Worldwide mobile health market – the market is expected to accrue a bull run with an impressive double digit cagr of 35.65 % till 2022 apple cider nutrition facts

Published mon, mar 19th 2018 worldwide mobile health market – the market is expected to accrue a bull run with an impressive double digit CAGR of 35.65 % till 2022

The global mhealth market is one of the fastest growing industries, owing to the changing dynamics of the legal and regulatory workflow and the intense competitive rivalry among large number of public companies. Mobile health (mhealth) is also one of the most modernized trends in the healthcare industry that has shown tremendous progress in the last few years.

Mobile health or mhealth is the practice use of mobile devices for the purpose of health services, information, and data collection. MHealth has emerged as a booming field due to advancements in the use of information and communication technology (ICT), for health services and information. MHealth applications include the use of mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers and wearable devices such as smart watches, in collecting health data, delivery of healthcare information, real-time monitoring, and direct provision of care via mobile telemedicine.MHealth market

The mhealth market is growing at an explosive pace due to the factors such as increasing awareness of mobile technology applications, surging focus on patient-centric healthcare deliver, technological innovations, concerns over the rising cost of healthcare delivery, growing integration of wireless technologies, convenience of medical devices, falling prices and growing affordability of mobile devices and others.

Mobiles have changed the course of technology and have increasingly penetrated every aspect of technology with healthcare being non exception. Mobile health or mhealth is the application of mobile technology and devices for provisions of health services, data collection and information dissemination. Advancements in information technology coupled with growing coverage and capability of communication technology (ICT) has resulted in market extension of mobiles in healthcare. The global mhealth market is estimated to generate USD 21.71 billion at a CAGR of 35.65% by the end of forecast period 2022.MHealth market

• growing mobile device affordability and awareness are the critical driving factors behind the market growth. According to pew research, 78% of adults under 30 own a laptop or desktop computer, compared with 88% in 2010. Smartphone ownership, is very high at 86% of in 2015 in the age group of 18- to 29-year-olds.

The technical drivers of the mhealth market are growing integration of wireless technologies, real-time monitoring, increasing network capacity and capability, growing functionality and versatility of mobile devices and others. The critical economic driver of the market is the growing affordability and adoption of mobile devices and concerns over the rising cost of healthcare delivery. According to pew research study, approximately 78% of adults under 30 own a laptop or desktop computer, while smartphone ownership, rise to 86% in 2015. Technological convergence resulting in development of smart watches, ubiquitous nature of mobile devices, growing support of governments for growing coverage and direct provision of care via mobile telemedicine and others are driving the market.MHealth market further the shift towards patient-centric healthcare deliver, convenience of mhealth, optimisation of physician’s time are other important factors.

The restraining factors of the market are low smartphone usage and poor network coverage in underdeveloped regions, nascent nature of the technology, limited reimbursement for mhealth, digital divide, concerns over information security and privacy and others. Poor network coverage and quality coupled with the lack of awareness are the most critical factor constraining the market.

Gender gaps and digital divide representing the dominance of men over women over the internet and smartphone use which are particularly stark in african nations. This digital and economic divide is resulting in skewed nature of the market over the applications of mhealth.

To generate an accurate assessment of the market even by a layman, the mhealth market is dissected on the basis of devices, services, technology, applications and regions.MHealth market

Device – blood glucose meters, wearable fitness sensor device, neurological monitoring, BP monitors, pulse oximetry, heart rate meters and others.

The key players in the mhealth market are athena health, apple, boston scientific, AT&T, fitbit, airstrip, cardionet, sanofi, telcare, zephyr technology and others.

The industrialised and developed economies of north america and europe dominated the scene due to their advanced economies and infrastructure. The advanced infrastructure is expressed by the fact that internet usage in developed economies such as U.S. And canada represented 87% population in 2015.

However there is a definite shift of the market in favour of the developing economies, resulting from explosive mobile phone penetration. The revolution is underlined by the fact that internet usage across emerging and developing countries rose to eye watering 54% in 2015 compared to 45% in 2013, with malaysia, brazil, india and china reporting the largest growth.Industry today smartphone ownership rates in these developing nations soared from a median of 21% in 2013 to whooping 37% in 2015. Smartphone adoption in developing economies of turkey, malaysia, chile and brazil represented a healthy increases of over 25 percentage points.

However africa is expected to generate moderate growth in the mhealth market owing to poor socio economic conditions and smartphone ownership rates. Tanzania (11%), uganda (4%) and ethiopia (4%) represent countries with the least smartphone ownership rates in 2015.

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