Whole wheat cinnamon swirl bread – eat, live, run

There is such thing as love at first sight and I don’t care what you say.

For instance, when I saw Pepperidge Farm cinnamon swirl bread for the first time in the grocery store years ago, it was love. Best moist banana cake recipe I hadn’t even tasted it yet but I knew. Moist banana cake recipe You always know.

Today, let’s just talk about this bread instead.

Moist banana cake recipe jamie oliver And how amazingly soft and fluffy it is, despite being whole wheat, with spicy sweet swirls of cinnamon sugar all throughout.

I made it last Thursday and by mid-day Friday it was all gone. Banana loaf recipe nz Every last crumb. Best banana cake recipe moist I don’t know how that happened! How rude.

You start with a very basic dough. Banana loaf recipe moist Yes, you CAN do this! It’s really no frills: just whole wheat flour, white flour, a smidge of butter, yeast, milk, water and sugar.

New to baking with yeast? Read all about this friendly little fungus here!

The reason I use half whole wheat flour and not 100% all whole wheat flour is because whole wheat flour is very dense (due to a reduction of gluten development)…to create a super soft loaf, I used half and half. Best banana chocolate chip bread recipe You still get the benefits of the whole wheat without the stone-like characteristics. Banana chocolate chip bread recipe Kinda like my pizza dough!

After a little rise, you just roll out your dough and smear it with butter, cinnamon and sugar. Banana nut bread with applesauce Well actually, I used Earth Balance not butter because I was out and clearly too lazy to walk the two blocks to the store.

Delicious smelling, soft, fluffy cinnamon swirl bread! No raisins ’cause they’re nasty not my cup of tea. Best banana nut muffin recipe The bread made a great snack and an even better breakfast the next morning, toasted and spread with some almond butter + more cinnamon sugar.

This bread was a total experiment and I let out a long sigh of relief when it worked. Banana cake recipe without butter Sometimes things just don’t work…like the tomato feta pie I slaved over all day on Friday only to have it fail miserably. Healthy banana bread with yogurt Poor Adam ate it anyway. Banana bread with oat flour Then brought me wine when I cried that my life was ending because I couldn’t make a simple pie. Banana bread cupcake recipe What a guy.

Double the recipe and make two loaves! One for you and one to freeze for later. Banana bread recipe low sugar Or better yet, for your sweet neighbor or friend.

6 Tbsp softened butter (or earth balance buttery spread), divided

Combine your warm milk, water, yeast and 2 tsp sugar in a measuring cup and let sit for 10 minutes until foamy. Banana bread recipe no sugar The temperature of the milk/water should be about 100 degrees…about the same temperature as a warm bubble bath but not too hot.

While the yeast is resting, combine the flours, 1/3 cup sugar, 3 tbsp softened butter, salt and 1 tbsp cinnamon in a large bowl. Banana nut muffin recipe If you’re using a kitchen aid, use a paddle attachment and start to mix on slow. Banana walnut muffin recipe Then, drizzle in the water mixture while the machine is running. Banana bread recipe oil Increase speed to high and mix for about 6-8 minutes, until smooth and elastic. Healthy banana loaf recipe If you’re working by hand, simply add the water mixture to the dry ingredients and knead on a floured surface for 10 minutes until smooth. Banana cake no eggs Put some muscle into it!

Spray a large bowl with cooking spray and place dough ball in. Banana recipes without eggs Cover with a cloth and let rise for 1.5 hours in the warmest spot of the house. Banana muffin recipe without eggs I like to rise dough on top of the dryer when I’m drying my clothes.

While the dough is rising, mix together the remaining 3 T butter with the extra 1.5 tsp cinnamon and 1 tbsp sugar in a small bowl until smooth. Banana nut bread with pecans After the dough has risen to double it’s size, roll out with a rolling pin on a floured surface to a long rectangle. Banana bread nutrition Smear the butter mixture all over the top and roll up tightly.

Place dough in a greased loaf pan, cover with cloth and let rise for another hour in a warm spot.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Banana bread cinnamon rolls Whisk together the egg and warm water then brush all over loaf. Banana bread recipe whole wheat Bake for 40 minutes. Moist banana bread sour cream Let cool and slice.

Reply Gina @ Running to the Kitchen August 8, 2011 at 5:50 am

The wee bread butt is so adorable ?? We had pepperidge farm cinnamon swirl bread all the time in my house growing up. Banana peanut butter muffins It was considered a “treat.” God, I miss that stuff!

