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There is an old saying “compare as apples to apples.” Interestingly, however, apples differ from one other. Apple cider vinegar health benefits weight loss Nutritional value is distinct among different types of apples. Apple cider vinegar nutrition facts Calorie, sugar, carbohydrate, calcium, and potassium contents vary among different groups.

I have gathered some nutritional information about few popular apple varieties and put it in the table and graphs to illustrate differences. Apple cider vinegar nutritional information Although variation range may not be significant is some cases, these findings may be important to those who are carefully examining nutrients in their diets. Apple cider vinegar tablets reviews Also, they can be important in baking or cooking as different varieties will offer various flavors and textures.

Apple country animal hospital The findings show the nutritional content in 3.8oz or 108 grams of serving (note: average apple is about 5.3 oz or 150 grams ( 1). Apple country club plaza Information in tables and chart apply to small apple size ( 2).

PDF of Table and Charts: Which Apples to Pick – Nutrition 10 Calories

In terms of calories, Fuji apples have the most calories or 69. Apple country farm market Also, Golden Delicious and Red Delicious have fewer calories than the rest of the group, or 64 calories. Apple country realty Cox’s Orange and Cortland have the least calories, that is 51 and 52 respectively.

Which Apples to Pick – Calories Fat Table and Chart: Which Apples to Pick – Nutrition 10

Fat content is minimal among different apple types (it is only a fraction of a gram). Apple dietary fiber Some sources do not even provide Fat content data and write “0” instead. Apple fiber Protein Table and Chart: Which Apples to Pick – Nutrition 10

Similar to fat, protein content is minimal among all the groups. Apple fiber content It ranges from 0.2 grams to 0.5 gram, as in case of Granny Smith. Apple fiber count Since the amounts of protein are minimal and constitute only a fraction of a gram, some sources do not provide this information. Apple fiber powder Carbohydrates Table and Chart: Which Apples to Pick – Nutrition 10

In terms of carbohydrates, they range from 12 to 16.60 grams. Apple fruit nutrition Fuji has the most of them, that is 16.60 grams and Cox’s Orange has the least, or 12 grams.

Sugar content varies among groups from 10.30 to 12.70. Apple juice nutrition facts Fuji has the most sugar content, or 12.70 grams, and Pink Lady has the last, or 10.30. Apple juice nutrition label Sodium Table and Chart: Which Apples to Pick – Nutrition 10

Sodium variations are very small. Apple muffins They range from 0 to 1 mg. Apple muffins healthy Since the amounts constitute only small amount, I am not discussing sodium content here. Apple muffins with applesauce Calcium Table and Chart: Which Apples to Pick – Nutrition 10

It is notable that some sources do not include information about a calcium content among different apple variations. Apple nutrition Therefore, some data in the table and a chart has not been shown. Apple nutrition carbs Specifically excluded were Cox’s Orange, McIntosh, Jonagold, Cortland, Honeycrisp, and Pink Lady variations.

Out of the groups for which calcium content has been shown, Fuji and Gala variations have the most calcium, or 7.60 mg. Apple nutrition chart Granny Smith has the least, or 5.50 mg. Apple nutrition data Potassium Table and Chart: Which Apples to Pick – Nutrition 10

Similar to calcium, some sources did not provide information about potassium. Apple nutrition facts Thus, the table and chart miss this information. In particular, Cox’s Orange, McIntosh and Jonagold were excluded.

Out of the group for which potassium content has been enclosed, Granny Smith has the highest potassium content, or 130.80 mg. Apple nutrition facts and benefits On the other hand, Pink lady has the least, or 106.40 mg. Apple nutrition facts and health benefits Conclusion

In terms of sodium, protein and fat, apples do not offer much. Apple nutrition label Their amounts are minimal among various groups. Apple nutrition oconomowoc As far as potassium content, Granny Smith is the best choice, as it contains the highest amount, and Pink Lady is the worse. Apple nutritional benefits Fuji apples are the the best choice for calcium whereas Granny Smith are the worst. Apple nutritional content In terms of calories, Cox’s Orange variety contains the least calories and would be your best choice if you are looking to cut down calories. Apple nutritional value Fuji, on the other hand, contain the most calories and would be your worst pick. Apple peel nutrition Golden Delicious and Red Delicious are not good either as they are in an upper range. Apple pie nutrition facts Lastly, in terms of sugar content, Pink Lady or Granny Smith variations have the least amount of sugar. Apple protein Fuji, however, have the highest content. Apple protein content Thus, if you want to reduce sugar, stay away from them.

In general, on a small scale the differences in nutritional values among apple variations are minimal. Apple protein shake For example, if you eat 1 apple once a week the difference in calories consumed between Fuji apple and Cox’s Orange apple would be 18 calories (69-51). Apple skin nutrition This is negligible difference. Apple tablet price However, that may not be the case when viewing these differences in large proportions. Apple tablet price in dubai For example, if you eat 7 apples a week, that is one apple a day, the difference between consuming Fuji apples and Cox’s Orange apples would be 126 calories. Apple tablet price in india On a monthly scale, this would account for 504 calorie difference. Apple tablet price in pakistan Thus, if you are very strict with calories, and/or you like to eat apple pies, opting for Cox’s Orange apple may be a better fit for you. Apple tablet price in saudi arabia In addition, as I have mentioned previously, it is important to note that findings outlined in this post, indicate values contained in 3.8 oz or 108 gram which is equivalent to a small apple. Apple tablet price philippines Thus, if you consume medium or large apples, the differences would be larger. Apple tablet with keyboard The Bottom Line

Different varieties of apples differ in their nutritional content. Apple tablets at walmart While you are dieting or baking, it may be helpful to account for these differences. Apple tablets on sale Some apples varieties may suit your needs better than other types.

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