Vitamin d deficiency and type 1 diabetes

Well, via a nice Google alert for vitamin D, I stumbled upon a treasure trove, yesterday. Desserts for diabetics uk At first, it was just one of the more common news articles I cite. Indian desserts for diabetics In this case, however, there was this bit towards the end.

Carole Baggerly started a group called GrassrootsHealth last year in California, which focuses solely on promoting information about vitamin D. Desserts for diabetics recipes with splenda She started it after a bout with breast cancer that was followed by a diagnosis of osteoporosis. Recipes for diabetic desserts She learned she was vitamin D deficient.

This led to a whole list of discoveries about vitamin D. What desserts are good for diabetics She read research that suggested raising vitamin D levels may prevent up to half of all breast cancer and two-thirds of colorectal cancer cases in the United States. Recipes for sugar free desserts for diabetics She read a study showing women with the lowest levels of vitamin D had nearly double the risk of their breast cancer progressing, and a 73 percent greater risk of death compared to women with adequate vitamin D. Quick and easy desserts for diabetics She found out that the first study linking colorectal cancer and vitamin D was published in 1941.

You know, I’m seeing this more and more, and I don’t blog or link even a 10th of the stuff I read. What are good desserts for diabetics Increasingly, I’m seeing references to associations discovered in the early 1900s that should have been paid attention to, weren’t, and we’re suffering the consequences. Christmas dessert recipes for diabetics It’s rotten fruit, vegetable and eggs time (to be tossed at some of these “experts” and “authorities”).

Moving on, I quickly located GrasstootsHealth and then this page. Good dessert recipes for diabetics which just happens to be the pot of gold. Best recipes for diabetic desserts Those links are to various presentations by doctors and other researchers that are chock full of associative revelations I find riveting, mind-blowing, shocking, you name it.

Let’s begin with vitamin D deficiency in association with type 1 diabetes, by Frank Garland, PhD.

Now, you’re certainly welcome to go through these yourself, but they are not for the faint of heart and do assume some basic knowledge of statistical evaluation. Thanksgiving dessert recipes for diabetics Here’s a few graphs.

You’ll note the association between latitude, i.e., vitamin D producing sunshine, and increased incidence of type 1 diabetes. Fresh fruit desserts for diabetics Here’s one closer to home; rates of type 1 comparing San Diego and Rochester.

Here’s one tracking new diagnoses in the U.S. Fruit dessert recipes for diabetics Department of Defense by month and year since 2000.

And finally, the trend of increasing rates of type 1 in Finland for children less than 14 years old, along with the points in time recommended levels of daily intake for infants went from 4,500 IU to 2,000 IU to 1,000 IU to 400IU. Easy dessert recipes for diabetics Read it and weep at the astounding level of modern ignorance.

Can you believe it? As they say, fact is often far stranger than fiction. Chocolate dessert recipes for diabetics This would never make it as a film proposal for want of credibility.

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Nope. Healthy dessert ideas for diabetics I suppose it’s because it only takes 20-30 to get 99% of people out of risk for rickets. Healthy dessert recipes for diabetics Huge blind spot. Apple dessert recipes for diabetics “Experts” have never — until now — realized that vitamin D was anything more then about rickets.

In the middle of the 80th my sister married a Pole who lived in a town not far from Gdansk, at the Baltic Sea. Sugar free indian desserts recipes for diabetics I was invited at their marriage, and spent there one week. Healthy thanksgiving desserts for diabetics I can tell you from this experience that this people ate a lot of sea fish. Recipes desserts for diabetics In the fall, they went for fishing eel, and they smoked it; European eel is a fish rich in fats with quite a lot of omega3 acids, and it was much appreciated, mainly with vodka. Splenda recipes desserts for diabetics Also herring was served even for breakfast, together with eggs and cod liver kept in pasteurized jars. 8 simple holiday desserts for diabetics They ate also “Leberwurst”, a sausage made with pork liver and pork fat, many other sorts of sausages, and ham. Quick and easy dessert recipes for diabetics This sort of food is very rich in vitamins, comprising the B complex, and vitamins A, D and K2. Best sugar free desserts for diabetics During my staying there we had quite a lot of all this sort of food.

1 in Finland for children less than 14 years old, along with the points in time recommended levels of daily intake for infants went from 4,500 IU to 2,000 IU to 1,000 IU to 400IU. Sugar free desserts for diabetics Read it and weep at the astounding level of modern ignorance.

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Elixa Probiotic is a British biotech manufacturer in Oxford, UK. Dessert recipes for diabetics U.S. Best dessert recipes for diabetics Demand is now so high they’ve established distribution centers in Illinois, Nevada, and New Jersey.

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