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There are several types of mint, each with its own subtle difference in flavour and appearance.…

• icing sugar and holly sprigs to decorate – ensure you remove the berries before serving

Heat oven to 200C/fan 180C/gas 6. Healthy fish taco recipe Grease and line a 23 x 32cm Swiss roll tin with baking parchment. Fish soup recipe simple Beat the eggs and sugar together with an electric whisk for about 8 mins until thick and creamy.

Mix the flour, cocoa and baking powder together, then sift onto the egg mixture.

Simple cod fish recipes Fold in very carefully, then pour into the tin. Best fish pie recipe ever Now tip the tin from side to side to spread the mixture into the corners. Mediterranean fish stew recipes Bake for 10 mins.

Lay a sheet of baking parchment on the work surface. White fish sauce recipe When the cake is ready, tip it onto the parchment, peel off the lining paper, then roll the cake up from its longest edge with the paper inside. Fish recipes in hindi language Leave to cool.

To make the icing, melt the butter and chocolate together in a bowl over a pan of hot water. Baked swai fish recipes bread crumbs Take from the heat and stir in the syrup and 5 tbsp cream. Fish bowl drink recipe Beat in the icing sugar until smooth. White fish recipes jamie oliver Whisk the remaining cream until it holds its shape. Alcoholic fish bowl drink recipes Unravel the cake, spread the cream over the top, scatter over the crushed mints, if using, then carefully roll up again into a log.

Cut a thick diagonal slice from one end of the log. Grilled fish recipes jamie oliver Lift the log on to a plate, then arrange the slice on the side with the diagonal cut against the cake to make a branch.

Spread the icing over the log and branch (don’t cover the ends), then use a fork to mark the icing to give the effect of tree bark. Fish casserole recipes jamie oliver Scatter with unsifted icing sugar to resemble snow, and decorate with holly.

It looked better than the photo when I made it, but the taste was not as good as expected.

The recipe could have been better. Easy fish pie recipe It says bake for 10 minutes but it came out a bit too dry. Goan fish curry recipe with coconut milk I think 7 minutes would have been better. Authentic goan fish curry recipe I saw the winner of the Bake Off Christmas Special do something similar and she baked it for 7 minutes iirc. Goan fish curry recipe without coconut Also you have to be careful when you whip the double cream because it only takes a few seconds of whipping for it to get too stiff. Goan fish curry recipe in marathi A warning in the recipe would have been nice for inexperienced bakers like myself.

The cream may have benefitted from a little sugar added to it, but I guess that’s why they say to add mint to it because something is definitely missing from the cream if you don’t add either sugar or mint.

Next time I will try Delia’s recipe as I hear that one is better.

Can someone please tell me why my frosting didn’t work? I copied this exact receipe and the making of it but the misture seemed to separate – is this oil from the cream? Very disappointed. Kerala fish curry recipe Should the chocolate be left to cool before adding the cream? If so why doesn’t it say so? The cream came straight out of the fridge.

I have made this recipe for the last three years and it always comes out excellent. Kerala fish curry recipe in malayalam language I leave out the mints and, through trial and error, make sure the chocolate is really quite cool before I put in the icing sugar. Fresh tuna fish recipes I didn’t do this the first year and it turned into a separated goop monstrosity. Bengali fish curry recipe in hindi I can remember panicking like mad! However it did eventually all come together once it had cooled down. Bengali fish curry recipe sanjeev kapoor I’ll probably make this every Christmas. Cooking fish on the grill Great recipe.

I attempted this and failed twice with the frosting. Simple fish taco recipe The recipe says to beat in the sifted icing sugar to the melted chocolate/butter mixture and both times the mixture turned into a dark fudgey, shiny mixture not like the frosting in the photo at all! Should the melted chocolate be cooled first? Is so why doesn’t it say that in the recipe?! I wasted 6 expensive bars of chocolate as I was doing a big cake for a party. White fish ceviche recipe Had to pick a cake up from the supermarket instead. Sweet and sour fish fillet recipe with tomato sauce Not happy.

great recipe, followed all except the mints, I simmered down some frozen berries and then spread that on before the cream.

after i tipped out the cake i did a half cut along the top about a cm down, then I rolled it up tightly immediately and left it to go completely cold.

Also popped the cream in the fridge to get really cold. Breaded fish fillet recipe filipino style the icing was lovely and really easy to work with.

I have just made it. Cream dory fish fillet recipe panlasang pinoy Broke into 3 pieces in the process of rolling up. Fried fish taco recipe But luckily have managed to pin it back together with cocktail sticks. Fish taco sauce recipe I think it will taste a lot better than it looks (hopefully, too!) I will write again when it has been served, I made it for friends of ours visiting and is sitting in the fridge right now. Fish taco slaw recipe Otherwise easy to make, I left the cream in the fridge for 15 mins before spreading it on the cake. Sweet and sour fish fillet recipe filipino style Pages

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