Why this former army captain with type 1 diabetes eats low-carb

Ryan Attar, age 37, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a decade ago. Banana bread recipe oil At the time, he was stationed overseas and serving in the United States Army as a Captain and subsequently medically discharged. Healthy banana loaf recipe Right now he is in his last year of naturopathic medical school and just finished his master’s degree in nutrition. Banana cake no eggs He’ll be a naturopathic physician in Connecticut at the end of the year.

There is a small population of people with type 1 diabetes who eats a very low-carb diet like the one Dr. Banana recipes without eggs Richard Bernstein recommends for the purpose of “normalizing” blood sugar levels.

Banana muffin recipe without eggs He writes that he was lucky enough to be able to spend some time with Dr. Banana nut bread with pecans Bernstein at his office and blogged about it on Diabetes Daily a few years ago.

Ryan says he makes no insulin endogenously according to his c-peptide tests and has been eating low-carb for about 7 years and yet, has a latest A1c level of 4.9%. Banana bread nutrition He took the time to answer my questions regarding how and why he follows this way of eating.

I want to live complication-free. Banana bread cinnamon rolls The complication of diabetes all stem from the damage that occurs during hyperglycemia. Banana bread recipe whole wheat A normal, healthy eating, insulin sensitive individual is almost always between 80 to 99 mg/dL. Moist banana bread sour cream For many people with diabetes spiking up above 120+ after meals is standard. Banana peanut butter muffins Damage from elevated blood sugars happens much lower than most think. Banana bread recipe for bread machine I like this summary of studies on that topic.

I don’t really count carbs because I just try to avoid altogether. Banana peanut butter chocolate chip cookies I am definitely 30 grams or lower. Banana peanut butter chocolate Protein is always the bulk of my meals. Banana peanut butter chocolate smoothie I also eat lots of non-starchy vegetables to ensure I have all the nutrients I need. Banana peanut butter chocolate chip muffins Even things like vitamin C are found in vegetables. For example, a serving of cauliflower has the same amount of vitamin C as an orange! Additionally, vitamin C uses glucose transporters to enter cells, so glucose is competitive with vitamin C, so you’re actually getting less from the orange.

I’ve found there is almost no food that can’t be made low carb. Banana cake with peanut butter frosting I even eat pizza, but with crusts made from almond or coconut flour, cheese, or ground chicken. Banana bread sugar free They are delicious! And don’t spike me. Banana bread gluten free A great resources for low-carb recipes is the Type One Grit pinterest page. Grit is a community of low carb individuals with diabetes or families with a child with diabetes. Banana peanut butter ice cream The pinterest page is organized into different types of meals like breakfasts, dinners, “breads,” and even holiday foods like Thanksgiving and Halloween.

Do you think physicians should recommend this way of eating to their diabetic patients?

Yes, they absolutely should! Sadly, most physicians, even endocrinologists who see many people with diabetes do not. Banana muffins with cream cheese frosting Most are still stuck in the old low-fat, high-carb paradigm. Best banana muffin recipe ever Physicians who keep up with the latest research and see the outcomes of those eating this way understand the benefits of eating low-carb. Easy banana muffin recipe Many see my A1c and equate a low A1c to hypoglycemia, but this is just not the case. When you eat low carb, you use very small doses of insulin, and have very shallow spikes. Banana muffin recipe healthy Even moderate amounts of carbs are difficult to properly cover with insulin resulting in a spike either up or down after meals. Banana muffin recipe best Bernstein stresses this with his “Law of Small Numbers”, small inputs (insulin and carb) small mistakes, large inputs, large mistakes. Banana muffin recipe easy When physicians understand this, they are usually onboard for low-carb diets.

I use a Dexcom CGM and I love it. Banana cake recipe with sour cream I think everyone with diabetes should wear one. Best vegan banana bread recipe Its not perfect, and finger sticks are still needed to verify, but the technology is getting better and better especially with the latest model.

