What does banana do to the body_ – 12 health benefits for nigerians ? ask. naij

Banana is one of the best snacks you can have in the morning or throughout the day. Banana bread with almond flour Plus it is one of the most radioactive foods we eat! But they are still good and safe for you! Let’s get some of the top benefits of this fruit.

• Bananas are number 4 in the world among the top agricultural products in the world.

• There is only one top banana sort used for commercial banana production.

• People in Uganda consume more bananas than people in any other place (up to 250 kilograms per year per person).

• Every year the entire population of our planet consumes more than 100 billion bananas.

Fascinating facts on bananas, but this fruit has more to offer than just some fun. Banana muffins with chocolate chips What does banana do to the body?

They are great source of energy. Banana bread with almond meal Just eat a banana or drink some smoothie in the morning and no snacks would be needed to last you till lunch. Gluten free banana bread almond meal You can eat this fruit during the day, when you feel tired or exhausted.

Bananas contain much water and potassium in them helps your body tissues to accumulate moist and keep it in. Gluten free banana bread almond flour So, they do have great hydrating effect especially in hot climate. Banana bread recipe walnuts These are great refreshments.

It regulates blood pressure and brings it back to normal. How to make healthy banana bread Potassium prevents heart strokes. Banana bread mini muffins Makes your heart healthier and boosts oxygen delivery to the brain.

Bananas are good after the workout (as well as before). Banana bread brown sugar They can keep away muscle pain or cramps.

They are fool of fiber and can help you normalize your digestion and get rid of constipation.

They are rich in a specific amino acid, which takes part in serotonin production and helps to bring your moods back to normal. Moist banana cake recipe with oil Need to relax and feel good? Eat a banana.

They are rich in iron and supply this key element found in blood (hemoglobin). Banana loaf recipe with oil This means your blood responds properly to some injury, clotting and preventing excessive bleeding.

Bananas are sweet, but low in calories. Banana cake recipe with oil not butter Thus, you can eat few of them not running a risk of putting on extra pounds. Banana cake recipe with oil They can help to satisfy your urge for eating sweets with no side effects. Easy banana cake recipe with oil An average banana contains no more than 110 calories.

Fiber reduces the sense of hunger. Banana bread recipe with self rising flour This means when you eat a banana, you stay full longer and eat less. Moist chocolate chip banana bread recipe And it cleanses your stomach and promotes digestion, which is the most valuable of benefits of banana.

Bananas are full of carbohydrates which is the main source of fuel for your organism. Recipe for chocolate chip banana bread They keep you energized and full and restore your supply of building materials for cells.

This fruit is extremely rich with it. Banana bread with chocolate chips and walnuts It keeps your bones healthy and boosts your metabolism. Healthy banana nut muffin recipe One banana can supply a quarter of your daily need of this nutrient.

No fat, no cholesterol. Banana bread donna hay Great and healthy food and source of energy for the day for a balanced diet.

As you may see, the health benefits of banana are many, if you eat them. Old fashioned banana bread recipe There is more to discover, though. 3 ingredient banana bread You can use bananas as topicals and boost the health and good look of your skin.

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You can eat the banana and get all of its health benefits, because we are going to use the banana peel to treat warts. Banana bread recipe eggless Just cut out a small round or square piece of the peel, get a band aid or a piece of plaster and stick it onto your wart.

Keep it on for the night and repeat the treatment for several nights (up to a week) in a row. Vegan banana bread muffins The wart should grow smaller in size or disappear.

Mash your banana and add a tea spoon of lemon juice and of honey. Gluten free oatmeal banana bread Apply it to your skin and keep on for half an hour. Vegan gluten free banana bread Then wash off with lukewarm water. Gluten free banana bread muffins The mask hydrates, nourishes and cures skin.

Bananas cope well with inflammation and kill germs. Healthy banana bread no sugar So you can use them to treat acne. Vegan banana bread easy Just make a banana mask or mash the fruit and apply to your skin. Healthy banana bread recipe uk Or, use a banana peel, rub the inner side of it onto your acne skin and leave on for few minutes.

You can rub the banana peel (inner side) on any mosquito or other insect itching bite to reduce the itchiness and redness. Banana loaf recipe easy It is a quick and affordable remedy and safe for kids.

Just chop the peel and put it into your blender. Easy moist banana cake recipe You may add money, lemon juice or coconut milk (of you need more moisturizing). Banana cake recipe easy Just make a smoothie (paste) and smear it over your skin. Banana cake recipe easy moist Leave on for 30 mins and wash off.

Here you go. Super moist banana nut bread recipe Now you know how and why to eat bananas and stay healthy.

To enhance the potency using bananas and nutrients in its composition, you must learn to choose these fruits that they were the most helpful and tasty. Banana cake with chocolate chips First of all, you need to pay attention to their appearance and color. Banana cake recipe moist A ripe banana has a shiny and smooth surface of deep-yellow color. Banana cake recipe moist fluffy If the peel has small black spots, this indicates that the fruit has the highest sugar content. Banana cake recipe easy and quick If the black coated the entire banana, it means that the provider has not maintained the product properly, while the fruit is harmless and quite edible (but you can ask the sellers to reduce the price). Super moist banana cake recipe In no case do not buy bananas with mold on the rind, they are not just useless but even dangerous for your health. Banana loaf recipe uk The fruits of a smaller size and a bit sweeter than large. Best moist banana cake recipe Bananas grow in large bunches, and the higher is the fruit, the larger and longer, but Moscow, as. Moist banana cake recipe As you can see, the banana is almost a perfect product for the male body. Moist banana cake recipe jamie oliver Include this healthy fruit in your diet and don’t be afraid to experiment with flavors, you can cook wonderful dishes and desserts.

