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I masterbate everyday before and after I have sex. Pizza homemade sauce I have a routine once in the morning and right before I go to bed. Easy homemade christmas ornaments to make I’m 25 and I have been doing it since I was 17. Easy homemade christmas ornaments for kids I don’t think their is anything wrong with that . Easy homemade christmas ornaments for kids to make Even though my past boyfriends think i’m a nhympho its all good they probley just mad because they can’t hang.

It is not gross and anyone who says that it is, is either ashamed that they do it or in complete denial and not in any kind of tune with their body.

You will do it someday girl! Guaranteed! Just because you and your husband have sex all of the time now doesn’t mean that you always will. Easy homemade biscuit recipes Plus, you will hit your sexual peak and then what? A woman has got to know how to please herself.

Easy homemade biscuit recipe without shortening Well, so does a man. Easy homemade biscuit recipe from scratch It is all part of being in tune with your body.

I just think it’s gross, why would I want to pleasure myself? Hotasfrick, no, I don’t think I ever will do it and you have no idea what kind of a person I am, it is rude to say that I am not in tune with my body. Vegetable soup homemade recipe There is nothing wrong with a person not wanting to masterbate, I know lots of people who don’t do it. French onion soup homemade recipe I am also very christian and I don’t believe in it. Chicken soup homemade recipe The bible says it is wrong.

Why would you want to pleasure your self? lmao Ive never heard of anyone denying them selves pleasure! you eat ice cream? buy shoes? go jogging? read a good book? these are things we choose to do because they are pleasing to us! so why would you deny your self of one of the best pleasures given to us by The Creator! You suffer from a common mental block founded in guilt and self image. Chicken noodle soup homemade recipe My goodness you must be one cranky person to be around or a big flirt! lol I feel bad for you, you know what you are missing and you still deny yourself. Tomato soup homemade recipe your issues run deep. Pizza homemade recipe I’m glad i wont be there when the dam breaks lol

Masturbating is not wrong!!!!!!And the bible does not say that it is!!!!Lusting is wrong, not masturbating.

And, if you do not masterbate then you cannot be in tune with your body! That isn’t rude, it is fact!

I am also very christian, and I understand human nature, the body, and instinct.

Yes, you will masturbate at some point in your life. How many calories in homemade meatballs Just because you supposedly haven’t yet does not mean that you won’t. Best homemade christmas gifts for dad You will be surprised.

And as for those “lots of people you know who don’t” they are lying, or they have also not come to terms with their body.

When I was still shy and embarassed about my body and such, I also got really defensive about this subject.

I also said that I never had done it and never would do it, that it was wrong, and gross etc. Simple homemade christmas gifts for friends Which of course were all lies.

But, now that I have matured and grown, I am not ashamed anymore of something so natural and normal.

You cannot depend on anyone else to keep you 100% satisfied. Healthy homemade brownies from scratch It isn’t fair to you or your partner. Best homemade brownies from scratch You cannot be around each other 24/7 and even if you were you probably wouldn’t want to have sex with each other! You would be too frustrated from being with them so much.

Also, sometimes we just need to please ourselves quickly. Easy homemade brownies with cocoa powder Just get it done. Best homemade biscuits and gravy And sex is then not what we really want.

I am not ashamed or embarrassed about my body. Easy homemade biscuits and gravy recipe And yes, you can know your body without masterbating. Simple homemade biscuits without baking powder That is a stupid statement. Simple homemade biscuits without shortening I wasn’t getting defensive about the subject. Easy homemade biscuits with self rising flour Aren’t I allowed to be entitled to my opinion, as you are? You are the one who is rude and getting all defensive. Funny easy homemade halloween costumes for adults I could care less if you all masterbate, I was simply responding to a topic.

I am stating a known fact. Cheap easy homemade halloween costumes for adults Every living creature has masterbated at least “ONCE” in thier lifetime. Cute easy homemade halloween costumes for adults maybe as a young child who didnt know what was going on but continued to do it because it felt good. Simple homemade biscuits from scratch something happens to us as we get older that imprints on our brain that pleasuring your self is bad…dirty…and wrong! that is one of the saddest things about being human. Best homemade biscuits from scratch we “Think” we know whats best. How to make easy homemade biscuits from scratch clearly we don’t, just look around you. Simple homemade halloween costumes for men no one chooses to “Stop” doing somthing that feels good and relaxing unless they were “Taight” over the years to do it. Best homemade halloween costumes for men over time, these unhealthy thoughts get imprinted almost permently in our brain to the point where they become a reality. Simple homemade halloween costumes for couples When this happens it is almost impossible to re-train the brain, but it can be done. Best homemade halloween costumes for couples So my advise to people who do masterbate is “congradulations” your human and to those who dont? Well there is nothing i can say is there. Best homemade halloween costumes for teens you are brain washed and need debriefing but hey…its only pleasure…you obviously lived this long with out it, so you can live the rest of your life with out it further. Simple homemade halloween costumes for women so stop trying to convince each other it is bad or good…its neither…its a simple choice to pleasure yourself or not. Best homemade halloween costumes for women lol

“you cannot depend on anyone else to keep you 100% satisfied. Cute easy homemade halloween costumes for women It isn’t fair to you or your partner. Easy homemade ice cream recipes for ice cream makers You cannot be around each other 24/7 and even if you were you probably wouldn’t want to have sex with each other! You would be too frustrated from being with them so much.”

that is not true, I have been with my husband for 7 years and we are always together, when we are not at work. Simple homemade biscuits without milk And we don’t ever get sick of each other and we don’t ever get sick of having sex. Quick and easy homemade christmas gifts for kids Yes I can be completely 100% satisfied with just sex and he likes that I am. Best homemade christmas gifts for kids So just because you would be frustrated from being with your man all the time doesn’t mean that everyone would. Simple homemade christmas gifts for kids You must not truly love that person deeply if you can’t stand to be around them all the time.

I’m still wondering what it is that could be described as “gross” — what do you think women *do* when they masturbate? You mean touching yourself at all? Hell, I put it on the same level as massaging body lotion on. 35 easy homemade halloween costumes for kids I also get a tremendous, quasi-sexual thrill out of q-tipping my ears after the shower, but that’s probably a bit weird….

Ohh me 2!! I thought that was just a really weird thing I had!! But anyway, even if u have great sex and are 100% happy with your partner theres nothing from with learning how to pleasure yourself! I just really figured out how to satisfy myself and I dont think theres anything harmful in being able to get off even if ur man isnt there

I used to think it was gross too! However, i’ve done it and only once did it really excite me to the point where I thought I would have a “o” well, now I only do it when my husband and I are wanting to get it on. Easy homemade christmas tree ornaments for kids I have never had a orgasm and don’t think I ever will. The italian homemade company san francisco I just can’t, trust me i’ve tried for one. Italian homemade bread recipe However, many times my husband and I have had to wait for me to excite myself because otherwise it would hurt to have sex. Homemade meatballs crockpot I don’t have much juices if you know what I mean.

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