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From crispy churros of Colombia to the tangy tom yum soup of Thailand, from India’s spicy aloo-tikki chaat to the Middle Eastern shawarma, from the American hot dog to the Japanese shioyaki, there’s something about the lure of street food that transcends gender, religion, culture, countries and every other human divide.

The humble street food doesn’t just satiate the hunger pangs of millions of low-wage earners around the world, but it is also the staple of countless office executives while regularly gracing the Instagram accounts of the society’s creme de la creme.

But what exactly is it that makes street food click? What adds spice to the universal appeal of street food? Khaleej Times spoke to global chefs who were in town for the annual ‘Eat the World DXB’ food festival to find out.

Back in London, the concept of street food is going pretty crazy.

Simple biryani recipe It’s accessible, it’s all about the theatre. Simple biryani rice recipe First time we came to the UAE, which is about two years ago, there wasn’t really a scene as such. Chicken biryani in hindi I think now it has really taken off. Chicken biryani video recipe This is our third year in the UAE. Chicken biryani video Everyone loves it. Shrimp biryani video It’s food trucks everywhere. Simple biryani rice It’s really good. Simple biryani in urdu I think the street food scene in the UAE is coming to a level as it is in London right now. Chicken biryani recipe in marathi So, it’s fantastic. Chicken biryani recipe in hindi with captions in english the reception is brilliant. Chicken biryani recipe in hindi One more important aspect about street food chefs and traders is about someone putting passion into their food. Vahrehvah biryani Passionate chefs can afford to have their own business and put in so much of their creativity and great produce together.

And again, street food is accessible. Vahrehvah biryani recipe Yes, it’s grab-and-go food, but at the same time, it’s restaurant level food and it’s fresh. Vahrehvah biryani masala So, it’s affordable and that’s what people love about it. Chicken biryani in telugu Food trucks are there everywhere, and the concept is really picking up. How to make chicken biryani kerala style I have a few favourites when it comes to street food back in London.

I have a particular favourite over here, which I keep eating, and it is at the Sushi and Sol. Chicken biryani recipe kerala They are US

traders and they do amazing Sushi like spicy eggs, tempura prawns, sushi rice. Chicken biryani recipe kerala style It’s incredible.

Street food is authentic. How to make chicken biryani in hindi I come from New York City, and street food is very famous over there. How to make chicken biryani in hindi language You also have family time with street food. Chicken dum biryani in hindi The best thing about street food is that you have families enjoying it. Chicken biryani by sanjeev kapoor in hindi It’s very affordable. Shrimp biryani recipe video You are guaranteed of freshness. Chicken biryani recipe video hindi The other reason for street food to be popular is that you get to try the food which you ordinarily wouldn’t access unless you go to a high-scale or an overpriced restaurant. Chicken biryani recipe video And street food is also a comfort food for many. How to make simple biryani rice I mean, you can hardly find anybody who does not like the street food. Chicken biryani recipe by sanjeev kapoor It is for the soul.

If you have a busy day and you have no time to go to a restaurant or a cafe, just pass by a food truck and

there you go – you get food that not only fills you up but also makes you happy. Chicken biryani recipe in malayalam It’s all about the taste and the freshness. Beef biryani recipe in hindi Also, the food is prepared right in front of you and that is what people love about it. Vahrehvah chicken biryani recipe video You will find food trucks everywhere in New York. Vahrehvah chicken biryani recipe Over here, the concept of street food is slowly picking up. Vahrehvah chicken biryani video People are developing a taste for it. Beef biryani recipe kerala style My favourite street food is the very, very popular fish-n-chips. Beef biryani recipe kerala It reminds me of my childhood. Chicken dum biryani recipe in hindi Sitting in my favourite aunt’s kitchen and waiting for the next batch fish to fry.

Street food clicks because it speaks to people’s soul. Prawns recipes indian style It’s not a commercialized thing. Hyderabadi chicken biryani recipe video The chefs have the

creation in their heart, and it’s not about a corporate conglomerate. Easy chicken biryani recipe video We can create dishes on the whim and it’s fun to have a crowd out there being able to eat different things from different places. South indian chicken biryani recipe video Most importantly, people from all walks of life enjoy it.

There is no age bar to enjoy street food. Indian chicken biryani recipe video It’s nostalgic and reminds you of your street back home. Pakistani chicken biryani recipe video It’s not heavy on your pocket and yes, it’s finger licking tasty.

Street food is simple, there is no fuss about it and that is why it is so popular. Thalassery biryani recipe Over here, the concept has

really picked up. Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani recipe in hindi You can go to any place in the world and see food trucks lined up. Chicken recipes in telugu They lend a fair-like

The other aspect is creativity – the street food chef is free to create dishes that suits your palette. Chicken recipes indian curry There is no definite rule that a particular dish should be prepared this way or that way. Shrimp recipes indian How to create a dish without losing its essence is the magic. Chicken recipes indian sanjeev kapoor And chefs love it, people love it and your pocket loves it. Chicken recipes indian style Street food is all about food cultures coming together. Shrimp recipes indian style My favourite street food has to be a dessert – the crumble. Chicken recipes indian I have a sweet tooth anyway.

