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With an atmosphere that channels the four elements, Ventana Grill in Pismo Beach immerses guests in the enchanting pleasures of the natural world. Recipe for steak pie Dine surrounded by the rhythmic serenade of waves crashing on the beach below. Recipe for steak pie in slow cooker The stylish dining room sits perched on a coastal bluff, treating guests to an endless view of azure blue and rich red sunsets.

Made reservation through open table several days ahead of time. Recipe for steak pie gordon ramsay Asked for seating by the window. Recipe for steak pie with shortcrust pastry Arrived about 15 minutes early. Recipe for steak pie jamie oliver They were ready for us and our seating was perfect. Recipe for steak pie with puff pastry Our friends really enjoyed themselves and we were very satisfied with the entire dining experience.

Service was quite poor, our nacho appetizer came with mostly the crumbles from the bottom of the chip bag, and the 2 fish and chip entrees were barely warm. Recipe for steak in slow cooker We would have sent them back, but our server was too slow/inconsistent.

overwhelmed quality, even though our reservation time was 5pm.

Amazing! We went for our anniversary and they treated us so well! Our waiter Colton was so nice and we got our table fast with our reservation that is. Side dishes for steak kabobs The manager Lauren was super accommodating she took her time to come over to our table to chat a little and she even brought us champaign on the house to celebrate our anniversary! And Colton brought us dessert on the house for our anniversary as wellO I’ve never had a experience like this one at any other place. Making steak kabobs IT WAS AMAZING! Food was amazing!

Ventana Grill has great food and absolutely wonderful views overlooking Pismo Beach. Easy steak kabobs Loved the skirt steak and the chicken mole was delicious as well. Easy marinade for steak kabobs They serve homemade corn tortillas that come to the table warmed up. Marinades for steak kabobs Sides of rice and beans completed the meal. Beef sirloin tip steak recipes crock pot Too full for dessert!

We went for my wife’s birthday. Sirloin tip steak thin recipes crock pot We had a reservation for dinner and were seated almost right away. Philly cheesesteak stuffed bell peppers recipe The waiter came right away to get our drink order. Recipe for ribeye steak on the grill They have some specialty drinks that they make which are very good. Recipe for flank steak on the grill A berry drink and a tequila Bloody Mary which are very good. Recipe for swiss steak in the oven The dinner was excellent

Was amazed we could get reservation in one day. Recipe for cooking steak in the oven Even got seated early as requested. Recipe for flank steak in the oven Food, as always was top notch. Recipe for skirt steak in the oven Service could have been better. Side dishes for steak fajitas Server barely checked with us. Easy steak fajitas crock pot Glasses went unrefilled; desert order was so late that when we finally got the menu we had to ask for, nobody was in the mood to sit around and wait for anything else even though we would have liked to have had one.

Went to Ventana to celebrate a birthday. Easy recipe for steak fajitas We had a wonderful waiter who made recommendations on appetizers and entrees that were spot on. Recipe for salmon steaks baked in oven The views from the dining room are fantastic and we’re topped only by the quality of the food.

We dined at Ventana a couple years ago and enjoyed the dinner so decided to try it again on our visit to Pismo Beach. Steak and cheese pie recipe nz We were not disappointed. Steak and cheese pie recipe There were four of us, all had a different entree and the food was very good. Cooking steak kabobs on the grill Service was a bit slow, but we were not in a hurry. Recipe for pork steak in crock pot Will be back.

Everything was perfect we celebrated my wife’s birthday with friends and were given a perfect table to view the sunset. Recipe for salisbury steak in crock pot Our server was great meeting our every need with a smile and laugh. Recipe for round steak in crock pot Dinners were creative and delicious. Recipe for swiss steak in crock pot We had a very special evening and will make it a regular stop on our Central California visits.

I love this restaurant the food is so good . Recipe for cube steak in crock pot We went two days in a row because the first day the food was so good and the waitress was very nice. Recipe for flank steak in crock pot Second day we came food was good of course but our waitress had a attitude and could tell she was nicer to the other tables because maybe they were spending more money . Recipe for round steak and mushrooms We got to appetizers , kids meal , drinks and a dessert which was still like $60 bucks . Recipe for steak and mushroom pie We these really yummy tortillas the first time. Recipe for steak and mushroom sauce So I asked could we get some and she was like no you have to buy a dinner to get those :/ wait what you won’t give me some and I’m spending already $60 bucks .. Recipe for steak and mushroom pie with puff pastry the first day we got them and we didn’t buy a dinner :/ she just didn’t seem to want to help us and make a evening enjoyable … Recipes for pork steaks cooked in the oven I wish I would of got her name .. Steak taco recipe crock pot ugh

From the point our feet stepped through the door, the hosts were charming, warm, and friendly. Recipes for baking steak in the oven The manager, Lauren, took such good care of us and the entire dining staff was energetic and kind. Recipe ideas for steak pieces They gave wonderful recommendations and made us feel that they were serving only us even though the entire place was full and they were doing the same to many other tables. Recipe for steak and kidney pie with puff pastry I cannot wait for the next time I get to come here. Recipe for scottish steak pie with puff pastry It is definitely my new favorite restaurant around SLO.

