Wholemeal spelt pancakes with coffee cardamom chocolate sauce

Yes, it’s another flipping pancake post! But Pancake Day is very nearly here and I’m making the most of it. Easy no milk pancake recipe It’s one of my favourite days of the year as it’s a good excuse to indulge. Best pancake recipe no milk English, Dutch, Scots, American, Breton, sweet, savoury – pancakes of any description are fine by me. Pancake recipe fluffy no milk Last week I made some savoury pea protein pancakes. Banana pancake recipe no milk Today I give you wholemeal spelt pancakes served with a sophisticated coffee cardamom chocolate sauce.

I’m renowned for adding flavours to my pancake batter, but this time I wanted plain pancakes, so the sauce would speak for itself. Pancake recipe no egg no milk no butter Plain pancakes lend themselves to both sweet and savoury accompaniments, which is just what I want on pancake day. Quick pancake recipe no milk Some savoury, some sweet, all lush. No milk no egg pancake recipe Before smothering a stack of these wholemeal spelt pancakes in the luscious coffee cardamom chocolate sauce, I had a couple with a fried egg, tomatoes and chilli salt. Pancake mix recipe no milk Taste sensation!

These wholemeal spelt pancakes are super simple to make. Pancake recipe easy no milk The process was made even easier this time with a fabulous bundle of tools courtesy of OXO. Pancake recipe no milk no baking powder I have a few OXO Good Grips utensils now and I use them all the time. Pancake recipe no eggs or milk They are sturdy, well designed and very comfortable to hold. No egg or milk pancake recipe The extra wide silicone pancake turner is fantastic and makes flipping pancakes a breeze. Pancake recipe no egg no milk no baking powder There is no danger of scratching non-stick surfaces and it glides under the pancakes with no fuss at all. Quick pancake recipe without milk I was also impressed by the white stainless steel mixing bowl, which has a non-slip base to avoid the bowl sliding whilst mixing.

Other gadgets included in the bundle were a squeeze and pour silicone measuring jug, a balloon whisk, a silicone lemon squeeze & store and a 3-in-1 egg separator. Homemade pancake recipe no milk The latter is a particularly nifty little gadget. Pancakes recipe no milk or eggs It hooks onto the side of most bowls and can be used for cracking eggs, sifting out broken bits of eggshell and separating the eggs. Easy pancakes recipe no milk Although I didn’t need to separate eggs for my wholemeal spelt pancakes, I had to give it a try anyway. Homemade pancake mix recipe without milk The egg cracked easily and the white slithered down into the bowl whilst the yolk stayed behind. Easy fluffy pancake recipe without milk Last, but by no means least, I received a trigger ice cream scoop. Banana pancake recipe no egg no milk I’ve been coveting one of these for a long time. Bisquick pancake recipe without eggs or milk I can never get the ice cream out of my current scoop. Pancake recipe without eggs or milk or butter In this instance, I used the scoop for measuring out my pancake batter.

Unless I’m flipping vegan pancakes, I use kefir to make my pancake batter. Pancake recipe no milk uk It always gives a spectacular fluffy result, even with 100% wholemeal flour. Easy pancake recipe without milk or baking powder If you don’t have kefir, you can use buttermilk or watered down yoghurt. Easy pancake recipe without milk uk The other ingredients are few: wholewheat spelt flour, an egg, salt and raising agents. No milk fluffy pancake recipe Once you have perfect plain pancakes, it’s all in the sauce. Basic pancake recipe without milk The sauce I used here is simple to make, though the taste is complex. Easy pancake recipe without milk and eggs Coffee and cardamom are a Middle Eastern classic. Easy pancake recipe without milk Combine them with chocolate and you have a match made in heaven, as you’ll know if you’ve tried my coffee cardamom chocolate mousse cake.

So how about trying out my wholemeal spelt pancakes this Shrove Tuesday?

Lightly grease a non-stick frying pan and place over a moderate heat. Easy pancake recipe without milk and baking powder Drop large spoonfuls of the batter onto the pan and cook for 3 minutes or so, when bubbles have appeared on the surface and the batter is almost set. Fluffy pancake recipe without milk Flip and cook on the over side for a further 2-3 minutes.

Makes 12 Pancakes. Pancake recipe from scratch fluffy without milk Other recipes for sweet pancake stacks you might like

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Post commissioned by OXO. I was not expected to write a positive review and all opinions are, as always, my own. Thanks to my readers for supporting the brands and organisations that help to keep Tin and Thyme blythe and blogging.

I love spelt flour. Pancake recipe no milk or butter It’s been my flour of choice for many years now. Pancake recipe no milk I guess it just depends on the recipe you use, but I don’t find it to be heavy at all and most definitely not in these pancakes. Pancake recipe without milk or sugar And the nutty flavour is a bonus. Pancake recipe without milk or baking powder But if you’re used to only using white flour, it may take a while to get used to it.

Oh my… that coffee cardamom chocolate sauce sounds so sooo good. No milk pancake recipe Love that these pancakes are healthy and I could enjoy worry-free ?? BTW, I like the ice cream scoop hack for pouring batter on the pan! Must remember that for next time I make pancakes.

My family are huge fans of pancakes and we eat them pretty much every weekend. Easy pancake recipe no milk I’m always on the lookout for new twists, flavour combinations and ideas for toppings. Simple pancake recipe no milk We certainly haven’t tried a coffee cardamom chocolate topped spelt pancake yet! Definitely need to add this to the ‘to try’ list ?? Thanks for sharing your recipe and Happy Pancake Day for Tuesday! ??

Hello, I’m Choclette. Pancake recipe no egg no milk I’m a vegetarian recipe developer and writer from Cornwall. No egg no milk pancake recipe I have a sweet tooth and a passion for baking and chocolate. Basic pancake recipe no milk Welcome to my award winning blog. Pancake batter recipe no milk Here you will find nourishing home cooked food with a twist as well as foodie tales from my home county and beyond. Pancake recipe no milk no eggs Read more

My favourite cinnamon bun in my favourite cafe. Fluffy pancake recipe no milk Rather like the plate too ??#scrumptiouskitchen

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I picked this little posy of primroses from my #garden yesterday. Easy no milk pancake recipe Primroses always remind me of home where they form a carpet over my mother’s lawn at this time of year.

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Foraging wild green garlic leaves for the wild garlic pesto I posted yesterday. Best pancake recipe no milk Beats being hunched up over a computer and is far more relaxing.

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