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It was the mid-eighties in south Texas. All fast food restaurants My parents had just moved to San Antonio after spending four years in the northeast. Local food restaurants near me My dad was routinely filling gas, when an American told him to go back where you came from.

Good fast food restaurants Welcome to the South. Food for restaurants Welcome to America.

Fast-forward 30 years. Popular fast food restaurants Here we are again? More like, I can’t believe we’re still here, that we’re still demonizing people, still demonizing Americans, over the color of their skin. Top ten fast food restaurants Only now, Muslims are the ones being maligned by the most powerful man on earth. Best food restaurants With a big target on their back, President Trump has taken special care to ban Muslims from six countries, with a promise to keep adding Muslim majority countries to the prohibitive list. Local food restaurants We are the Model Minority of America. Top 5 fast food restaurants And yet, we are brown. Food and restaurants near me And therein lies the problem.

Until recently, Indian Americans have been relatively lucky. Restaurants food near me Aside from the casual racist comment we may encounter every now and again, Indian Americans have prospered, we have fortunately not fallen victim to laws and policies designed to systemically hinder our meteoric economic rise to the top. Restaurants near me fast food We are the Model Minority of America. Find fast food restaurants And yet, we are brown. Best food restaurants near me And therein lies the problem. New fast food restaurants The Make America Great Again problem. Chain food restaurants Sure, they love our food and our culture. Fast food restaurants in the area But at the end of the day, all they see is the color of our skin, and the majority of Americans, unfortunately, cannot discern the difference between Muslim and terrorist and they most certainly cannot distinguish between Muslims from the prohibited six countries and Indians. Nearby food restaurants So to them, we are all Muslim, we are all terrorists.

For too long now, Indian Americans have sat silently on the sideline, reaping the benefits of living in America but contributing nothing in return. Food restaurants nearby Working in Baltimore, I have had the opportunity to witness several life-altering events: the Baltimore Protest of 2015 and the cleanup that followed the death of Freddie Gray, the Women’s March on Washington and the Muslim Ban protest of 2017. Fast food restaurants in this area All of these events had one thing in common, the lack of Indian participation. Fast food chain restaurants At every historic protest I attend, I am always searching for just one group representing the Indian interest. Open food restaurants near me I never seem to find it. Fast food restaurants open Instead, I am always besieged by groups supporting the interests of the Chinese, Jewish, Arab, African American, Hispanic, and even groups advocating on behalf of Cat lovers and Women Star Wars Fans (you get the picture), forcing me to contend with the fact that Indians just don’t care. Food restaurants near my location Americans cannot discern the difference between Muslim, and terrorist and they most certainly cannot distinguish between Muslims from the prohibited six countries and Indians. Food restaurants around me So to them, we are all Muslim, we are all terrorists.

This is especially true of my parents’ generation, a generation of immigrants, who always ask why I waste my time participating in these futile protests, especially since we are not the ones being targeted. Most popular fast food restaurants I am always surprised; surprised that the generation that directly benefitted from the Gandhi era protests and lived in an India free of British rule could be so apathetic and so wrongly believe that protesting does little to change the status quo. Food chain restaurants Why are Indians so unwilling to engage in the national conversation and speak out against the Ban?

So many Indians have struggled with the idea of a unified India and that attitude has persisted and pervaded throughout the Indian diaspora, especially in America. Junk food restaurants It has always been Hindu versus Muslim, us versus them. Restaurants and food To many Indian Americans, the ban is just another problem Muslims, even Indian Muslims, must face alone.

But this notion that all non-Muslim Indians are somehow exempt from the ban, and exempt from the general persecution of Muslim Americans, is a misheld belief. Food near me restaurants Because although the current ban only targets Muslims, President Trump has made it perfectly clear that he is not just anti-Muslim, but anti-immigrant as well. Fast food and restaurants It is here that all Indians have the most to lose. Restaurants american food Throughout the campaign, President Trump promised to not replace Americans with foreign workers by reducing the number of H-1B visas awarded every year. American food restaurants When President Trump delivers on this promise, who will be the latest casualty in his obsession of making America White Again? All Indians, because 70 percent of H-1B visas awarded annually are awarded to Indians. Worst fast food restaurants President Trump also wants to limit the number of green cards issued every year. Fast food restaurants usa Indians have too much to lose by staying divided by something as arbitrary as religion. Restaurants and fast food As an immigrant community, [Indian Americans] have a duty to protect the rights of all future immigrants, regardless of their faith or national origin.

If Indians put forth a concerted effort, so much can be accomplished. Most fast food restaurants Although we comprise only one percent of the population, Indian Americans have the highest median income of any ethnic group and has one of the highest spending powers in the country. Fast food restaurants in america If organized and politically active, Indians have the ability to lobby and prevent President Trump from fulfilling his agenda. Top fast food restaurants 2016 Although there are Indian special interest groups engaging in political advocacy, these groups are few and far between and are nowhere near as powerful as the Jewish Lobby, as I have seen first-hand working on Capitol Hill for a member of the New York City delegation.

As an immigrant community, we have a duty to protect the rights of all future immigrants, regardless of their faith or national origin. Fast food restaurants in my area It is time to coalesce into one community and participate in the political discourse before it is too late, because otherwise, staying silent will be the ultimate downfall of all Indian Americans.

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