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Wells Banana Bread Beer was something I purchased on a whim. Easy banana cake recipe from scratch Sure, The Brew Club is focusing on English Ales (as we do each April) but bananas and beer isn’t a combination I often think of. Starbucks banana bread recipe Do you? So, I bought it for the novelty, but Wells & Young also make some pretty good beers. Banana nut cake recipe If anybody can pull it off, they can!

Quoting from the label here, I’ve learned that this is “An inspired brew made with our own natural mineral water and fairtrade bananas.

Banana bread cream cheese recipe Tempting banoffee aromas & flavours are balanced by the silky richness of a masterful malt blend & the peppery spice of the freshest, ripest hops.”

Well, as you can see, banoffee or not, this sounds like a beer worth investigating – and so that’s what I’m going to do!

The 5.2% ABV Wells Banana Bread Beer pours a very nice and clear amber color which creates an almost pure-white foamy head. Banana bread without butter There’s some lacing left by the head and there’s some residual froth on the surface of the beer for the duration. Banana bread food com Its a good looking beer.

The aroma is different. 5 star banana bread As soon as I pried off the cap, I got a whiff of ripe bananas which I’ve never experienced from a beer bottle before! Upon closer inspection, sure enough banana was the major player, but it was not over the top. Banana bread greek yogurt Maybe that what the banoffee does! In addition to the banana thing, the beer smelled bready. Almond flour banana bread (I guess you can’t be surprised, right?)

The taste is pretty much the same. Coconut flour banana bread Bready malt backed up by a nice banana flavor. Spelt flour banana bread It really does taste like banana bread. Coconut flour banana bread vegan Have you tried banana bread? If you have, you know what this beer tastes like! I’d agree with the quoted text from the neck of the bottle that the banana and bready malt flavors are nicely complimented by a touch of peppery hops in the finish.

Overall, Wells Banana Bread Beer is very drinkable. Oat flour banana bread Its not overly carbonated and it’s got a very creamy feel to it, and at 5.2% ABV if you’re into a sweet, fruity kind of mood you could probably have a few of these. Almond meal banana bread It does what it says and does it well.

In spite of the banoffee goodness, the novelty wears off quickly with this beer. Baking soda substitute for banana bread “Yea bananas!” grows a little old before I finish the glass . Banana muffins without baking powder Its a cool idea, and Wells pulls it off quite well (ha!), but I just don’t think I’ll be getting another one of these. Banana bread with cream cheese frosting (I’m going to hang on to the bottle though!)

Ever try the Wells Banana Bread Beer? What did you think of it? More importantly, do you know what banoffee is?

I think I have a bottle of this on my beer shelf Scott, so will make a point of trying it soon. Banana bread cookies I’ll report back.

As for banoffee, I thought it was something we acquired from you Americans… a popular restaurant dessert, along with the ‘New York Cheesecake’ and ‘Key Lime Pie’ you’ll find ‘Banoffee Pie’.

Imagine a crisp base of crushed biscuits (cookies) and then a layer about an inch thick of a banana and t offee paste, a bit like cheesecake mix, but darker and, well, tasing of bananas and toffee. How to keep banana bread fresh Then top the lot with a thin layer of whipped cream and you’re getting close to a Banoffee Pie.

I’m noit sure how well it’ll work in a beer, but it’s a dessert that I find hard to resist!

Yesterday I ate Haggis and enjoyed it. No egg banana bread recipe See, I’m not a picky guy. Banana bread cookies recipe But of the few edibles that conger up the gag reflex at their mere mention, banana bread is one of them. Banana bread with pecans I just can’t eat it. Low sugar banana bread recipe I’ve seen this in the store and wondered if it actually tastes like banana bread. Icing for banana bread Now that you’ve confirmed, I doubt I ever purchase this strange beer…but I will try it if I can ever score a free sample.

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@Bob – sounds like a nice dessert, but I’ve never seen, or even heard of Banoffee Pie! I’ll have to look into that some more.

@nate – I kind of like banana bread, and this beer is spot on in that regard. Banana bread bread maker I thought it was a neat flavor for a beer, but as I mentioned the novelty of it wore off rather quickly!

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Hi, Scott. Famous banana bread recipe I actually tried this one a few weeks ago. Resep banana cake breadtalk I agree with you — it’s good in a limited dose. Banana bread in bundt pan A while back, I made bread with pumpkin beer. Jamaican banana bread recipe I was tempted to pick up another one of these and give the bread recipe another try.

Rachel, I think this beer would make a nice ingredient for bread. Is banana bread good for you Especially banana bread! Let us know how it turns out f you try it!

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Actually, banofee is an English dessert; why people keep thinking it’s American is beyond me…wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banoffee_pie

Plus, this beer is quite alright. Is banana bread healthy Thought I was going to get a gimmicky taste but its quite nice.

Thanks Aaron – I had never heard of Banoffee, and I’m usually pretty current with the dessert scene! (Sounds like a British thing anyway) I thought the beer was good too, I just found that by the end of the glass I was a bit tired of it all.

.-= Scott-TheBrewClub?s last blog .. Is banana bread bad for you Dundee Honey Brown Lager =-.

I tried a couple of bottles of this recently. Bread maker banana bread it’s fantastic. Banana bread whole wheat flour To me it’s not much like banana “bread” so much…I’ve also had some nice German Wheat beer which had a mild fruity banana after taste which I believe is a characteristic of wheat beer generally. Banana loaf cake recipe This Wells beer just has that similar flavour but it’s more prominent.

I’d drink this banana beer everyday if it wasn’t $8 per bottle as an import, it’s brilliant.

@Stephen York – Thanks for the comment! I thought it was good too, I just got tired of the taste after awhile. Banana and walnut loaf recipe I think I could do a bottle now and then, but not much more than that. Banana and walnut cake recipe I think you’re referring to the Hefeweizen which can have nice banana flavors – bubblegum too – although neither are actually used in the beer’s making.

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I dont like any wells products. Homemade banana nut bread NOTE I am Not a CRISP guy. Banana muffins with coconut flour This taste like watery crap with a taste of banna skin in your mouth. Banana cake with plain flour No it not a nice banna at at all. Banana bread with coconut milk I have just dried there HONEY version and It is ULTRA CRISP and some type of barrelness rough edge to it.

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