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Description: «Odessa-Mama» is a humble city restaurant that prides itself on serving delicious Odessa-style food. Classic bathroom tile design ideas Whilst Odessa has a kaleidoscope of charming attractions to offer its guests, we have drawn inspiration from a feature of central importance — the food! Ah, the people of Odessa do eat well — fresh fish straight from the market, the healthy and enticing scent of aubergine caviar and the salty tears from fresh bryndza sheep cheese are just a few examples of our favourite memories of Odessa!

To unlock the secret of Odessa cooking, we must understand its rich cultural history. Classic bathroom tile ideas Duc de Richelieu, the founder of Odessa, built the city upon foundations of equal opportunity for people of all nationalities and faiths. Classic bathroom tile patterns The culinary result — Russians, Ukrainians, Jews, Armenians, Greeks and Romanians alike all trying to outdo each other in the kitchen!

Over a slow fire in Odessa’s kitchens, the best culinary traditions from the neighbouring countries and beyond were thus unified into a gastronomical celebration — embodying the diversity and culture of the city’s inhabitants.

Alas, here in Moscow there is no fresh herring from the Danube, there isn’t even a sea view in sight. Recipes using vermouth Yet, when you are tired of the wet Moscow weather and stressful city life, the best way to lift your spirits in a cosmopolitan city has got to be gathering with friends — and «Odessa-Mama» is the perfect place to do this!

We want every guest in Odessa Mama to experience a sense of joy and comfort — like a sailor returning home to their favourite city after a long voyage. Drinks using vermouth You can snack on lightly salted sardines, show your young son what real «nautical» pasta is, whilst gulping it all down with our traditional horseradish vodka.

Forget about diets, calories and revolutionary gastronomical breakthroughs. Drinks using sweet vermouth Sit down and relax as if you were back at your family home and indulge in the tasty, elegant and hospitable food straight from the heart of Odessa. Recipes using sweet vermouth So that we can all live a life like that!

Was looking for place to have dinner and found this place on Trip Advisor with excellent ratings. Best cocktails to make at home Made no reservation so had to wait for 15min until got table. Easy holiday cocktails with vodka Enjoyed the stulish abd cozy atmosphere with food to match. Easy halloween cocktails with vodka Drank Zhiguli beer to remember its taste from back in the day. Easy fruity cocktails with vodka All was fine.

Had dinner for four and many a drink. Easy summer cocktails with vodka I got the concierge at the Metropol to reserve seats but this was unnecessary as was pointed out to him over the phone, with the policy of come as you are and we will find you a seat when we can. Easy to make cocktails with vodka It wasn’t busy when we arrived and we were able to sit immediately. Easy christmas cocktails with vodka The food was quite good and represented an interesting range of Russian and food that a “Jewish Mamma” (hence the name) would prepare. Simple drinks Moderately priced though by the time we ordered a good range of dishes the bill added up. Simple drinks with vodka We started with a couple of Beluga Vodkas each but at the end of the meal the waitress gave us complementary glasses of infused Vodka (garlic, horseradish, honey and chilli and mixed berry) which made for an unsteady walk back to the hotel but certainly great fun.

I didn’t know what to expect, but was very pleased with the Odessa-Mama Cafe near the metros Turgenevskaia/Chistye prudy. Simple drinks with tequila There was too much to choose from on the menu, and while one wouldn’t say that it was only ‘Jewish’, there were a number of dishes from the East European Jewish kitchen that also were labelled kosher. Simple drinks to order at a bar Quite large portions and very friendly service. Simple drinks made with brandy I didn’t notice a menu in English, but as the drinks menu was bilingual I would guess that one is available. Simple drinks with rum A definite place to re-visit!

Even if the decoration is a mix of different styles, the look is modern (I went in the room upstairs). Simple drinks to make with tequila The place is large, comfortable, bright and cosy, you feel at home. Simple mixed drinks with tequila The menu is interesting because full of discoveries as they have revisited some of the Ukrainian dishes. Easy drinks with tequila It’s good, tasty and nicely presented. Best summer cocktails with vodka The service is soft and fast. Best drinks to order at a bar for girls Try their selection of tea/herb-fruits tea.

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