I think people love street food because you get restaurant-quality food at very affordable prices. Street food comes from very humble beginnings and people. Prawns kerala recipe You make one dish and you make it well, and that’s what street food is all about. Prawns recipes kerala style Then you can polish the craft with time and tailor it according to people’s taste. Chicken recipes indian style sanjeev kapoor I don’t know how is it going to be in the future, but I can tell you that there are lots and lots of street food now. Shrimp recipes cooking light It’s a hard market to be successful in. Shrimp recipes cooked in oven But having said that, the Chicken Boys’ food truck over here started their business a year-and-a-half ago and they are unbelievably successful.

The other aspect of street food is all about eating out in the open. Chicken recipes ingredients You don’t have to dress up for the occasion. Shrimp recipes shrimp scampi You can grab your favourite food anytime you want, from a food truck that is parked in your street and goes. Chicken recipes using buttermilk It’s food-on-the-go and it’s food you want to go to. Chicken biryani video telugu From the trader’s point of view, starting a street food business is low investment. Chicken dum biryani recipe by sanjeev kapoor It’s economical for the vendors as well as the buyers. Shrimp recipes images My favorite street food has to be the Chicken Boys. Chicken recipes images Fried chicken is done really, really well. Chicken biryani easy recipe I love it.

Street food is really popular these days. Fish videos for babies You don’t have to dress up. Fish videos for kittens You come as you are. Fish videos for kids youtube The atmosphere is really casual, you hang out with friends and family and most importantly, enjoy the food which is prepared right in front of you. Fish videos for cats to watch Street food clicks because one gets to enjoy a variety of dishes at very affordable prices. Fish videos for toddlers Street food is always going to be there, it is never going to go away and it’s always been there from our grandparents’ time. Fish videos on youtube There is a history to street food, it’s not something that just popped up. Chicken biryani recipe in marathi language Over here, we walked on the streets and I found the food sitting inside restaurants. Vahrehvah soup recipes It will be good to have them all on the streets. Thalassery biryani recipe video But I think it’s just a matter of time and we will get to see more food on the streets.

At this event out here at the Burj Park, you see people enjoying their food and trying out different cuisines. Thalassery biryani recipes That’s what I would like to see here because there are so many nationalities living here and just imagine a street lined up with just street food. Thalassery chicken biryani recipe My favourite street food has to be anything that is really piping hot. Thalassery recipes Like, if you are in Vietnam and it’s really cold and they are grilling octopus on the street, I would hang on and want to eat that.

Street food is very casual as compared to fine dining. Thalassery chicken dum biryani recipe It’s easy food, straightforward, nothing too fancy, nothing too fussy. Chicken biryani recipe in telugu As you know, fine dining is more about detail, a lot of work and effort that goes behind the kitchen door. Thalassery mutton biryani recipe On the other hand, street food is very easy in many ways and not so complicated. Youtube chicken biryani in telugu It’s memorable. How to make chicken biryani in telugu It’s comforting and fulfilling and I guess that’s why people love it. How to prepare chicken biryani in telugu I must add that it’s enduring to your palette and that’s why it clicks. Prawns biryani recipe One of the best things about street food is that you get to explore a variety of dishes – it doesn’t stick to table manners. Prawns biryani recipe in hindi Over here, the concept is gradually catching up. Prawns biryani recipe in marathi It’s good for vendors. Prawns biryani in marathi Street food is nothing but a combination of all cultures.

Street food is all about creation at the spur of the moment. Hyderabadi prawns biryani recipe People love to see their food being prepared right in front of their eyes. Hyderabadi prawns biryani That itself is very fulfilling for them, I guess. Recipe of prawns biryani And yes, it’s affordable. Prawns biryani hyderabadi style My favourite street is in Japan. Prawns biryani recipe in marathi language It’s all sorts of crazy stuff that they sell on the streets. Hyderabadi prawns dum biryani recipe I love it all. Prawns biryani in hindi It’s clean, simple and it’s not messy. Prawns biryani recipe in telugu In Japan, they are more into seafood. Prawns biryani easy recipe I also love the state of food that vendors sell on food trucks in Los Angeles.

The magic of street food and the reason why it is called street food is that it is kind of food that everybody has access to. Simple prawns biryani It’s attainable, it’s affordable and it’s something that you can pick up on the way and eat. Prawns biryani in telugu But what makes it exceptional for me is that these are real entrepreneurs. Prawns biryani in marathi language These are the people who really love their work, love their food and want to perfect a particular dish and use the best ingredients. How to make prawns biryani So, contrary to what some people might think, it’s not junk food – it’s real food but it’s on the street.

