in Footscray!

This will be a short review because I’ve only been to Huong Viet once when passing through Footscray. Green curry paste recipe I took a detour so I could have some lunch here, after seeing good reviews on Facebook and pictures of awesome Vietnamese food. Chinese chicken satay curry sauce recipes Usually I like to visit a place at least twice before blogging, but I won’t be in Footscray again for a while.

I love lemongrass tofu, so that stood out for me. Tikka masala sauce recipe coconut milk I anticipated it would be exactly what you see, which is a more dry dish, which is fine by me. Tikka masala sauce recipe yogurt I got some rice on the side and ended up taking half the tofu home because it was a very big serve.

This was beautifully flavoured and I was so glad to have leftovers the next day. Tikka masala sauce recipe gordon ramsay I think this would make a fantastic option for a share dish.

Service was very friendly and if I were around Footscray often, I’d be going back to try more of the menu. Tikka masala sauce recipe easy I can’t remember what I paid, but the serving was generous and it wasn’t expensive.

B.East in Brunswick has been mentioned often in vegan circles, and the reports I’d heard were pretty complimentary about the vegan burgers and fries. Tikka masala sauce recipe vegetarian I’m hit and miss with burgers and really have to be in a burger mood, but I’m always interested to see how not-vegan places do vegan burgers. Easy chicken curry sauce recipe When patties are made in-house, I’m more interested!

And so, some of the fam and I headed along to B.East in Brunswick East recently. The outside tables were full because it was a nice day, and I was happy to sit inside because of the blaring old school G’n’R soundtrack (though the noise level made it hard to talk, still, You Could Be Mine is one of my favourite songs so no way am I going to complain because she’s not my mother TODD and I didn’t have a mulleted friend with me and I can’t do pull-ups Sarah Connor style or any style but anyway, moving ON).

Okay, so the vegan burgers are the Neil (smoky BBQ bean and red lentil burger, vegan cheddar, caramelised jalapenos, crispy sweet potato fries (in the burger), cos lettuce, tomato and chipotle aioli, $15) and the Morrissey (southern fried mock chicken, sweet corn relish, cos lettuce, tomato and jalapeno salsa, $13). Chicken curry coconut milk recipe kerala I figured the southern fried chicken might be the sort used at other places for the ‘fried chicken’ dishes so I went for the Neil. Chicken curry coconut milk recipe indian Picture at the top there.

In short, it was a pretty good burger. Chicken tikka masala spice mix recipe The patty was a little soft and kinda mooshed everywhere but it wasn’t a big deal, plus it was a big generous sized patty and nicely flavoured. Tikka masala spice mix recipe I recall I wasn’t really in a burger mood when we went, but I was glad I had it.

We ordered a side of sweet potato fries (gluten free, menu says $5/$8.50 but I can’t remember what we paid) with vegan lime chipotle aioli ($1) which were very well done:

We also ordered the beer battered fries ($4/$7) with BBQ seasoning (not GF unfortunately) and agreed these were some of the best fries we’ve eaten:

I would happily go back to try any new vegan burgers or special I hear about. South indian chicken curry recipe coconut milk I’m guessing the lunch and dinner times are really busy, we went well after lunch and had no problem with a table inside though outside was full. Indian chicken curry recipe without coconut milk My dining buddies said the music was way too loud but ehhh, depending on what’s playing, I don’t mind so much.

The B.East has been visited by Where’s the Beef? a few times, you can read about their most recent visit here which links to their previous two visits.

Hello and welcome! I’m Faye and I blog about vegan life here in Melbourne, Australia. Low fat curry recipes chicken I love connecting readers with news of events, dining options, products, services and anything else that can help people already living, or those considering switching to a more plant based lifestyle. Low fat curry recipes weight watchers Family, my Greek roots, secondhand shopping and my home town are also a focus on my blog. Low fat curry recipes bbc Follow Me

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