Never thought that a banana nutritious. Banana loaf recipe nz Shaw banana in 4th place major agricultural products in the world. Best banana cake recipe moist She knew that the product contains potassium, but which also contains water and did not know. Banana loaf recipe moist It turns out that the banana is the best product for humanity, bringing a healthy and gives energy. Best banana chocolate chip bread recipe Now I eat bananas every day and prepare them with different dishes for your family. Banana chocolate chip bread recipe It is also used in cosmetics and medicine. Banana nut bread with applesauce Very fine. Best banana nut muffin recipe Thank you for the advice, will consider and make a note of all.

Bananas – my favourite fruit! Mine the girlfriend was in East Africa and has imparted to me therefrom very tasty small bananas! They in size with ладошку. Banana cake recipe without butter Such tasty I did not eat never! They unbelievable fragrant and juicy! Sweet. Healthy banana bread with yogurt Bananas are given with a lot of energy and training passes very vigorously. Banana bread with oat flour Still it is possible to do very tasty ice-cream of bananas. Banana bread cupcake recipe To freeze a banana and to shake up it in a blender. Banana bread recipe low sugar After to mix from cocoa a powder and to eat! It is tasty!

I just love bananas, this is one of the most useful and easily digestible fruit. Banana bread recipe no sugar When I was in Mexico, I noticed that the Mexicans and Peruvians eat bananas often, almost with all kinds of food. Banana nut muffin recipe Sometimes they can fry bananas, sometimes used them instead of bread. Banana walnut muffin recipe I was amused. Banana bread recipe oil The fact that bananas are slightly radioactive it’s only a plus, as it makes our body produce antibodies and immunity to various kinds of poisoning and diseases. Healthy banana loaf recipe Today, bananas are distributed throughout the world. Banana cake no eggs Even there where bananas do not grow we can easily buy it on the market. Banana recipes without eggs I think that the immunity of the African people largely owes its endurance to the fact that residents of Africa often eat bananas, including in Nigeria.

I know that bananna simillar in compossition to the bread. Banana muffin recipe without eggs They can eat, & they can be even better. Banana nut bread with pecans But other hand, they very yosefoolv, and those peoplle who have problemms with the stomach – can only eat their fruit. Banana bread nutrition Actually, thisis my most favorite fruit, it is just perfect ?))) Still, I’m after workoutt I eat a bannana, it fills up all nutrients after exercise, and reduces hunger. Banana bread cinnamon rolls Its direct, its used everywhere. Banana bread recipe whole wheat The child ?I cut bananan into four parts, put on shelf for ice cream, dipped in melted chocollate pieces and turns on parchment paper in freezer box. Moist banana bread sour cream It turns out a wonderful ice cream + yosefool ? !

I like to eat bananas, you can at least a week to sit on a diet of bananas alone. Banana peanut butter muffins They are very nutritious. Banana bread recipe for bread machine I always knew that bananas are helpful, but this article painted about them so many benefits that I now love even more bananas. Banana peanut butter chocolate chip cookies It is an affordable product that is inexpensive and can be found in many stores. Banana peanut butter chocolate From bananas, you can do beauty treatments at home. Banana peanut butter chocolate smoothie Sometimes I just take a banana, cut off a piece and RUB them on the skin. Banana peanut butter chocolate chip muffins 20 minutes later I wash it with warm water, the skin is tender.

I also have read, that the people with different stomach illnesses, uclea, and problems with gastrointestinal tract can’t eat any fruit at all, except bananas. Banana cake with peanut butter frosting Although they contain more calories than many other fruit but such calories are useful for our body and the don’t turn into far, they just can give to our body all the necessary energy for the successful sports activity. Banana bread sugar free That is why we can and even should eat one banana before the activity of such kind. Banana bread gluten free It will give us an energy but not the additional calories in our body.

Hello everybody, who loves banana very much. Banana peanut butter ice cream I should like to share with lovers of banana my personal experience! I lived one of the island Thailand and I have eaten wonderful bananas every day. Banana muffins with cream cheese frosting I think, storing them in the refrigerator that is not good idea. Best banana muffin recipe ever They are stored at room temperature. Easy banana muffin recipe If you want the banana stored for a long time – you must store it in foil. Banana muffin recipe healthy If bananas are still green, then put them skin of yellow banana, and it will help the banana to ripen naturally and quickly! Bon Appetite everyone!

Banana is the unique fruit. Banana muffin recipe best It is carbon-rich, and because of it, it is energy source of our organism at first. Banana muffin recipe easy Bananas are indispensable food for people that live an active lifestyle. Banana cake recipe with sour cream This fruit is rich in various vitamins, like vitamin C, A and calcium which can help us with colds, strengthens bone tissue and so forth. Best vegan banana bread recipe Every second women in Russia is eager to keep different diets, for some women it becomes an obsession, bananas can help with it, because it helps not to be hungry for a long time.

A few words about harm of bananas. Banana nut bread with cream cheese A large number of bananas is harmful for people with diabetes; green bananas in general are forbidden to eat.

Bananas contain almost all essential vitamins and minerals. Moist banana cake recipe with sour cream These fruits, also high in calories, because contain lot of fructose and sucrose. Banana bread recipe self raising flour Because of this they are able quickly satisfy hunger and transfer body quite decent amount of power. Rachael ray chocolate chip banana bread These fruits contain rather delicate tissue, so easily absorbed by body. Easy vegan banana bread They are very fond of kids at tender age – even up to year. Healthy blueberry banana bread If child is not allergic to them, it is possible give banana at age of six months. Banana bread with cream cheese recipe Bananas be used during fasting days. Banana bread with cream cheese It should not forget its high caloric content.

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