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I was browsing through the pictures of some of the guests at one of the Nigerian celebrity weddings that recently took place and i just coudn’t help wondering if it was a wedding ceremony or a wedding party .

So the wedding invitation has been hanging on your table for a few weeks and now that the date is here, you realize that you have no idea what you are going to wear. Vodka martini gin Before you make the mad dash to your closet to scan your wardrobe for wearable outfits, there are a few tried and true rules to stick to. Martini extra dry vermouth You don’t want to be that girl that shows up and takes attention away from the happy couple, and you really don’t want to be the girl that the mother of the bride scowls at all night either. Dirty gin martini without vermouth Take a look at 10 rules to stick to when preparing to attend your next wedding!

While this rule has been in existence for about as long as its been custom for the bride to wear white, there are still a select few individuals that need to be reminded (we’re looking at you Pippa!). Sweet tea vodka martini recipes Wearing white to a wedding is rude and considered disrespectful to the bride, as it takes some of the attention off of the bride (as Pippa did to sister Kate at the Royal Wedding). Sweet tea vodka drink recipes Lately, however with the forever evolving customs, brides have chosen cream or ivory gowns for their wedding party and even requested that their guests wear white, but if this is not the case, then just don’t do it!

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Pantsuits may seem like a good conservative option, but save them for business meetings and interviews. Sweet vodka drink recipes At a wedding, they will just make you look uptight and stuffy. Sweet vermouth drink recipes You want to be able to let your hair down and have a good time at a wedding—you don’t want to look like you are meant to be sitting in somebody’s board meeting. Gin and vermouth drink recipes They may be trendy this season, but we say keep the pantsuit at work, not at a wedding!

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Now, we know that you want to be comfortable so that you can dance and party at the wedding reception, but flip flops are just a bit tacky. Whiskey and vermouth recipe Unless you are attending a beach wedding and the bride has requested that you wear flip flops, then no, don’t do it. Martini recipe gin dirty Some brides choose to give out flip flops as wedding favors so the ladies can make a quick shoe swap during the party, so in this case, feel free. Martini ingredients gin Otherwise, leave them in your closet ladies, or maybe in the car for the ride home.

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Denim may be chic this season with all of the different sleek styles, but no matter how nice you think your denim look is, it is never appropriate for a wedding. Recipe gingerbread martini Well, unless the bride requests denim of course. Cocktail made from gin and dry vermouth But generally speaking, weddings are for cocktail attire, sundresses or black tie dress code-worthy gowns. Wino vermouth martini bianco 1l Not jeans. Whiskey sweet vermouth recipes It doesn’t matter if they are high-waisted, doesn’t matter if they are waxed and it doesn’t matter if you wear heels. Cocktail made from whiskey vermouth and angostura bitters Park your jeans next to your flip flops when you are headed to the next wedding!

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Are you the flower girl? Are you under the age of 6? No? Okay, then why are you wearing tulle?! Leave the frill and the flowers to the little ladies throwing petals before the bride. Bourbon dry vermouth drinks Unless the theme is princess chic and the bride wants a butt load of tulle on the dance floor, then we’re sure she doesn’t want any from you!

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While that pretty teal dress that you’ve been eyeing for the wedding may seem perfectly appropriate, we recommend that you do some research. Fee brothers whiskey barrel aged bitters recipes Pull out the invitation and check out the color scheme, or give the bride a call and ask what color her party is wearing. Cocktail whisky angostura bitters Because, and we are speaking from experience, you do not want to show up wearing the same color as the bridesmaids! You’ll look like you are bitter that you weren’t selected, and in all of the photos, you’ll look like a bridesmaid. Whisky bitters recipe We promise, bad idea, even if it is a total accident!

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Are you in mourning? Is it a black and white themed wedding? Okay, then no black. Cocktail made with gin and vermouth Weddings are happy and fun occasions, no place for a drab black dress. Bourbon dry vermouth cocktail No matter how pretty the dress may be, black should be reserved for another kind of party. Whiskey dry vermouth cocktail You’ll stand out like a sore thumb in a room full of colorful, lively guests. Gin vermouth martini recipes Wear your black dress to the bachelorette party, not the wedding!

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Shorts are yet another wedding day no-no. Gin and dry vermouth cocktails No matter how fancy they may be, they are not for weddings. Best dry vermouth for dirty vodka martini They may be designer, they may be sil and they may be an appropriate length, but they are still not for weddings. Best dry vodka martini recipe Not with heels, not with a fancy blouse. Dry vermouth martini recipes Just stick to your skirts and dresses and you can’t go wrong. Gin martini with vermouth Why rock the boat?

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When you are choosing your shoes, try to have some sort of an idea of what the terrain is like. Gin martini without vermouth If there will be cobble stone, sand or gravel, then you’re going to want to stay away from the stilettos. Classic cocktails with a twist They are going to ruin your night, and they probably won’t look too great at the end of the night either. Classic cocktails every bartender should know Go for the thicker heels or even a formal wedge and you’ll make it through without sinking, getting stuck or ruining your shoes!

GIRL TALK TIME: What do you think of these wedding wear no-nos? Would you wear any of these frowned upon outfits to a wedding? What clothing do you think should never be worn at a wedding?

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Are we talking about what not to wear to oyinbo weddings? What’s our business with that this is Nairaland and we are Nigerians there so can we discuss what not to wear to 9ja parties please?

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which cloth remain wey person go wear, if we no fit wear any of the above. Vermouth cocktails pls change the topic to cloth you should wear to a wedding. Vermouth cocktails crossword clue or should we be dressing like lagbaja. Vermouth cocktails crossword Re: What Not To Wear To A Wedding. Classic cocktails with a modern twist by freecocoa( f): 10:40am On Mar 26, 2013

Az Wel as many african dresses re nt on d list, lyk suit, Buba , Agbada, kaftan, pencil jeans,carrotjeans nd many other English wears so ..No qualms jor Re: What Not To Wear To A Wedding. Cocchi vermouth di torino cocktails by yetunde01( f): 10:46am On Mar 26, 2013

I already know all of the above rules. Carpano antica vermouth cocktails These days I attend weddings with my ankara materials sown in different styles. Classic wikipedia May be you should try some, it makes you more comfortable and classy.

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If I like I dress like Jim Iyke, if I like I dress like Warri Millionaire or even Cabo Snoop self , its none of ur business. Classic menu I wear what is comfortable for M?????? A?? there is nothing u can do about it Re: What Not To Wear To A Wedding. Classic menu for office by yuzedo: 10:49am On Mar 26, 2013

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