Weight-lifting questions from beginners!

There are a lot of new people lifting with a lot of questions, and people do their best to answer these questions, but there are those few questions that are ask a hundred thousand times, and people really get tired of answering them.

So I am going to make a list of cover some of them and maybe people will be able to read the answer here instead of driving some poor bodybuilder off the deep end.

You get large arms the same way you get a large anything, by training it correctly. Best store bought desserts for diabetics Over-training is very common here especially with new people who think endless hours of attacking the arms day after day is the way to go. Sugarless dessert recipes for diabetics Repeat after me “LESS IS MORE, LESS IS MORE”.

Which I could say this til’ my voice wore out, but in fact I think I have.

Sugar free pudding desserts for diabetics Do not hit the arms every day, every other day, or even three times a week. Sugar free chocolate desserts for diabetics Hit them once a week and hit them well. Best desserts for type 2 diabetes For the love of god it is that simple. Safe desserts for gestational diabetes Over training the arms means they WON’T grow. Desserts for diabetics type 2 People must understand that. Desserts for diabetics recipes This leads me right in the next question of:

Your muscles do not grow in the gym. Easy desserts for diabetics They may swell and get hard, but they do not actually grow in there. Healthy desserts for diabetics They grow while resting. Best desserts for diabetics In the gym you are tearing your muscles down, injuring them to the point where your body feels the need to rebuild them larger to survive.

If you don’t not give your body enough time to do this, your muscle will eat it self away. Sugarless desserts for diabetics Muscles should rest between 36-48 hours before being hit again. Desserts for diabetics type 1 Then why you ask not do them again in two days? That is because most muscles get hit again indirectly while working out other body parts. Good desserts for diabetics The biceps help in your back workouts, your triceps help with your chest workouts, and they must rest.

My Friend Works His Arms 4 Times A Week And He Is Getting Results, Is This Normal?

Newbies to bodybuilding can get away with bloody murder to their bodies and they will still grow. Desserts suitable for diabetics This is because the body is in shock of the sudden surge of exercise and will build muscle rapidly to defend itself.

It won’t take long however before over training will set in and the muscles will stop growing or even break down due to lack of rest. Recipes for diabetics desserts Once again, you can’t build muscle in the gym, you can only trigger muscle growth for later, while resting. Easy sugar free desserts for diabetics No rest = no muscle.

Yes/No. Desserts for type 1 diabetics (God I wish I could just leave it at that) but I’m here to explain myself, so here goes. Sugar free desserts for diabetics recipes I love asking people who ask that question, “what do you mean by ‘works'”? Creatine does exactly what it says it will do. Sugar free desserts for diabetics easy It helps the muscles retain water, which puts them in a great muscle building state. Desserts for diabetics without artificial sweetener Higher endurance and strength can also follow this. Fruit desserts for diabetics Water retention is not a side effect!

Any Creatine stating that it is, and claiming it causes “no water retention” is avoiding exactly what Creatine should do. Delicious desserts for diabetics I have taken a lot of Creatine and I have never noticed a lack of definition in my muscles after using it, so don’t worry about it. Homemade desserts for diabetics Liquid Creatine doesn’t work, it’s very important that gets said and is understood by all. Christmas desserts for diabetics This is something they should teach at schools. Desserts for pre diabetics So many have fallen into the liquid Creatine scam, I am one of them.

I never bought the stuff, but I took it when it was offered to me. Sugar free jello desserts for diabetics Creatine isn’t stable in water and breaks down into a waste product quickly. Sweet desserts for diabetics Creatine sitting in those water solutions on the shelves were tested and contained only mere fractions of the Creatine they claimed they had in them due to wasting.

Yes you can. Simple desserts for diabetics Creatine doesn’t break down quite that quickly. Holiday desserts for diabetics And if you are really worried about it just mix it in your shake at the gym. Thanksgiving desserts for diabetics But it should be fine for an hour or so, don’t worry about that.

Won’t Creatine Turn To Waste In My Body Since The Body Is Mostly Liquid And Creatine Isn’t Stable In Liquid?

No word of a lie someone actually asked me this question. Healthy fruit desserts for diabetics First of all read the answer to the question above. Chocolate desserts for diabetics Creatine doesn’t break down that quickly! It will be absorbed by the body in the body LONG before it turns to waste.

Oh hell no. Quick easy desserts for diabetics I hate even entertaining this question. Easter desserts for diabetics Convulsions aren’t the best way to create muscle. Apple desserts for diabetics Which is what these machines do, they make you spasms. Great desserts for diabetics In order for these things to work you’d need to shock yourself half to death, and move it around all over your body inch by inch.

There are lawsuits being filed right now against the major AB machine companies which when I heard about it made my entire day.

Run. Safe desserts for diabetics Cardio is how you get abs. Jello desserts for diabetics You must lower your body fat. Desserts good for diabetics Do a hundred crunches a day, and you will never see an AB if your body fat is too high. Strawberry desserts for diabetics Once your body fat is low enough most people have abs anyway, but to work them there are quite a few good exercises.

Crunches, and reverse crunches, hanging leg raises and sit-ups are good. Birthday desserts for diabetics Remember NOT to work the abs every day. Desserts for diabetics uk I work mine twice a week with great results. Indian desserts for diabetics Once a week I heard works well also. Desserts for diabetics recipes with splenda This however is very debatable, one thing not debatable however is that you must lower body fat to see abs, end of discussion.

Your body uses protein to build muscle, and as such you want to make sure you can consuming enough protein for your body to use. Recipes for diabetic desserts 1 gram per pound of body weight is a good number. What desserts are good for diabetics Protein shakes help you get that protein, as it’s hard to consume that much food in the course of a day for some people.

Also right after your workout your body needs food to begin rebuilding itself after the damage that was just caused to it. Recipes for sugar free desserts for diabetics Protein shakes are great here, as whey protein is very fast absorbing. Quick and easy desserts for diabetics Protein shakes will not make you fat! My god, where do people come up with this stuff. What are good desserts for diabetics Protein shakes in skim milk contain less fat that a regular glass of 2% milk! And no protein isn’t a scam, it’s one of the few things pretty much everyone agrees on is the most valid supplement out there.

The treadmill is the only exercise I know of for defining muscle. Christmas dessert recipes for diabetics The so-called definition exercises do not define muscle. Good dessert recipes for diabetics You can only do a few things with muscle, you can:

• Remove the body fat around it, making it “appear” more defined

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