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It’s tough to pass up a creamy hot chocolate or a rich, invigorating macchiato at Fezziwig’s Food and Fountain in Portsmouth, but next time you’re in, take a chance and grab a bottle of Old Stone Cold Brew from the beverage fridge. Healthy food in dubai This is not iced coffee, but high quality beans brewed without heat, which is replaced by time to achieve a rich, brewed flavor. What fast food restaurants are near me While high temperatures can release bitter flavor elements, cold-brewing extracts the more favorable flavor compounds from the beans, but leaves the bitter oils and fatty acids behind, resulting in a creamy, more mellow and smooth brew you might not even need milk to balance out.

It’s a coffee you’ll see much more of on the Seacoast in bottles and cans as well as on tap in coffeehouses and bars. Fast food restaurants that accept ebt You might even see it in bags, boxes and whatever else innovative Old Stone coffee creators Miles Campbell and Jesse McMahon think up.

Their coffee is already found all over the Seacoast and more new cold-brews can be found at Profile in Portsmouth and at D Squared in Exeter, where both offer a brew on tap dispensed using nitrogen gas released through a pressurized valve, which is then forced past a disc, which results in a creamy, silky beverage.

Mexican food restaurants near me If you’ve ever had a nitro Guinness stout, you know how great that texture is. Soul food restaurants near me You might have seen Nobl Coffee, a young Newmarket-based company soon moving to Exeter where they hope to have a tasting room.

For now, I’m in Fezziwigs sipping chilled black Old Stone Cold Brew, getting more awake by the minute as I talk with Jesse McMahon, the business side of the company, and Old Stone’s new sales and marketing manager, Emily Gallagher. Chinese food restaurants near me Miles Campbell is the brewer in the company. Food delivery des moines As we sipped from our frosty bottles, McMahon, a bartender at the Press Room who wanted to get into a business with less late nights, explained how the duo came up with the idea.

“We threw this idea out a few years ago when we’d been brainstorming about a new business. What fast food restaurants are open near me We both drank coffee all the time and we’d had cold brews like Stumptown before. Healthy food new york The original idea came from a trip to Vermont where I realized the coffee is being sold just like beer there. Fast food places that accept ebt near me We started playing around with it, buying as many different coffee beans as we could. Chinese food delivery near me open late Miles did about eight months of research using different beans and then finally hit on it,” says McMahon. Open chinese restaurants near me The name Old Stone is a nod to the Granite State, but also to the stone mills which have been used to grind beans in the past.

The two used their own savings – just $10,000 – to set up a small brewing facility out of Liar’s Bench Beer Company in Portsmouth and use about seven 7.6-gallon stills to make the brew, which takes 24 hours to create.

“I’m a black coffee drinker,” says McMahon. How to get free food from fast food restaurants “I find some cold-brew bitter and not every coffee drinker wants that. Fast food places open on christmas eve Ours is smooth, but with the same caffeine content as regular coffee. Fast food restaurants open near me “

It is, indeed, a well-balanced, creamy brew with roasted nuances and bright flavors. Food places open late near me In production since June, they now bottle up to 50 cases of 24 bottles each in a two-day period, getting it out to local stores and restaurants. New orleans food and wine experience Not only can we take it home by the bottle, but we can also enjoy it in cocktails at places like BRGR Bar, Fat Belly’s and Green Elephant in Portsmouth. Fast food restaurants that accept ebt near me They’ve also collaborated with breweries like the Portsmouth Brewery, which made a Coffee Milk Stout, and Liar’s Bench, which brewed a barrel-aged Imperial Porter using the coffee. Mexican restaurants open 24 hours near me You might even order a milkshake at Fezziwig’s made with it, the ultimate coffee drink.

“People have been very supportive,” says McMahon. New york food and wine festival “We’re both from Portsmouth and Portsmouth embrace its own people.”

Future plans include their own nitro powered brew on tap, looking into alternative vessels for the brew and perhaps some variety.

“We’ve experimented with using coconut milk and almond milk and have some other ideas for a second product, but we want to stay true to who we are, old school, grassroots. Fast food restaurants by me We’ve had a lot of interest from investors, but we haven’t taken them up on their offers. Restaurants open late near me that deliver We like who we are right now. Fast food restaurants in florida We decided we didn’t want to be ‘national’ cold brew guys, just stay quality, stay New England.”

Rachel Forrest is a former restaurant owner who lives in Exeter (and Austin, Texas). Chinese restaurants open late near me She can be reached by email at New york food blog Read more of her Dining Out reviews online.

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