Why do you think some people don’t follow or know about low-carb eating for diabetes?

Their physicians and dieticians not giving them the option is a big problem. Banana nut bread with cream cheese High-carb foods are also very addictive. Moist banana cake recipe with sour cream But once one is weaned off them, and they see how much better they feel without roller-coaster blood sugars, people do great with the diet. Banana bread recipe self raising flour What is great is that lately it is becoming popular for non-diabetics to also eat low carb. Rachael ray chocolate chip banana bread Making food options very accessible. Easy vegan banana bread They too realize the health benefits, especially how easy it is to stay at a lean weight.

What is your opinion on the ADA’s recommendation of an A1c below 7% for people with diabetes?

Its far too high! The goal should be for non-diabetic blood sugars and A1cs. Healthy blueberry banana bread Someone with an A1c of 7% means their average blood sugars are between 123 to 185 mg/dL. Banana bread with cream cheese recipe Even an A1c of 7% is an average of 154 mg/dL. Banana bread with cream cheese These numbers are well into the range where tissues and organs are being damaged by glycation (see that summary above), the root of all diabetic complications.

Read more about translating your A1C into a blood sugar reading here.

Not at all. Healthy banana blueberry bread I love the food I eat! For example today for breakfast I had a veggie omelet. Banana blueberry bread healthy Lunch was a chipotle chorizo salad (hold the rice and beans), and dinner will be salmon, steamed veggies with butter and some cauliflower “rice.” Great, healthy food and my numbers will be in the 80s all day. Paleo blueberry banana bread I take small doses of R Insulin (an older, gentler insulin that covers protein perfectly) with each meal.

Anything else you’d like to say including reasons for or against low-carb eating that you’ve heard from others?

For anyone wishing to embark on a low-carb lifestyle I’d recommend joining a community like Type One Grit on Facebook. Mini banana bread recipe So many great people to help you along the way.

• WARNING: The Paleo Diet Will Change Your Life with Diabetes!

Read more about A1c, Dexcom, dr. Vegan banana bread applesauce bernstein, insulin, low blood sugar, low carb diet, Medtronic, ryan attar.

Sysy Morales has lived with type 1 diabetes for 22 years. Gluten free banana bread recipe She works as a writer and health coach at The Girls Guide to Diabetes for people with diabetes and is a regular motivational speaker. Dairy free banana bread recipe Sysy lives in Roanoke, Virginia with her husband and 7 year old twins.

Sorry rutabaga, but that shows you don’t understand T1 diabetes, since T1 diabetics require insulin no matter what diet they eat. Best vegan banana bread But have fun hiding your head in the sand of your favorite conspiracy theory.

ALL vegetables contain carb. Simple vegan banana bread So either his statement that he is eating “lots of non-starchy vegetables”, or his statement that “I don’t really count carbs because I just try to avoid altogether” is inaccurate. How to freeze banana bread If you try to avoid carbs altogether then you wouldn’t be eating cauliflower or other vegetables.

You circled the amount of vitamin C in an orange vs. How to store banana bread cauliflower, but failed to circle the carb content. Banana cake recipe nz An orange contains 11 g of carb. Banana bread with olive oil A serving of cauliflower 5 g of carb. Dairy free banana cake recipe Not a huge difference in my opinion. South african banana bread recipe Maybe he should measure the amount he is actually eating if he is going to make claims about his carb consumption, since it may well be more than he imagines.

Sorry genius, but I understand that Type 1 diabetics need insulin. Quick banana cake recipe If you read the freaking article, you would know that you need a lot less of it if you follow what this person does, correct? You think he’s making it up?

And are you stupid? Do you actually believe that carbs from a bagel are as healthy to a diabetic as carbs from cauliflower? You can’t be that stupid, can you?

It’s one or the other. Moist banana walnut bread The ADA know their advise sucks, but can’t admit it because they’ve been giving it for decades, or they want to please their Big Pharma, Big Food and Big Grain masters. Allrecipes com banana bread Which is it? Probably a little bit of both.