If you notice, when it comes to street food, the chefs’ creativity is in full flair when they serve their dishes from a food truck. Prawns biryani kerala style These [the street food chefs] are passionate people. Prawns biryani recipe kerala If you get your favourite street food, it is so fulfilling. Prawns biryani video I have so many street foods that I adore, but falafel has to top them all. Prawns biryani recipe in malayalam language I think it is the quintessential street food of the Arab world, of course. Prawns biryani recipe andhra style It’s crispy, fried, it’s nice and fluffy inside. Prawns biryani vahrehvah It’s got the perfect sauce, it’s got herbs, it’s wrapped in fresh bread. Prawns biryani recipe youtube I can’t think of any street food that compares to it. Prawns biryani andhra style But I love shawarma too.

My Favourite street food is: Anything that looks mysterious on a stick

I think street food clicks because it is a beautiful mirror image of the city or society that it is part of. Recipe of prawns biryani in marathi If you look at New York, street food is full of food trucks. Prawns biryani recipe in malayalam You got like hot dogs, biryani, tacos and if you look at South East Asia you have got different stir fries, noodles, and soups. Sanjeev kapoor prawns biryani recipe So, I think street food is cool because when you travel and you get the taste of the street food, it really is the reflection of the people who live there. Prawns biryani recipe step by step In Singapore and even in New York, the street food trucks just line up and you will find people streaming towards them.

The other reason for street food to gain popularity is the manner in which is prepared – it is fresh, the buyer gets to see it being prepared right in front of them. How to make prawns biryani in marathi It is a place where people can hangout and spend some quality time. How to make prawns biryani video Street food appeals to all classes of the society, unlike fine dining where you need to go into a restaurant, make a booking, dress up and spend money. Prawns biryani in hyderabad My favorite street food is anything that looks mysterious on a stick. How to make prawns biryani kerala style For example, in Singapore, you have satay, which is a bit like shawarma. How to prepare prawns biryani in telugu The sauce is a bit richer with peanuts, it’s a bit spicy and at the same time sweet.

Street food is clean, affordable and you can satisfy your soul. How to make prawns biryani in telugu Today, people are looking for good hearty food that comes at reasonable prices. Vahrehvah prawns biryani Moreover, there is no set timing for street food. Thalassery prawns biryani You can get it even in the middle of the night in some countries. Prawn biryani recipe sanjeev kapoor Over here, I am glad to see that the concept is really catching up. Indian prawn biryani recipe At an event like this, you get to see so many vendors and chefs busy dishing up yummy food as people stream towards their trucks and it feels good.

The fun thing about street food is that it challenges you to be adventurous. Prawn dum biryani recipe Like if you go to South Asian countries, the market for street food is buzzing with activities, there is frying happening at one place, the fish vendor is shouting on top of his voice, the tourists clicking pictures. Prawns biriyani kerala style The scene is really wonderful. Prawn biryani recipe indian style I am sure the same will happen out here. Prawns dum biryani recipe in marathi There is so much to explore over here as far as the food scene is concerned. Prawn biryani recipe south indian style Street food is here to stay. Prawns biryani recipe video by sanjeev kapoor The best way to promote street food is by having festivals which are all about simple, clean street food. Recipe prawns biryani marathi This is what is happening out here. Prawns biryani recipe by sanjeev kapoor My favourite street food is anything on a stick and fried, but I do like shawarma as well. Prawn biryani hyderabadi recipe I can even have it in the middle of the night.

The two main reasons why street food is popular are the variety of dishes and that it’s cheap. Prawn pulao andhra style The scene out here in Dubai is really, really great, but I hope that it does not get over-saturated because a lot of street food is already being done here now. Prawns biryani preparation in telugu There are many traders and vendors who have joined in and the competition is heating up. Prawn biryani recipe in tamil video But then again, it’s good news because chefs will be whipping up new creations just to stay ahead in the race. Prawn biryani indian style One of the key factors as to why street food clicks and is popular is because of the diversity of the country and the place where they are doing their business. Prawn biryani south indian style It’s reflected in the dishes they produce. Prawn biryani recipe kerala style Each vendor will try to get the most authentic street food from their country just to entice the buyers and why not?

Street food is all about cultures coming together. Prawn biryani recipe tamilnadu style Having said that, street food is no more about people who are trying to make a living. Chettinad prawn biryani recipe in tamil It’s all about chefs who have the passion to create dishes that people would come to, pick up on-the-go. Kolambi biryani recipe in marathi language It’s less fuss and more about food. Prawns biriyani malabar style It’s clean, it’s quick and it’s cheap. Shrimp biryani kerala style My favourite street food is definitely beef burgers. Kolambi bhat recipe in marathi language I love a really good juicy burger.

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