Everything was really good the only complaint I had was at the bartender didn’t know how to make my drink and I had to show the server so she could explain it to him. Recipe for steak and guinness pie with puff pastry Initially the drink wasn’t cracked but the server was more than willing to take my directions and correct it and the second time it was just right

I brought my friend for her birthday. Philly cheesesteak egg rolls bopngrill We had been to Ciopinot’s in SLO for mine the week earlier. Steak sandwich jamie oliver 30 minute meals They provided a great birthday pastry of our choice (free) for both of us and had no corkage fee. Recipe for steak and kidney pie gordon ramsay We were offered 2 scoops of ice cream at your restaurant (my friend is allergic to ice cream) or purchase from the menu. Recipe for pepper steak pie filling Not cool! I liked my steak but her swordfish was awful according to her report. Recipe for steak and ale pie jamie oliver She did enjoy the shrimp cocktail and the flan we purchased for our birthday desert. Recipes for steak pieces She rated her dinner as 50%. Recipe for steak and kidney pie with shortcrust pastry Mine was better at 75%. Recipe for steak and ale pie with shortcrust pastry Service was so/so. Recipe steak pie jamie oliver Not too impressed.

We celebrated two birthdays. Recipe for steak and ale pie with puff pastry Our food server and the front desk greeter were just awesome- she even was nice enough to take our group birthday pictures outside on your amazing patio!! Our food came out fast and every single dish was delicious. Easy recipes with steak pieces It was a fun get together and I returned the next day with two friends visiting from out of town.

The food is good. Chili recipe with steak pieces The waiter did sequence the food to allow us to finish the appetizers before he brought out the soup and salad. How to cut skirt steak for tacos Then, brought out one of the two entrees before we finished the soup and salad. Skirt steak tacos marinade I finished my entree before my date received her entree. Recipe for braising steak in slow cooker Not well coordinated.

Our first interaction started at the bar and we were completely turned off by the bartender. Recipe for chuck steak in slow cooker Stood by patiently for about 10 minutes as the bar was busy. Recipe for swiss steak in slow cooker Waiter then asked if we wanted to look at the drink menu. How to make steak pie gravy We said yes and we got the menu. How to make steak pie with puff pastry 10 minutes later again we caught his attention to order our drinks. How to make steak pie in slow cooker He told us we had to go to the other end of the bar and another guy would help us. How to make steak pieces tender So got on line behind a few other people and 30 minutes after we entered Ventana Grill we finally had a drink in our hand. How to make steak pie with sausage and puff pastry Tempted to walk out. How to cook steak pieces in a pan But we stayed and were rewarded by a good dinner and good service.

Two of the meals that we requested to take home were taken from the table and told that they would box it up for us. How to cook steak pieces The servers must have forgotten and never brought the food back out to us. How to cook steak pieces in the oven Not normally a big deal, but when the meal is $35-$50, it matters to the customer.

The food and location of this restaurant are both amazing. How to cook steak pieces in slow cooker The clam chowder is so delicious, the ingredients are very fresh and it’s really like no other chowder I’ve ever tried. How to cook steak pieces in gravy The wine list has some great choices as well. Homemade steak pie with puff pastry The handmade tortillas and the innovative cuisine really make this place special.

The view during the sunset is spectacular. How to make steak and mushroom pie with puff pastry The veranda around the building makes for a romantic setting that is beautiful.

The services is very good at the restaurant. How to make scottish steak pie with puff pastry However, the service at the bar is hit-or-miss. How to make steak and kidney pie with puff pastry I have to give my compliments to Steven from the bar — he is a great bartender! Wonderful attitude and very helpful. How to make scottish steak pie in slow cooker He deserves the big tip I leave him every time he waits on us.

All in all, I highly recommend this restaurant. Recipe steak and kidney pie with puff pastry One of my favorite places to eat along the California coast.

You can earn points when you book and dine using the OpenTable app or Steak pie with puff pastry top and bottom Standard qualifying reservations are worth 100 points, and specially marked reservations are worth up to 1,000 points–10x the regular amount of points!

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