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One year ago, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Westby, launched a community-wide “Come for Supper,” ministry that offers a free meal at the church every Tuesday evening for anyone and everyone who walks through the door. Easy homemade biscuits without baking powder Social hour is from 4 to 5 p.m. Easy homemade biscuits without shortening and the homemade meal is served from 5 to 6 p.m.

The meal is provided by the generosity of many businesses, organizations and individuals, along with plenty of helping hands who spend the better part of every Tuesday afternoon preparing the food and setting up the dining room for the weekly meal. Easy homemade biscuits without milk The first week of the venture 63 meals were served (46 in-house and 19 carry outs) and on Oct. Easy homemade biscuits and gravy 4, at the one-year anniversary celebration, 125 meals were served and every table in the church basement was filled to capacity.

Easy homemade biscuits from scratch To date the “Come for Supper” ministry has served 4,122 meals to the delight of the church council and the event committee.

“Come for Supper” was the brainchild of Marilyn Leum and Jayne Anderson, who joined forces to turn any nonbeliever into a believer, without having to say they were wrong in thinking the idea would not fly in Westby. Easy homemade biscuits self rising flour Leum said they had no money and no food to get started, but she wasn’t afraid to ask for help to get the venture off the ground, especially knowing similar ministry meals had already proved themselves successful in nearby communities.

So together, the dynamic duo of Leum and Anderson hit the road and talked to the ministry committees in Sparta and La Crosse to learn what they needed to do to get “Come for Supper” up and running in Westby. Easy homemade biscuits with all purpose flour They had the tentative blessing of the church council to use the Our Savior’s Church kitchen and basement for dining purposes. Easy homemade halloween costumes for couples Leum loves to cook and she found asking for donations of food to feed others was far easier than asking for money and before she knew it the church kitchen was filling up with others who wanted to volunteer their time to the worthwhile venture.

“What started with two crazy ladies bucking the odds, quickly grew into a dozen or more dedicated volunteers showing up weekly to set, cook, serve and cleanup after the weekly meal. Easy homemade halloween costumes 2016 Without a doubt we live in an area where people care about others and are truly selfless, not selfish,” Leum said.

The weekly meal includes meat, potatoes, salad, bread, dessert and a beverage. Easy homemade halloween costumes for teens They switch up the menus and learn from trial and error what works and what doesn’t. Easy homemade halloween costumes for kids The favorite by far is meatballs and mashed potatoes, but casseroles and soups are also popular depending on the time of the year. Easy homemade halloween costumes for adults The committee has also benefited from donations of leftover food served at funerals, weddings and anniversaries, plus donations from memorials, churches, businesses, individuals and participants who are so filled with gratitude for the social gathering that they just want to give back. Easy homemade halloween costumes for dogs Now one year later many of the same businesses who helped get “Come for Supper” off the ground are stilling opening up their hearts to keep the cupboards full for the weekly community free meal.

Leum made it perfectly clear though that the meal is completely free to participants and no money is accepted at the weekly gathering. Easy homemade halloween costumes for men She said it’s not about the money and never will be. Easy homemade halloween costumes for women It’s about people and the need for social interaction in a world where we sometimes forget what is important in life.

“It’s our own weekly miracle and every week has a slightly different twist. Easy homemade dog treats with pumpkin It’s about hugs and happiness, it’s not about money. Easy homemade dog treats peanut butter Even if the checkbook is skinny one week, we might be down, but we are never out,” Leum said.

Anderson said the new venture hasn’t gone without its share of challenges. Easy homemade dog treats recipes For example three weeks into the ministry meal Our Savior’s Church basement was closed during the facility renovation. Easy homemade dog treats for kids to make The committee overcame the challenge thanks to the generosity of Westby Coon Prairie Church who opened up its doors to host the event during the interim, which took a couple of months to complete.

Eileen Knitt can’t stop smiling from the minute she walks through the door. Easy homemade dog treats peanut butter oatmeal She always offers to help and is grateful beyond words every week that she is able to take part in such a wonderful event. Easy homemade dog treats with baby food She said she doesn’t like eating alone and she’s never lonely when she comes for supper on Tuesdays at Our Saviors.

The sense of pride on the faces of Leum and Anderson was priceless as they rattled off the many loyal supporters of the ministry meal. Easy homemade mac and cheese recipe with velveeta Not wanting to miss anyone they put out a huge and heartfelt Mange Takk to everyone who has in any way, shape or form helped with the success of “Come for Supper”.

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