Common sense – if you are insulin resistant and you have a problem with high blood sugar, should you eat pasta (the carbs turn into sugar), or chicken, which has no carbs and no sugar? Get back to me next week when you figure out the answer.

I believe 92% of diabetics are T2. Banana bread with peanut butter Using his (and others) method, everyone diagnosed with pre-T2 could avoid becoming diabetic by a simple diet switch and light exercise. Banana nut loaf recipe All T2 diabetics could either reverse their diabetes, or need less insulin.

As for T1 diabetics, they would also need much less insulin (read the article).

So, technically you are correct, Eli Lilly would not be out of business. Banana bread no butter But perhaps 10 or 20 years from now their insulin sales would be down by 80%.

Nice, practical, cogent, useful summary of the fairly simple decisions daily facing any reasonably diabetologically-educated person with DM1.

Actually, the 80-99 mg/dL range stated to be “normal” (that is, nondiabetic) is off at the lower end of the range by about 12% (in the too-high direction). Fluffy banana bread recipe In a not-done-in-the-USA study that I directed, of more than 300 fasting children under age 6, WITHOUT any form of DM, the average BG was 74 mg/dL. Banana muffins with buttermilk http://www.continents.ventajas.com/diabetes51.htm

Also, the phlaunt.com article mentioned does not take into account the multiple not-done-in-the-USA works of Ito and colleagues, who found that diabetic complications (in their case, retinopathy) begin at 126 mg/dL, a number that is probably familiar already to those who have been diagnosed with DM. Banana cake no butter NOT at 140 mg/dL, as the phlaunt.com summary may suggest.

Maeda R, Ishida S, Harada H, Inoue N, Sasaki H. Banana bread recipe jamie oliver Importance of OGTT

for diagnosing diabetes mellitus based on prevalence and incidence of retinopathy.

For comparison of the two A1c conversion (to capillary BG values) formulae provided by the ADA, 6 years apart, see: http://www.continents.ventajas.com/diabetes49.htm The more recent formula minimizes A1c values, so I am proud that soon-to-be Dr. Super healthy banana bread Attar uses the earlier conversion formula from the DCCT. Banana loaf recipe jamie oliver Lower values don’t seem to do us any harm…higher values certainly do.

Many thanks for this article. Banana cake recipe jamie oliver And, welcome to a new professional to work with persons with DM1…who obviously “gets” what it is fundamentally all about.

Bernstein is either unknown, or persona non grata at the American Diabolical Association headquarters building. Coconut flour banana bread recipe My assumption that it is the latter. Nutella banana bread recipe He is their worst nightmare because his advise is the exact opposite of what the ADA has been pushing for decades.

Re vitamin C. Banana oat bread healthy Vitamin C is very susceptible to heat degradation. Cream cheese banana bread recipe Most people eat oranges raw but cook their cauliflower, so the cooked cauliflower probably doesn’t contain more vitamin C than oranges. Easy healthy banana bread Raw cauliflower in dips and salads does. 2 banana muffin recipe Even meat contains vitamin C, but again, most people cook their meat. Banana bread made with cake mix The Inuit used to eat their meat raw, which would have given then vitamin C in a fruit-poor environment.

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b1a13c253d5620f21dd1eaacf67352ab6a1a556c394ca9c30435df2f53e0d572.jpg I’ve had type 1 diabetes for 47 years. Soft banana cake recipe I agree with the suggestion of less than 30 grams of carbs a day. Banana date nut bread My last A1C was 5.7. Simple healthy banana bread recipe I use an omnipod and a cgm. Gluten free banana nut bread I’m old enough to have seen the great progress medical technology and new medical devices for T1 diabetics. Gluten free banana bread mix I am so grateful. Fluffy banana cake recipe I live a happy and healthy life. Best banana bread machine recipes Life is great ????

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