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This is the beginning of a three part series.

Recipes for steak kabobs on the grill The final part will result in something completely ahhhmazing: Venison Italian Sausage Pizza Pinwheels! But some of the ingredients used in the pinwheels are ingredients you may want to use for other recipes, so I’m breaking it up into three parts.

I have another recipe for Venison Italian Sausage that has fewer ingredients, and you can find it here. Looking for steak and cheese pie recipe It’s pretty good but I always felt like it was missing a little somethin’ somethin’. Recipe for steak fries in the oven I did a little more research and decided to try this recipe from AllRecipes. Cheese sauce recipe for steak sandwich Of course I had to modify it a bit because, unlike the original recipe, I used ground axis burger, not ground pork. Recipe for flank steak tacos Our meat is way leaner than ground pork would be, so some modifications are necessary to get a little closer to traditional sausage consistency. Ingredients for steak tacos We’ll talk about that in a minute.

But as for the flavor, Michelle has got it figured out! This Italian Sausage is complete. Recipe for steak and mushrooms It has all the flavors I’d expect for Italian sausage, and I can’t wait to try this mix in other recipes.

Here’s what you need to adapt Michelle’s recipe to work with ground venison:

Ground Venison | Olive oil | Onion powder | Parsley | Garlic powder | Fennel seed | Basil

Brown sugar | Thyme | Salt | Crushed red pepper flakes | Paprika | Oregano

I’m starting with the Venison Italian Sausage recipe first because it’s best if you mix it up a day or two in advance and refrigerate it before cooking.

This recipe is for 2 pounds of ground venison. Philly cheesesteak egg rolls recipe guy fieri Some of the increments are pretty small, so I recommend making at least 2 pounds of sausage and dividing the sausage for future use if desired, rather than trying to cut the measurements in half.

Place 2 pounds ground venison in a large dish and add 2 Tbsp red wine vinegar

The olive oil will help offset the natural leanness of the venison, making it more like the consistency of traditional sausage when cooking. Recipe for steak with mushroom sauce If you’re using ground feral hog instead of venison you can probably omit the olive oil.

Mix the red wine vinegar and olive oil into the meat by hand.

Combine the spices: ? Tbsp salt, ? Tbsp cracked black pepper, 1 Tbsp parsely, 2 tsp garlic powder, 2 tsp onion powder, 2 tsp basil, 1? tsp paprika, 1? tsp red pepper flakes, ? tsp fennel seed, ? tsp brown sugar, ? tsp oregano, and ? tsp thyme.

and use your hands to grind it into the meat until it’s evenly dispersed.

At this point you can divide the meat into 1 pound chunks, wrap it in plastic wrap, and refrigerate it or freeze it for future use. Recipe for beef steak with mushroom sauce If you plan to use the whole 2 pounds within a week you can simply cover the dish and refrigerate. Recipe for chicken steak with mushroom sauce For best results, refrigerate for at least 12 hours before cooking.

We had a build-your-own pizza bar for Moose’s birthday last weekend so I used a third of the sausage for a topping choice at the party, and the rest I used for a baked macaroni dish.

When you’re ready to cook the sausage, take any sized chunk and add it to a preheated cast iron skillet.

Brown and crumble the sausage until it’s cooked through, but not over-cooked. Marinade for flank steak fajitas Don’t let it get dried out.

How simple is that? I’d love to hear what you think! Does this sausage meet your expectations for Italian Sausage? Is there anything you do different when you make your Italian Sausage? Join the conversation in the comments below!

Up next… Authentic New York Style Pizza Dough! Oh yes you can!

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