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Really underwhelming. Pizza delivery venice Ordered delivery the other night via Eat24. Venice fl pizza Ordered at around 6:20 PM and the estimated time was 7:27, which is already ridiculous. Venice pizza coupons Got to 7:30 and no pizza or updated status on the Eat24 app so I called.

New venice pizza Guy told me my order was “just coming out of the kitchen.” Apparently their delivery guy then had to walk it the entire mile between their location and my house (actually 0.8 miles) because I didn’t see my food until 7:50. Pizza delivery venice beach No apology from anyone for waiting 90 minutes for my food, though to be fair I didn’t seek one out either.

The pizzas themselves were also underwhelming. Little venice pizza This was my second time trying POV (first time was takeout) and I still managed to be shocked at how little food I got for the money I spent. Venice beach pizza delivery But it also wasn’t fantastic. Venice florida pizza I feel like our pizzas may have “come out of the kitchen” and sat around in a car for a half hour, they just didn’t taste fresh and were warm but not hot. Pizza venice florida They tasted ok though.

I also got the Korean wings. Venice pizza hours A+ on the flavor but a D on the actual wings. Pizza delivery venice fl They were scrawny as all hell and for $9 I got six of those scrawny things.

For the nearly $50 we spent, I could have had Dominos bring me two whole pizzas and like a dozen wings and get it to me in a half hour. Venice pizza and pasta Sure it wouldn’t be “gourmet” or “artisan” or whatever but I’d be satisfied and have some slices left over for the next day. Pizza venice beach No thanks, POV.

Recently moved to this area of Pasadena and was looking for a new pizza place. Venice pizza restaurants Tried POV a few times and enjoyed their pizza, which is on par with similar Pasadena-area pizza places, such as Blaze, 800 degree and the Luggage Room.

My problem with POV is: #1) tried their 20 wings for $20 and was very disappointed – overly deep fried and very little meat; #2) called to make POV aware of their lame wings and they said “Oh, we know, we recently changed to ‘free-range’ chicken and have been having problems with the wings. Venice pizza huntsville menu We’ll tell the chef about your feedback.” Then they hung up. Venice italian pizza & subs For me all this demonstrates is the staff don’t care about their customers and they don’t care if customers come back.

Don’t know about you, but I think $20 is a lot of money for wings (their pizzas are in the $10 – $15 range), so I expect something at least reasonable for my $20.

I understand they have made changes to try to improve their wings, but if they know their change is NOT working and someone complains, they should do more then just say “Oh, we know – thanks, ‘click’- good bye.” They should say “Oh, sorry you wasted $20 on our poor quality, meatless wings, we hope you will accept our apology a refund or store credit and give us another chance while we work to fix the problem.”

I have uploaded some pics of these alleged chicken ” wings,” for you to form you own opinion.

As for me, enough of POV, I’m headed back to the Luggage Room for food that I know is good every time for the same price and a place where I’m treated like a customer they want to return again and again.

I am very torn about this pizza joint. Venice pizza phone number Apparently, we ordered the wrong stuff here! My phone had died after checking in and I couldn’t get what they were known for! We ordered the Italian pizza and the Deluxe pizza. Pizza in venice beach There’s only one size for the pizza, which is about 10″ in diameter. Venice pizza leeds Pretty small for the cost of the pizza. Pizza places in venice They were about $14-20. Venice pizza menu However, on Mondays and Fridays they have a special deal on a certain pizza for $10 (Friday was five cheese pizza and Monday was margarehita…this may change). Venice pizza indiana pa Anyways we weren’t able to order some of the appetizers that appealed to us like the chicken wings or brussel sprouts because of the high cost ($9). Pizza venice We already spent $36 on 2 personal sized pizzas and one limenade. Best pizza in venice I am sure it is expensive because they probably use quality ingredients, but it is just a little high. Venice pizza caloundra Anyways, after I paid, I discovered that if you checked in on Yelp, you get a free limenade. Venice fl pizza delivery And the worker was very nice and gave me back my $3. Pizza delivery in venice fl So the pizza, I thought the Italian pizza was a bit too sweet for my taste. Venice pizza house I usually do like a sweet element with my pizza. Venice pizza shop But I like the sweet and savory concept. Venice pizza and pasta menu Flavors did not blend too well and it was just sweet. Venice pizza fallowfield The pizza crust was light and airy but bland. Johnnie’s pizza venice Ingredients were fresh but I am having a hard time remembering what I actually tasted because it did not stand out to me…and I had this last night. Pizza delivery venice ca So, I thought it was just okay. Pizza of venice The pizza shop was cozy and has community and bar type of seating. Venice gourmet pizza I wish I could have gotten some of the other dishes they were known for, maybe my review would have been higher, but yeah, I cant given them anything higher. Best pizza in venice italy It wasn’t horrible and it wasn’t excellent. Venice pizza manchester The portions and prices wouldn’t justify me returning.

Went here for lunch with some coworkers one day and thought the food was pretty underwhelming for the price you paid.

Word of warning: DO NOT get the pepperoni on whatever you order. Venice pizza huntsville It is disgusting; bland, flavorless, and mushy brown meat. Venice pizza sf To be fair, they warn you ahead of time that this is “their interpretation” of pepperoni, but I think something got lost in translation because I can’t imagine there are many, if any, people out there that like this “pepperoni.”

