Whole, fast, frugal

I have pictures, but my camera is acting crazy, so no uploading today.

I do have good news, and it’s that I am very close to my relaunch. Glaze for banana bread Hopefully just one more week! The site is looking fantastic.

Trip #1: $32.58, but that was using a gift card, no $0 out of pocket. Banana bread recipe with nuts (Quite a few $1 cottage cheese, soy milk, bags of lentils, canned chickpeas, spaghetti sauce, and some fruit and veg.)

Aldi: $30.66 (Cereal, OJ, eggs, veggies, crackers, apple juice, tomato paste, yogurt, hot dogs, cheese, bacon, cookies.)

1) We have been battling our insurance over dental visits that took place a year ago. Banana bread topping ideas They paid for one child, but not the other. Banana bread topping We paid to avoid issues with our children being seen, and the insurance finally paid. Banana bread recipe bread maker The dentist sent us the overpayment for $159.

2) I worked one and a half shifts this week. Banana foster bread I worked from 4 am-8 am one day to avoid paying a sitter (ugh!), and my mom babysat the other day, so no child care fees this week.

4) I added quite a few more albums to my Amazon Prime music playlist for free.

5) I picked up a half gallon of buttermilk at Kroger than was on clearance for $1.25. Topping for banana bread I found a few recipes on Pinterest that I want to try, including Buttermilk Biscuits, Buttermilk Blueberry Cake, Buttermilk Pancakes, and Buttermilk White Bread.

6) Today I am seeing a Broadway Series show using the season tickets I bought by selling things on Ebay. Banana bread without baking powder My mom is babysitting the kids for free.

7) I filled my gas tank at Kroger, getting 20 cents off per gallon using fuel points. How to make vegan banana bread The last time I filled my gas tank was 3 weeks ago!

1) We threw out a couple bad avocados, one bad banana, and a few peaches.

1) I sold another lot of baby clothes for $45 to someone I know.

2) I transferred an extra $105 into my savings above my automatic $250/month. Banana bread using cake mix This is thanks to a combination of rebates, selling books, and selling my son’s old clothes.

3) I spent $72 of my $125 gift card for my grocery haul this week.

4) I read about a half dozen magazines on the Ohio Digital Library. Banana bread using applesauce I read Shape, Country Living, OK, Star, Backpacker, Smithsonian, and Good Housekeeping, and I borrowed the book Blogging For Dummies. Banana bread using oil I borrowed a Dragonbreath book, Lego Ninjago, and a Magic Treehouse book for my son.

5) I may have qualified for another research study. Bananas foster bread pudding If they invite me, it will mean another $75 gift card. Banana bread with yogurt recipe (*edited- did not get in this time :()

6) I picked up two shifts to work. Banana bread with yogurt and applesauce My mother babysat for one, so I only had to pay a sitter for one of them.

7) We finally received our preschool supply list. Banana bread with yogurt and oil I used my stockpile for 3 items and bought the other three on sale, paying only $7 out of pocket.

8) I posted our Chicco high chair on craigslist and sold it for $30.

9) I went through my girls’ clothes and switched them to 2T and 5T, or up one size from previously. Banana nut bread beer The girl clothes I generally pass on to a friend, but there were a few custom 12 month and 18 month clothes I had bought on Etsy that I will try and sell on Ebay. Banana nut bread calories I am also prepared when my MIL asks what clothes they need for Christmas.

11) I found a new to us pink dance leotard required for my daughter’s dance class at a consignment store. Banana nut bread with chocolate chips I picked up another skirt and 2 shirts for her there as well, for $18.50 out of pocket.

12) I earned a $5 ECB from CVS after buying a few beauty items.

13) I downloaded a free Kindle First book, Pale Queen Rising.

1) Not our fault, but we couldn’t get a toilet unclogged and had to call a plumber. Banana nut bread healthy We also had to get something repaired on the hot water tank, and altogether it was $312. Banana nut bread cake We learned that our toilet keeps periodically getting clogged because it is just a cheap toilet (our original builder went cheap on everything) and we will have to replace the toilet entirely sometime this year.

2) I live in a uniform of yoga pants, T-shirts, and a pair of jeans. Banana nut bread pioneer woman I am down to 4 yoga pants, and one is a maternity pair that is now dying. Banana nut bread with buttermilk 3 of my 5 T-shirts are sprouting holes. Easy banana bread no eggs I had been living in my 7 year old maternity hoodie, and it was finally so ragged and torn I had to pitch it. How to make banana bread pudding I sold my maternity coat, and need a winter coat in my current size. How to make banana bread without eggs I ended up spending $400 at Land’s End and LL Bean for winter boots (I have never owned a pair, can you believe it?), a winter coat whose liner can come out and serve as a light jacket, a hoodie, a pair of jeans, and three shirts. Banana nut bread recipe healthy I hope the LL Bean quality means these suckers will last a long time!

3) We ate out for lunch/dinner when my sister was here for an extended visit, to the tune of $40

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