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Take a peek inside the food diaries of three Kiwis, and see what nutritionists think about their diets.

Mandy is on track for a long life thanks to well-planned, homemade meals.

* Luke, 22, is on the fast-track to “an expensive relationship with the health system”

* Ben gave up his beloved meat to improve his health and reduce his environmental impact

Mandy wasn’t taught about food or nutrition growing up, it wasn’t high on the list, she says.

As a kid she ate traditional, basic meals like mince and potatoes. Organic banana bread A typical meal would have been meat and chips or meat and vegetables, but the vegetables would have been from frozen, she said.

A drive to be active and healthy started a diet revolution for Mandy several years ago. Banana bread pudding recipe She educated herself about food and overhauled her diet. Best banana walnut bread recipe Ditching the meat and chips she now enjoys a lot of wholefoods and plenty of vegetables and fruit.

Through her diet changes she aims to see slow, steady weight loss. Banana bread recipe with oil “I’m making it more of a lifestyle rather than a diet.

Breakfast – half cup of Harraways Oatmeal with a drizzle of Manuka honey, and small handful of raisins.

Lunch – garden salad with lettuce, radish, grated carrot, cucumber, tomatoes and side of brown rice.

Dinner – coleslaw salad with greek yoghurt and mustard dressing.

Breakfast – half cup of Harraways Oatmeal with quarter cup of frozen blueberries and a medium banana. Perfect banana bread recipe Tea, with a splash of full cream milk.

Lunch – coleslaw salad with greek yoghurt and mustard dressing, and brown rice salad.

Dinner – 75g of peppered hot smoked salmon and coleslaw with greek yoghurt and mustard dressing, and two slices of Ploughmans Bakery soy and linseed bread with Philadelphia cream cheese.

Snack – one regular flat white, two Scottish oatcake biscuits and an apricot.

Breakfast – half cup of Harraways Oatmeal with a handful of raisins, a medium banana and a cup of tea with a splash of full cream milk.

Lunch – homemade lentil and vegetable soup. Fat free banana bread Two slices Ploughmans soy and linseed bread, with slices of tasty cheddar cheese and a garden salad with lettuce, radish, grated carrot, cucumber and tomato.

Dinner – broccoli and avocado salad with wild venison sausage.

Breakfast – half cup of Harraways Oatmeal with a handful of raisins, a medium banana.

Lunch – one bagel topped with peppered hot smoked portioned salmon and Philadelphia cream cheese.

Dinner – two egg omelette, spinach, sprinkle of cheese and tomato with a large garden salad: lettuce, radish, grated carrot, cucumber, tomato.

Snack – one kiwifruit, two Scottish oatcake biscuits and a flat white.

Breakfast – half cup of Harraways Oatmeal with a handful of raisins and a medium banana.

Lunch – two slices Ploughmans soy and linseed bread topped with one large avocado and 20g of Waimata feta.

Dinner – lean baked pork steak with a coleslaw salad and greek yoghurt and mustard dressing.

Dessert – homemade fruit salad and 100g of vanilla ice cream.

Snacks – two Scottish oatcake biscuits, a flat white and a plum.

Breakfast – scrambled eggs using two eggs and two slices of Ploughmans soy and linseed bread.

Lunch – three Ryvita Crunch Multigrain crackers topped with cottage cheese, cucumber, tomato and dukkah.

Dinner – sirloin steak with coleslaw, two baby potatoes and five slices of ciabatta (blow out).

Breakfast – scrambled eggs, using two eggs, on two slices of ciabatta topped with sun-dried tomatoes.

Lunch – four slices of Ryvita Crunch Multigrain crackers topped with cottage cheese, cucumber, tomato and dukkah. Bisquick banana bread recipe Plus a side of coleslaw.

Dinner – free range chicken breasts with steamed broccoli, carrots, baby potatoes and some coleslaw.

Mandy obviously cares about what she eats without being obsessive. Bread machine banana bread There are plenty of positive aspects of this diet. One banana bread recipe Firstly, she prepares food from scratch using wholefoods, with fruit and vegetables prioritised. Banana bread easy moist The diet is low in fat and high in fibre, apart from ciabatta bread and a bagel, the breads and crackers are grainy, higher fibre varieties. Banana bread recipe best moist Red meat consumption is low, with just two servings and it’s great to see fish included twice. Bisquick banana bread Oats for breakfast are a good start to the day.

Only fine tuning changes are needed. Banana bread ingredients She could possibly replace full fat versions of milk and cream cheese with lower fat versions. Best banana bread recipe ever More protein at breakfast would be good, try some yoghurt on the porridge. Banana bread recipe with sour cream Lastly she should eat a serve of protein at lunch and dinner – day one has very little protein.

If this diet is sustained over the long term she can expect good health, healthy weight and a long life.

Having carefully thought out her current diet, the feedback from our registered nutritionist is largely what Mandy expected. Moist and delicious banana bread She’s already making the changes King advised.

“Since reading the feedback I’ve added protein to my breakfast. Sugar free banana bread I put a bit of Greek yoghurt in my porridge, I used Greek because I’m trying to quit sugar. Banana bread recipe sour cream It was disgusting, I was like ‘oh my God I can’t eat this,’ It was awful.”

While Greek yoghurt may not be the protein solution right for her, Mandy said she would continue to persevere with her new lifestyle and was open to testing new foods to find what’s right for her.

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