Where to find the best waffles in metro vancouver crockpot apple crisp with apple pie filling

Originated in belgium, the traditional waffle has become more and more popular over the years, allowing it to flourish on the west coast. There are two main kinds of belgian waffles, the liege and the brussels.

The liege is a rectangular sized waffle, revealing its density and sweet characteristics slowly over time. Made with dough similar to brioche, it’s created with pearl sugar and thus when cooked on the iron, is left with giant bites of browned sugar.

The brussels, on the other hand, is known to be lighter, crisper, and melt in your mouth like. It’s made from yeast, which is what gives it its airiness, and is typically sold as a street food delicacy.

We give you a list of the best waffle eaterys in metro vancouver, so you can eat your way through all of them and decide for yourself which you like better. Scandilicious

Made in-house with specialty ingredients imported straight from belgium, this joint pride themselves on authentic taste, picture perfect presentation, and an inviting atmosphere.Berry farms

Visitors have the option of choosing between a brussel or a liege waffle, their mini liege waffles being one of their most popular items. Try their mocha waffle – it’s topped with vanilla ice cream, expresso infused whipped cream and dark belgian chocolate. Yum!

They have two locations, one on robson and the other on seymour. The robson location is on 1703 robson street, open monday to thursday 11AM to 11PM, friday 11AM to 12PM, saturday 9AM to 12PM, and sunday 9AM to 11PM.

Fresh hot berry waffles served 10am to 4pm on weekends in the estate winery from january to may. We’re family friendly, so bring the kids or meet up with friends. Order from our frozen foods menu while visit and stock up on frozen berries, pies and roasted corn pizza!! We have a gluten free option too. #winery #family #friends #fun #country #escape #farm #fresh #waffles #wine #pizza #langleyfresh #shoplocal #support #farmer #langley #eat #berries

An adorable gem in the langley farm country, krause berry farms has been around since 1974, when owner alf krause planted his first berry.Berry farms more of a berry and vegetable farm rather than a waffle restaurant, krause berry farms also features a restaurant on-site and one of their specialities are – you guessed it – belgian waffles.

They offer freshly made berry waffles that can also be made gluten free. With giant portions, they’re topped with the berry of the day and a ginormous dollop of homemade whipped cream. Perfect for summertime picnics.

Specializing in traditional liege waffles, just waffles is a quaint, cozy spot, with the owners doubling as the servers. They’re welcoming to every visitor, making each experience more memorable than the last.

It has all day breakfast waffles, benny waffles, create your own, and waffles to go. All their waffles have a simple, subtle sweetness that lingers in the aftertaste. If you’re looking for something different, try the cajun croc benny. It’s two eggs, cajun crocodile sausage, and hollandaise sauce, all put together on a traditional waffle.Belgian waffles

Located on 3531 east hastings, vancouver, they’re open monday, wednesday, thursday 9AM to 3PM, and friday, saturday, & sunday 9AM to 5PM. Pâtisserie lebeau

“many places basically use the waffle as a plate to pile stuff on top of. We don’t do that,” says pastry chef oliver lebeau, owner of @patisserielebeau. “I won’t say I’m a traditionalist, but the traditional items are part of our heritage and represent our culture. You have to use the basic items to continue the traditions, and then you can create around them.” story by @sarowitz. Photography by @artfuldesperado for MONTECRISTO magazine online.

The only restaurant in north america that creates in house varieties of both north american versions of belgian waffles as well as authentic belgian waffles, pâtisserie lebeau prides itself on using all natural ingredients.

Visitors have the option of choosing between a selection of different flavoured waffles including liege, brussels, filled, as well as savoury brussels. They carry not only waffles, but individual pastries, mousses, craquelins, danishes, and croissants.Berry farms