I also ordered some of their fries, and while they were big, even with the sauce they gave you to dip them in they tasted like bland baked potato strips. Best pizza venice Had some of my coworkers thai curry wings and thought they were pretty good, if a bit dry.

Overall, if you’re looking for a very unique take on pepperoni or just some overpriced pizza, come on down to Pizza of Venice. Best pizza venice fl Otherwise save your money (and your tastebuds).

I appreciate the attempt to make pizza that, if not truly classic Italian style, is a honest homage to the kind of pie you would get at the corner cafe in Anytown, Italy, but Pizza of Venice just isn’t for me. Venice pizza kirkstall While the toppings were fresh and well thought out, the dough was seasonless and bland. Venice pizza malvern When the dough is 70% of your pizza, it really needs to stand out but to me it was like sauce on a water cracker. Venice pizza eckington It was an interesting interpretation and not one part of the pizza was terrible, there was obvious quality to their ingredients. Venice pizza hastings The basic cheese is a good value but considering the size of the pizzas, the toppings are insanely priced and add up fast. Venice pizza elkridge You could easily end up paying $15-20 for what is basically a personal pizza for something that, in my opinion, lacks flavor.

The Korean BBQ Wings were the real saving grace of our meal. Old venice pizza Everything here is quality, and the wings were cooked perfectly, the sauce really spoke for itself, and I’m only mildly concerned that they were a buck a wing considering how good they were.

Way overpriced and honestly not great. Venice pizza elkridge md Don’t get me wrong – the food isn’t BAD – I’ve just had better in many Pasadena locations for a fraction of the price. Venice house pizza The pizzas are only 10 inches but they charge like they’re much bigger. Venice pizza ridgefield In my experience, skimpy on the toppings too. Venice pizza dorchester The wings are baked, which is nice, but don’t have much (if any) of a rub and end up being kinda fatty and honestly pretty so-so.

If they didn’t charge like wounded bulls I’d add a star, but as it is this is pretty far down on my list of places I would eat at.

Staff is very friendly and extremely informative on how everything is made.We got the braised lamb pizza, belgian fries with aoli and chicken wings with korean sauce. Venice pizza coatesville Everything was house made and with organic high quality farmers market ingredients. Venice pizza chesterton Everyone must try, you won’t regret it. Best pizza in venice fl We will absolutely be back for more of everything 🙂

My husband and I come here, or order delivery, A LOT! The Korean wings and fresh salads are to die for. Venice pizza san diego The Korean wings might be the best wings I’ve ever had. Venice pizza hammond And, I take my wings pretty seriously… Venice pizza lancaster pa Obviously, the pizza is really good too. Venice pizza san francisco Crust is nice, thin, and flaky so you don’t leave feeling disgustingly full.

We grab ice cold beers at the mart in the same strip mall, take our English Bulldogs over, and enjoy a nice outdoor meal. Pizza in venice ca Every friend we’ve brought with us has loved it.

The service is great! Jamie always greets us when we come in. Venice pizza edmonds His excellent customer service is the way to build a successful neighborhood business!

Delicious and creative. Pizza venice ca I’ve tried several of the pizzas and salads. Venice pizza yorkville They clearly love food and respect the art of cooking! Nice thin,crispy crust and made so every bite has plenty of toppings. Venice pizza erin The Korean wings are the best! Sweet and slightly spicy, crispy and so good.

Bomb. Vegan pizza venice When we first moved here we didn’t think there was any local quality pizza places. Best pizza venice italy Domino’s was are best option…so we thought. Venice pizza surrey Then my wife’s friend brought POV one day. Venice pizza narrandera Wowzers. Cheap pizza venice Damn good. Venice pizza chesapeake Our fav pizza’s are the mushroom and margarita. Venice pizza lancaster We ordered the pepperoni once, but wasn’t a fan. Venice pizza williamsport The house salad is similar to what you would find at a fancy restaurant. Pizza in venice italy OH and the wings are great…which was surprising. Venice italian pizza We order from POV about every 3 weeks now. Venice pizza glendale We do both pick up and delivery. Pizza delivery venice italy The place is a little to cramped for us to eat in…maybe one day we will try.

First time here, friends at hoopla told us to stop by and try the marguerite pizza. Venice pizza linden Wife had that and I had the bbq chicken. Venice pizza albany Both very delicious. Old venice pizza company We both had the berry drink and ordered the lunch box special. Venice pizza indiana Just finished lunch box. Venice pizza london Wow great wings and Belgian fries with Korean sauce, Habanero and in house Aioli sauces. New venice pizza menu Ok Korean was hotter than Habo sauce. Pizza venice italy My eyes are sweating which means Awesome.

Thanks to the crew of Pizza of Venice and Lorri and Scott at Hoopla Emporium for recommendation to great food and welcoming atmosphere.

Please note: just so you can be prepared, we just discovered that neither of us added tips as both thought the other did it. Venice pizza casselberry We did not see a tip option on there electronic pay. Venice pizza brentwood Oops! Our fault and will make it up next time through. Venice pizza house san diego Tips are well deserved.

Their pizzas and their wings are delicious. Best pizza in venice florida It’s a tiny little spot– there isn’t a ton of room to eat there, so we usually order food from there to go. Gianni’s pizza venice Highly recommend this place if you’re looking for some delicious thin crust pizza and lemonade.

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