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The grandest stage is set for WWE’s biggest show of the year, WWE wrestlemania 34. Once a high-profile show running for a couple hours and bringing some closure to big storylines, wrestlemaniahas evolved into a whole week of wrestling excess. There’s a few days of fan celebration, a hall of fame ceremony, an NXT event, a massive pre-show, an even more massive main show, then the follow-up editions of rawand smackdownthat act like a clean slate amongst some of the more opinionated fans.

The first installment came about back in 1985 with a main event of hulk hogan and mr. T vs. Roddy piper and paul orndorff. Since then we’ve gotten such big matches as hogan vs. Andre, hart vs. Michaels for an hour, austin vs. Rock (thrice!), cena vs. Batista, and so on. WWE WRESTLEMANIA 34 DATE

WrestleMania 34 will take place on sunday, april 8 at the mercedes-benz superdome in new orleans, louisiana.

As with the last couple years, the pre-show will be starting at 5pm ET with the show proper starting at 7pm.Angle made

This is the one match absolutely set in stone because of course it is. Brock lesnar is WWE’s borderline-absentee champion and roman reigns has been intended to be the guy to dethrone him for years. This was supposed to happen at wrestlemania 31, but lesnar re-signed with the company, WWE got cold feet, and seth rollins injected himself into the match via the money in the bank briefcase to win instead.

Roman’s build to contendership has been nearly nonexistent. He didn’t have any real storyline going on, but then went on to win the elimination chamber match after spearing braun strowman twice in a row.

The rawafter elimination chamber was advertised as having a confrontation between the two, but roman angrily pointed out that lesnar wasn’t there. He ranted about how he had no respect for lesnar and was finally going to take him down. Brock no-showed a second show and roman complained to vince mcmahon. Afterwards, roman was suspended.Kurt angle

A week later, roman showed up at rawregardless and was arrested. After he was handcuffed, brock chose to show himself and beat roman mercilessly with a chair.

Shinsuke nakamura won the 2018 royal rumble match after eliminating both john cena and roman reigns. After the match, he was asked about who he intended to challenge for the title at wrestlemania. He made it very clear that he wanted to take on smackdown’s champion AJ styles. In the weeks that followed, nakamura would smugly discuss his impending win whenever confronting AJ.

AJ styles didn’t have a clear path to wrestlemania, as he had to defend his championship in a 6-pack challenge at fastlane. He beat the odds by pinning kevin owens and will therefore make it to the grand stage.

For months, alexa bliss has exploited her friendship with nia jax in order to help crush any and all challengers. Between nia’s inability to defeat asuka and her growing independence, alexa started dressing her down while walking the line between spiteful and supportive.Week later unfortunately for alexa, she was caught on camera explaining how much she thought nia was a joke. Nia saw this and tried to chase her down.

Since then, alexa tried to stop nia with mickie james’ help, but all that did was slow her down for a moment before she returned to chasing alexa.

Sheamus and cesaro have taken on and defeated all comers throughout their year and a half together. Wanting some real competition, they convinced kurt angle to put together a tag team battle royal where the winning team would face them at wrestlemania. Braun strowman saw that as an opportunity to get a wrestlemaniamatch and insisted upon entering on his own. For whatever reason, this was allowed and he ended up winning the match.

Angle has made it apparent that braun needs to choose a tag team partner as he can’t simply go at it alone. There’s no word on who it will be, but guesses include elias, james ellsworth, big cass, neville, big show, and mark henry.Elimination chamber

The miz wanted to know who he was defending the intercontinental championship against at wrestlemania. Kurt angle hadn’t figured it out yet, but decided to put miz in two singles matches back-to-back against rollins and balor. Miz lost both, though to be fair, the second match was kind of a gimme due to endurance.

Miz took out his frustrations with a fake awards ceremony to make fun of angle, balor, and rollins. Then he and the miztourage lost a handicap against the two challengers. Angle made it official: at wrestlemaniathere will be a triple threat.

For a while, enzo amore was both the cruiserweight champion and the focal point for 205 live. Then…He got himself fired for failing to inform the company that he was going to be investigated for sexual assault. Suffice to say, that put the division in a pickle.

To make up for it, a tournament was put in place to crown a new champion. After many weeks, sixteen became two. Cedric alexander defeated gran metalik, TJP, and roderick strong to reach the finals.Angle made mustafa ali, on the other hand, cut through jack gallagher, buddy murphy, and drew gulak. Now it’s up to them to try and steal the show and come out as the leader of a new high-flying era.

At royal rumble, ronda rousey appeared at the end of the show to make it official that she was joining the company. She signed her contract at elimination chamber, but kurt angle explained to her that triple H and stephanie mcmahon had been talking about her behind her back and intended to own her contractually to make up for the time she beat steph up at wrestlemania 31. In the chaos that followed, ronda put triple H through a table.

Things were seemingly smoothed over the next night, but then triple H suckerpunched angle. A week later, ronda — who had been promised any non-championship match at wrestlemania– asked for a match against stephanie. Angle upped the ante by making it a mixed tag match and the two beat down the authority side-by-side.Elimination chamber

A series of women will go at it in a battle royal. Considering the division has grown over time, this is an excuse to give more of the women a chance to get on the show. If anything, people have paid more attention to the bad taste of honoring moolah, who — to put it politely — wasn’t the most savory of human beings despite WWE’s love for her. Fortunately, WWE saw the error of their ways and changed the name.

So far entrants include sasha banks, ruby riott, liv morgan, sarah logan, becky lynch, and naomi. WWE WRESTLEMANIA 34 RUMORS AND LIKELY MATCHES

While not officially confirmed yet, the dream match of john cena vs. Undertaker looks to be on the way. Cena’s been moping about a lack of wrestlemaniamatch and how he might not be able to even earn one, as if last year didn’t have a match won by mojo rawley of all people. Cena’s insisted that he wants a match with undertaker, but he knows it won’t happen because…Reasons. He attempted to get a big wrestlemaniamatch via winning the WWE championship at fastlane, but even that went up in smoke.Week later he seemed to accept his fate as only enjoying the show as a fan, but then publicly challenged the undertaker because he had nothing to lose.

For many months, smackdowncommissioner shane mcmahon and smackdowngm daniel bryan have disagreed over the treatment of kevin owens and sami zayn. Shane was being too hard on them while bryan was being too lenient. After going too far and outright costing each of them the WWE championship, shane decided it would be best if he took a leave of absence and gave them a singles match against each other at wrestlemania.

A week later, daniel bryan was medically cleared to wrestle once again. He told the two that they went too far and had to fire them. Their response was to brutalize him as well. Expect this to lead to a tag match where shane and bryan put their differences aside. THE USOS (C) VS. THE NEW DAY VS. THE BLUDGEON BROTHERS WWE smackdown tag team championship

The smackdowntag titles will likely be handled with a three-way .Kurt angle the usos and new day had a title match at fastlane, but the bludgeon brothers interfered and laid out all five men. Big E and jimmy uso teamed up against the bludgeon brothers later on, but were easily defeated. A week later, jimmy uso lost a singles match against luke harper.