Reply Kristen @ Popcorn on the Stove August 8, 2011 at 6:24 am

This sounds yummy! I’m anti-raisins, too. Banana bread recipe for bread machine When I get a cinnamon raisin bagel, I usually pick them all out.

when is the right time to freeze the loaf if I make double? after its all done or do you think its better to freeze after its risen but before its baked? thanks!!

Oh I am making this today! I just bought a whole wheat raisin bread form whole foods and its well a little well blah. Banana peanut butter chocolate chip cookies I think this will be much better. Banana peanut butter chocolate It could be really good as french toast too! Thanks Jenna ??

I agree with cinnamon swirl pepperidge farm bread love at first sight. Banana peanut butter chocolate smoothie My grandmother always use to have it for us as kids. Banana peanut butter chocolate chip muffins Nothing better than that sweet bread Slathered with butter. Banana cake with peanut butter frosting Yours looks fantastic!

This bread looks totally delish, even better than the Pepperidge Farm version. Banana bread sugar free Will definately give it a try this weekend. Banana bread gluten free I am thinking it would make delicious french toast!

I finally made this yesterday and it is absolutely delicious!!! My whole family loves it!! I have a fair bit of baking experience but think this is so easy for anyone. Banana peanut butter ice cream I didn’t find my yeast to get very foamy but since I had just used that yeast earlier for a no-knead bread, I didn’t worry and just dumped it in. Banana muffins with cream cheese frosting I popped it into my plain old 9?5 loaf pan and it was perfect. Best banana muffin recipe ever A gorgeous loaf!!!

And for those asking, I’d recommend baking then freezing. Easy banana muffin recipe While I did pop a second loaf of this into the freezer last night ?? I freeze other loaves all the time and it works fine. Banana muffin recipe healthy Once the bread is cool, I wrap it tightly in foil then put in a ziploc bag. Banana muffin recipe best Works every time!!

Thanks so much for sharing this delicious recipe!! Now tonight – your tamale pie!!

Reply Trish @ www.wishfit.wordpress.com August 26, 2011 at 1:37 pm

Finally got around to making this bread today. Banana muffin recipe easy Made one loaf for me and my boys and one loaf as a gift for family who just moved into town. Banana cake recipe with sour cream A little bit of home in a loaf! It’s amazing! Anything cinnamon and I’m in.

FYI, I made it with rapid rise yeast and it worked just fine. Best vegan banana bread recipe Never tried that before–usually use the old fashioned stuff.

Saw you are sick. Banana nut bread with cream cheese I had strep throat last week and was miserable! Hope you feel better!

Getting ready to make this and I just wanted to let you know that your ingredients list and directions talk about different amounts. Moist banana cake recipe with sour cream It mentions adding cinnamon to the bread, but only 1-1/2 T is in the ingredients list (for the smear). Banana bread recipe self raising flour The sugar amounts are also different throughout. Rachael ray chocolate chip banana bread Nothing catastrophic, but just something you might want to fix real quick! Can’t wait to make it..looks delish!

Looks like the amount of cinnamon says “divided” in the recipe and then in the instructions it tells you how much to use for both the bread and the smear. Easy vegan banana bread I believe that it’s 1 tsp in the bread itself and 1.5 tsp in the smear. Healthy blueberry banana bread Hope that helps!

I believe in the recipe it states 1 tbsp in the bread. Banana bread with cream cheese recipe I was wondering why my dough was a lot darker color then yours. Banana bread with cream cheese Oh well, I hope the extra cinnamon doesn’t affect the taste.

I randomly googled Whole Wheat Cinnamon bread because I had a huge bag of WW flour. Healthy banana blueberry bread That was a week ago. Banana blueberry bread healthy I have made this FOUR times since then. Paleo blueberry banana bread Bless you.

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[…] it worked, and now I trust her because she basically worked a miracle. Vegan banana bread applesauce I followed her recipe for whole wheat cinnamon swirl bread with very little […]

I made this bread today for the first time and it came out great. Gluten free banana bread recipe I doubled the recipe and added a little brown sugar & nutmeg to the spread mixture. Dairy free banana bread recipe I wasn’t able to roll it quite as perfectly as it shows in the picture, so I rolled the ends under and when I baked them, they came out beautifully. Best vegan banana bread This is delicious and I will definitely make it again!

I just made this for the first time the other day and it is SOOOOO GOOD! Thanks so much for the recipe! It was my first time ever attempting to make a bread from scratch (not counting quick breads). Simple vegan banana bread I couldn’t believe it actually turned out (baking and I usually don’t go well together – ha!). How to freeze banana bread My husband and two sons (4 and 2 years old) couldn’t get enough. How to store banana bread I know what we will be eating for breakfast this fall!

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