Why the iphone x isn’t the best option for product photography fstoppers apple nutritional content

Until recently, you might expect the iphone to be the phone of choice for product shots. However I’ve done some digging, and found that apple’s latest and greatest is being put aside.

I first noticed that whatsapp’s homepage features two android smartphones. “surely a serious chunk of their audience are iphone users?” I questioned. I skimmed over their competitors and realized that while the iphone 8 was being used, the iphone X was nowhere to be seen.

I often work with these kinds of product shots, mainly using 3D renders, and try to stay on top of what’s recent. Right now I’ve got 3D files for a macbook, imac, surface pro, and iphone X. In fact, I used that iphone X OBJ in an fstoppers video recently, as well as the lead image for this article. I might not have gone to the effort of getting a new iphone mockup if I’d known nobody would want to use it.

The test

To see if I’m not going crazy, I took a look at what’s popular right now on both apple and google’s app stores.Americans ironic piece journalism I then went to the developers’ website, in the hopes of seeing what smartphones they used to show off the product. I’ve stuck with the free apps because it’s not all just games, and therefore less device specific. Obviously this only relevant is your product exists on a screen. Top free apps from apple app store:

Of these apps, google maps is the only one using the iphone X in their app store page. You might assume that google would be the last one to promote apple, but I suppose they’re trying to compete with apple maps here. The others either use the iphone 8, a generic smartphone cut out, or just regular screenshots.

My best guess is that these companies want to show off what most users will see. Most users don’t have a notch on their screen, and will never see this version of the design. This may also come down to the app’s not wanting to use the notch in the first place – netflix and the majority of those games I’ve mentioned just crop the screen right before the notch.Americans ironic it’s not a great look.

Secondly, using the iphone 8 is a safer bet. For all they know, apple will scrap the notch for the iphone 11 and they’ll need to re-do all of their marketing material. Android phones are adopting different kinds of notches, but again there’s no poster child to rely on.

As a result, I think app developers and product photographers alike will be clinging onto the iphone 8 for the foreseeable future. The days of every mobile device looking the same may soon be over, but not just yet!

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