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• Selectively bred for their ripeness and juiciness, they will burst in your mouth as you sink your teeth into them, soft, sticky and tremendously sweet…think sticky toffee pudding!

• An exceedingly healthy treat, with plenty of calcium, iron,magnesium and Vitamin B-6, not to mention there is fiber to spare too.

• Picked at their ripest and packed immediately, there is no funny business and certainly no processing, just raw Date goodness!

• Ideal for Raw No-Bake Desserts, adding intense sweetness and binding things together with its stickiness.

• Cultivated In Zaytoun – Palestine, supporting a movement promoting fair trade amongst Farmers & Growers.

Medjoul Dates differ from other varieties in a number of ways, firstly these are actually a different cultivar selectively bred for their ripeness and juiciness, this variety is also cultivated in a specific Geographical Region – Palestine, As a bonus the specific variety we have for sale (Zaytoun Medjoul Dates) are also as part of a movement to support Palestinian Farmers to promote fairer trade in the region; which is always nice.

These dates are no doubt some the juiciest dates you will eat, bursting in your mouth as you sink your teeth into them, they are soft, sticky and tremendously sweet…think sticky toffee pudding! But my own gluttony aside these Dates have a lot more going for them than just that, fortunately for us they are an exceedingly healthy treat, being rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber too, these delicious fruits contain calcium, iron,magnesium and Vitamin B-6 so no one is in disagreement that they are of course good for you.

There’s no avoiding that fact these dates are typically more expensive ounce for ounce than other varieties, this is for a few reasons. Healthy banana bread muffins Of course they are selectively bred for their juiciness and plumpness but they also have a reduced lifespan compared to other Dates, this is because they are picked when they are at their ripest at which point they are packed ready for sale. Best banana bread recipe uk So no funny business and certainly no processing, just raw Date goodness!

However other cultivars such as the deglet noor are usually subjected to a bit harsher treatment being that they’re harvested when they start going hard, they are then steamed (which is why it can be tough to buy them raw) to soften them back up a bit again; Its not ideal but it certainly gives them a much longer shelf life which is undeniably a good thing in the end as the result is a cheaper, longer lasting product that anyone can afford to enjoy, and after all, a Date is a Date, they are always a very wholesome and nutritious dietary addition.

Simply put, in the same way you have always eaten any Dates…However you like! Generally people consume dates by turning the dates into a paste with milk, yogurt or with bread or butter to make them even more delicious. Best banana bread recipe sour cream They are also a very common ingredient used in no bake, raw desserts, I personally LOVE cutting them up into smaller pieces and adding them to my muesli, it always puts me in a good mood for the start of the day.

Wholefood Earth was created with one core mission: to provide natural wholesome food at affordable prices whilst raising awareness and supporting a more sustainable future.

We encourage the optimum health of our customers and staff by not only providing high quality whole food products but also unique access to our bio-resonance service that delivers a personalised breakdown of your body’s biochemistry, exposing food intolerances, vitamin deficiencies, chemical inbalances and much more. Banana bread with sour cream martha stewart Available across the UK. Banana bread with sour cream and chocolate chips All whilst maintaining a caring, sustainable and ethical business ethic.

Packages are generally dispatched within 2 days after receipt of payment and are shipped via UPS with tracking and drop-off without signature. Banana bread with sour cream and brown sugar If you prefer delivery by UPS Extra with required signature, an additional cost will be applied, so please contact us before choosing this method. Banana bread nutrition facts Whichever shipment choice you make, we will provide you with a link to track your package online.

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